This is not a silly question at all.

The clitoris is typically not difficult to locate, being a little sensitive bump just above where your inner labial lips meet, and above the opening from which you pee. I say typically, because vulvas come in all shapes and sizes, and when it comes to external anatomy there’s no such thing as typical.

From the sound of it, I suspect the reason why you might be having trouble finding your clitoris is not because you’re looking in the wrong place, but because it’s obscured by the clitoral hood that fully covers it.

Some people call this a “hooded clitoris” – which is a bit of a misnomer, as all clits have a hood, it’s just that for most the hood partially covers the little bump, and the hood can be easily tugged back to reveal the clit in its entirety. If the hood doesn’t retract fully, you’d never able to actually see your clitoris, although you could be able to feel it if you rubbed the right place.

There’s a couple of well-written articles on the subject of hooded clitorises, which I’d highly recommend.

I appreciate what you’ve said about being very shy, but if you do have concerns, a medical or sexual health professional should be able offer advice. You could mention it if you happen to have a gynaecology examination in the near future.

But rest assured, you’re not an oddity.