Spanks between the cheeks – to the perineum and vulva – can be very erotic, enjoyable and arousing. 

But that area should be spanked with considerable care. Impacts should certainly be much lighter than smacks to your bottom. And you should consider using softer implements, ones that flex rather than those that are rigid. The leather flap at the end of a riding crop is perfect for spanking between the legs.

If your partner doing is spanking you there, be sure to proceed very slowly – with you requesting every smack, and a clear stopword. I wouldn’t recommend that smacks between the legs are used for ‘penalty swats’, as that suggests pain on tender places that you won’t be in control of. Better to play safe.

If the activity appeals, it might be a good idea to experiment by spanking your own most sensitive areas first, so you get used to the sensations. In which case, try some of the ideas suggested in this Pussy Spanking post.

Another way to experience similar sensations is to make your own Punishment Girdle. These can be worn secretly underneath clothes, for surreptitious pussy spanking delights.

So, start slowly, enjoy the sensations, and have fun…