To me, emotional maturity in a partner means she has a high level of self-esteem. That she is mature enough to know her own mind and her own sexual preferences, with the confidence to pursue her own desires.

To use the superhero cliche, with great power comes great responsibility, and assuming a sexually dominant role gives you a position of extraordinary power – it should be wielded carefully, and with great empathy.

I’d rather play with an equal – someone strong-willed, who I knew was submitting from a position of psychological strength, with her own identity, desires and fantasies.

Some have asked where I get my inspiration from. And in truth, it’s mostly through connecting with some wonderful individuals, whose brilliant minds have challenged and inspired my own imagination.

Sexual submissiveness is not about doing what you’re told. That’s mindless slavery. It’s about being confident enough to cede control, to take chances, and weave shared magic together.