I’ve written several demonic and supernatural spanking stories…

  • Fall is set on a Halloween night, in 1950s New England. The spooky woods where witches were once said to dwell have since been replaced by a staid and boring suburbia. And a group of teenagers, now too old for pumpkin parties, embark on their own pulse-quickening adventure.
  • Glimpse is one of my personal favourites. A dark ghost story of erotic temptation and punishment, in the spirit of Poe and MR James. As dark and disturbing as a bottomless pit.
  • Grimoire is a tale of invaded minds and dark obsessions, of enchanted books and well-spanked bottoms.
  • Runaway is a story about escapism and erotic submission. Because you can’t run away without ending up somewhere.
  • Stolen Essence mixes the supernatural and the kinky, featuring passages that are surreal, fantastical and dream-like. Heavily inspired by Gothic tropes, this is a dark, ambiguous psychological story.
  • The Girl in the Mirror is a story about getting lost in the world behind your own reflection, into a darker society that believes in freedom from choice.

Don’t have nightmares…