Yes I do. I actually wrote a post on the need for rules last year:

Irrespective of mental health, most people yearn for order and structure in their lives. Chaos and uncertainty just lead to anxiety. Personalities that thrive on anarchic disorder are very rare, and tend to have their own struggles.

By eroticising rules, order and discipline in kink play we help soften them, we turn things that could be sources of anxiety into things that are paradoxically arousing.

A good dominant takes charge, kindly and firmly, and helps their partner feel that their world is simpler, that their rules are stricter and less ambiguous, and the costs of transgression might be sore or embarrassing, but breaking a rule won’t feel like life’s foundations are crumbling away.

That’s why spanking fantasies are so popular. The naughty schoolgirl and her stern headmaster, the young lady and her strict governess, the brat sent her room, and dozens of other variations. A quick ritualised bottom smacking, and the slate is wiped clean, emotionally and mentally.