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May 2020

Hi. Are there any new stories coming out soon? – a long-time reader.

Yes, there are several new stories in the pipeline. Some of them are quite long, so they’ve taken a while to complete, edit and polish. I hope to publish a few over the summer.

In the meantime, I assume you’ve read all the existing stories?

I was feeling reckless so went through my days tasks with no panties on under a skirt, slipping fingers underneath my skirt a few times whilst in public. I don’t currently have someone to pull down my panties but I know I deserve a long hard spanking for such unlady like behaviour. What should I do Sir?

I think three assignments from the following list would be appropriate punishment for such naughtiness:

You may choose. Do let me know when your punishment is complete.

Accountability is very important.

Is it safe to use a belt to administer a spanking between the legs?

I wrote a post on this subject a while back:

It should be safe if caution and a smooth belt without studs or buckles is used. Ensure the smacks are delivered slowly and the spanker doesn’t use too much force. The best way to achieve this is for the recipient to always be in control, and able to dictate the pace and the force of the impact.

“Please Sir, I deserve another.”

And don’t aim for the tenderest regions right away, the mound is a good target to smack initially.

Done right, it can be extremely erotic, just don’t spoil the moment by escalating too quickly.

follow up on audiobooks. would u be willing to record ur voice even just to share it?

I actually found an audio recording I’d made a few years back last night.

I’m not usually keen on listening to recordings of my own voice, but this was surprisingly hot. 

Which made me remember that a dislike of one’s own voice is actually a well-known psychological phenomenon, called vocal confrontation. One that’s only partially explained by a lack of bone-conducted sound frequencies.

Did you know that? This blog is more than just stories about smacked bottoms, isn’t it?

For the time being I think I’ll start by sharing my voice with my friends, rather than publicly. But maybe if I get more comfortable, I might share what I’ve recorded, for all to hear…

Have you ever considered audiobooks for your stories?

I have, I think it would be a wonderful medium to enjoy these stories.

To lie back and relax, letting the warm words seep into your eager mind, painting vivid pictures behind your shuttered eyes.

But I’ve always felt I’ve lacked the setup to do the stories justice. Like a good recording environment and a quality microphone.

Perhaps someone reading this, who has experience of audio narration, might like to give it a try? But only if you’d release the recordings free to download, for all to enjoy.

If that sounds like something you’d enjoy, send me a message.

Do you have suggestions for how to spank in public; or any other form of punishment that can be done in public? My partner wants to be able to punish me in public but doesn’t know how to go about it. Thank you.

Out of courtesy to others, spankings outside your home should be as discreet as possible.

Go into the countryside or back-country, where there’s literally no-one around. If you camp somewhere remote, you’ll be able to make as much noise as you like.

If you have a garden you could conduct an outdoor spanking if you take precautions. Use a quieter, whippy spanking rod. And if there’s a risk of being overlooked by neighbours, set up a sunshade or awning over yourselves.

Spankings in urban environments are trickier, and riskier, as the kind of places where you won’t be seen are attractive to the kind of people who don’t want to be seen.

But there are many other punishments that can be delivered more subtly:

  • Tell your partner just before going out that they’ll have a thick butt plug stretching their bottom. Have them bend over in the hallway, just inside the front door as you push it inside. Then pull their clothing up just before you leave your home.
  • For extra heat, send them out with a ginger root in their bottom, or a plug that’s been coated in ginger oil or something similar.
  • Confiscate their underwear. This can be done at any time, send them to a public bathroom to take it off and return it to you.
  • Pull up their underwear tight, so they’re in Punishment Panties, which can be used like reins to tug on should they require a reminder to behave whilst you’re out.
  • Alternatively, an improvised chastity belt can be worn beneath their clothes.
  • If they have a school uniform, have them wear it outside.
  • If you stop in a coffee shop, have them write a page of lines, like “I deserve a good hard spanking on my bare bottom“.
  • Send them to a public toilet cubicle, then conduct an intimate inspection via an instant messaging app.
  • Your inspection might include a slit or bottom wiping, which the tissue used brought back for your perusal.
  • Or send them to the toilet with a zip-lock plastic bag, and have them wet their panties. Afterwards, they can place their sodden underwear in the bag and carry it home with them.

The keys to effective public punishment are anticipation and subtlety. Remind your partner what’s going to happen, tease them, have them imagine it in their own head a dozen times whilst in public before it actually happens.

And make sure you whisper regularly into your partner’s ear:

“Just wait until I get you home…”

i’m so horny please tell me how to relieve myself daddy

As I’ve been teaching the students at school, only those who have been good, and resisted the temptation to touch deserve relief.

Being good means choosing between the transient gratification of a climax, or the long-term satisfaction of arousal and obedience.

And those who continue to fiddle with themselves like silly little girls deserve to be put into a Chastity Belt.

My sweet, vanilla boyfriend has FINALLY agreed to spank me for being the little slut I am, but he’s worried about our roommates hearing. is there anything he can spank me with tha’ll be quieter than a hand?

As explained in this post, about the Physics of Spanking, if you want to be quiet but stingy you’ll want to choose an item with a thin cross section. The sound of a smack is proportional to the impact surface area, so paddles and hairbrushes tend to be the noisiest.

So the best items for quieter spankings are thin rods (especially those anchored at one end), such as canes, switches or spanking crops. A thin wooden ruler or a paint-stirrer would be slightly noisier, but still much quieter than an open palm.

Make experimenting part of the game. Download a decibel meter to your phone and start collecting data, you might find the loudest noises aren’t actually the spanks, but the moans they inspire…

I have been coming here since early 2013. I no longer have a tumblr account but I still frequent your page for both new and old content. Your stories have heavily influenced many of my fantasies and I imagine also the trajectory of my sex life as it exists now. So I’d like to thank you; for being a close friend for many years and for always being able to bring me to my knees, dripping, or over someone else’s. Sincerely, obediently, desperately yours, T x

How lovely to hear from you! It pleases me enormously that these stories have brought you such satisfaction and personal growth.

I wonder how many readers stumbled across this blog in its early days, many still feeling uncomfortably weird about how spanking made them feel?

I wonder how that feeling was changed by reading stories like Cosmopolitan, Throne of Shame, Abstract Art and Carrot and Stick?

I wonder how the written word aided your explorations and acceptance of your shadow selves?

To such early readers: I’d love to hear of your adventures since. How these stories influenced the trajectories of your own sexual experiences.

If you don’t have an active Tumblr account any longer, do feel free to drop me an email, or say hello via Twitter.

And I wish you all many more years of deep, fulfilling satisfaction.

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