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June 2020

So what is the fantasy from Oubliette from the ask a while ago?

This reply contains spoilers.

So if you haven’t read Oubliette yet, you should do so before proceeding.




Still here?

Well, the favourite fantasy isn’t licking gooey chocolate sauce from a lady’s bottom hole. Deliciously erotic though that is.

Nor is it having sex with someone you can’t see and who might be a complete stranger.

Nor is it being tied up, and then being released from your restraints to switch and take control.

It’s much more subtle than that.

It is the fantasy of reconnecting with a lost lover.

I’ve always been fascinated by how things might have turned out, should events have unfolded slightly differently. The erotic equivalent of Borges’ Garden of Forking Paths.

This isn’t motivated by feelings of regret, but rather the knowledge that every road not taken is actually an explosion of erotic possibilities.

Just think of everyone you’ve encountered who might have been a lover, if only you’d the courage to say how you really felt, or they didn’t come across so clumsily, or you weren’t in that relationship that never lasted, or a thousand other reasons.

Then you realise your life is just a tiny bubble of experiences, surrounded by a vast number of parallel realities of what could have been.

Think about that for a moment.

Why shouldn’t each one of these missed possibilities become the fuel for your own sexual fantasies? After all, they were inspired by your own unique path through life, you already know the characters so well – perhaps even intimately.

That’s what makes tales of what might have been feel so vividly compelling, and wistfully real.

Oubliette is inspired by my own fantasies, by circumstances that never quite happened, but which still inspire and delight me enormously.

I often wonder where my lost lovers are right now. What adventures they’ve experienced. I wonder if they’ve stumbled across these stories, unaware they actually know the identity of the author.

But more than anything, I hope they’re happy and sexually satisfied, and that they’re tracing the very best route through the myriad forking paths of their own lives…

You mentioned before that spanking partners should be ‘emotionally mature’. Please could you explain this further? Thanks.

To me, emotional maturity in a partner means she has a high level of self-esteem. That she is mature enough to know her own mind and her own sexual preferences, with the confidence to pursue her own desires.

To use the superhero cliche, with great power comes great responsibility, and assuming a sexually dominant role gives you a position of extraordinary power – it should be wielded carefully, and with great empathy.

I’d rather play with an equal – someone strong-willed, who I knew was submitting from a position of psychological strength, with her own identity, desires and fantasies.

Some have asked where I get my inspiration from. And in truth, it’s mostly through connecting with some wonderful individuals, whose brilliant minds have challenged and inspired my own imagination.

Sexual submissiveness is not about doing what you’re told. That’s mindless slavery. It’s about being confident enough to cede control, to take chances, and weave shared magic together.

Due to social distancing, my partner and I have been playing a lot over the phone and FaceTime. He often instructs me to spank myself, which I am usually very comfortable with, but since he isn’t around in person right now I’ve become very self conscious about how loud the smacking sound my bottom makes when I hit it is. Is this a stupid concern? I’m very curvy so I suppose I’m wondering if every smack is equally loud on everyone?

I applaud your choice on social distancing, the ongoing epidemic is still a threat, and you’re behaving very responsibly.

I replied to a question last month about how to make spankings quieter, even if you’re in a shared household.

But self-spankings don’t need to be noisy sessions filled with hard whackings, they can also be wonderful opportunities to play in new and original ways, like jointly watching a spanking video together and timing the smacks at just the right moments.

The Guide to Self-Spanking has lots of ideas couples can adapt and play, even when geographically separated. Spanking play doesn’t need to be about striking hard, but the fun you have in your little secret shared kinky world…

I just seen your post about your voice. I actually recorded one of your stories for my Dom the other day! Something about hearing your words with my voice was so sexy for him. I thought others would be interested in hearing this!

What a wonderful gift that was!

I wonder which story you chose? Was it a first person story, did you feel yourself tingle knowingly each time you uttered the word ‘me’?

Were there passages of particular significance to you both? When you read them aloud, did you feel like you were speaking from a place deep within, that you were teasing and exciting your partner’s mind and body?

Recording a story for a lover is such a beautifully intimate idea. A gift that can be returned to, again and again, sections played as you recline in each others arms, as a prelude to something physical – or as part of its coda afterwards.

I hope this will inspire other readers to experiment with the wondrous possibilities of their own voice, and the extraordinary evocative magic of erotic storytelling…

Honestly I’ve been into spanking for the longest time and even though I’m about to turn 20 and I’m still a virgin I just know it’s a dealbreaker for me if they can’t provide that. Is that weird?

Not weird at all.

Many who adore spanking couldn’t imagine getting together with someone if spanking wasn’t on the erotic menu.

When you’re kinky, you realise that no one sexual activity has primacy above all others. Kinky folk understand everyone has their preferences, and we give ourselves the permission to prioritise what we value the most.

That doesn’t mean kinky folk don’t enjoy intercourse, but we have a clear difference in outlook between vanilla folk who see intercourse as the peak of sexual experience, and consider activities like spanking as just ‘foreplay’ or sideshows to the ‘main event’.

Be true to your own sexual compass. It’s yours alone.

I was watching my favourite spanking video after my Sir went to bed and ended up doing the naughtiest things to myself while watching. Do you think it’s ok to not bring this up to him??

Yes, I believe everyone has the right to sexual privacy.

What you choose to share about your own activities is entirely your own choice. If being completely candid is what you crave, tell your partner everything. If you want to enjoy your own secrets, that’s fine too. 

Of course, you wouldn’t want to lie if he looked directly into your eyes, and asked you if you’d touched yourself.

After all, everyone needs something to confess to, eventually…

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