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game involves creating a home-made chastity belt from whatever belts
you happen to possess. This requires a minimum of two belts, ideally one
of which should be a leather belt, as those tend to feel better pulled
tight between your lips (see this image).

See an example of this kind of Chastity Belt here (Tumblr won’t permit it).

Like all good chastity belts,
the one described here will help keep
your wandering fingers out of mischief. It’s particularly useful for
those who have be instructed by their disciplinarian to abstain from
masturbation. Or those without who want to experience the joys and
frustrations of erotic denial. With the added bonus that it also leaves a
delightful pink strip between the legs
when removed.

How to Create your Chastity Belt

Start by shaving your mound and slit bare, your belt works best when your skin is sensitive and flush with its surface.

its simplest arrangement, a chastity belt consists of two belts. A
horizontal belt that will circle your waist, and a vertical belt that
with pass between your legs, running from just above your mound to just
above the top of your bottom crevice.

To do this, thread the horizontal belt through the buckle of what will be the vertical belt (preferably a leather one).

you can tie the horizontal belt around your waist, just above your
hips, and move the vertical belt along so it lies between your bottom
cheeks. Then take the free end of the leather belt and pass it between
your legs, pulling it tight until it presses against your slit. Most
belts will part your labia majora, but if its thin enough it should be
able to part your inner lips too, so they lie on either side of the

Then the free end of the vertical belt can be passed up
and over the first belt at your waist. Now the vertical crotch belt can
be tugged tight and tied around the waist-belt.

If you want
an even more secure feeling experience, a third belt can also be affixed
around your hips, just beneath the first. Its role being to
place pressure on your mound, and keep the vertical belt in place, and
ensure your movements do not allow it to slip from between your tender

A third belt also helps press the buttocks together which is helpful if the belt is worn in conjunction with a butt plug.

When to wear your Belt

Your belt can be worn when your disciplinarian tells you to.

can also wear the belt when your feel your own resolve not to touch
yourself faltering, when a barrier of any kind is necessary to keep you
from masturbating.

The bold can also wear the belt under
loose fitting clothes, and go out in public with the strap tight between
their folds. Her every footstep serving as a reminder of her
disciplinary predicament. Feeling her cheeks burn with embarrassment of
having to be put into the belt, of her reaction to the sensations she
feels, and most of all the embarrassment by how aroused the belt is
making her feel.

And there lies the delicious paradox of the
Chastity Belt, that in time it makes her want to rub herself even more
than before…