Recently, I’ve been been talking with friends about how they got into kinky play, and how important a few supportive, non-judgemental friends were in their own journey of exploration. How valuable it was to have open-minded friends who didn’t kink-shame or recoil with horror when novices were brave enough to finally whisper the tamest details of their most secret fantasies.

How vital some form of acceptance was in establishing and developing their own sexual confidence.

Which got me thinking, I wonder how many of my own readers have experienced have had the subject of kinky play come up when talking with a friend?

Perhaps she’s casually mentioned how delightfully strict someone seemed, or lowered her voice to whisper to confess how a smack to her bottom once really made her feel.

Did you tell her it was OK?

Did you admit you felt the same way?

Or did you shyly murmur mock surprise?

Or did you say, there’s this blog I read, full of stories… you might like it too…

I wonder, how many have shared one of these stories with a friend? And what happened next.

I’d love to hear your experiences…