There is a hazard here, as true masochists can zone out from pain. And pain can have a euphoric effect, it’s like a drug, and so your partner might not be lucid enough to reply to traditional questions like ‘Have you had enough?’ or to use their safewords.

So I’d spank and then pause. Then resume, and then pause again.

Leave gaps, which will allow your partner to enjoy the high of the pain you’ve inflicted, and then come down again. Be aware of how lucid they are. If they seem too high – wait until you resume the spanking.

Make use of these gaps. They’re far more than dead air.

Send your partner to the corner, perform an inspection, have them sit on their sore bottom and write about what they’re feeling. Have them masturbate, then stop. Fig them. Have them lick you out.

This is just good practice. Someone who’s inebriated can not give their consent, and it’s up to the Top to decide if the Bottom is no longer aware enough to genuinely participate. As long as your partner is talking, both of you can play safely.

One other tip is to look for liquid seeping from spanked skin – this indicates you’re damaging the dermis – the flesh that lies under the surface of the skin. Dab the spanked area with a tissue when you pause, and consider stopping if the skin is weeping or bleeding. If that happens, continuing to spank is just going to inflict physical damage on your partner.

I believe the best spankings, the most skilful spankings, are the ones that satisfy without ever breaking the recipient’s skin.