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July 2020

I’m a man who was spanked as a teenager. My sister was allowed to watch, though she rarely did. My fantasies involve teenage boys being spanked but I’m afraid it’s illegal/immoral. Sometimes I feel guilty for the things I imagine. What happens if I write them down?

Great question. This is an area that causes guilt and anxiety for many who want to begin erotic writing.

Almost everyone had their first sexual fantasies before they were sixteen, many even were sexually active. But that doesn’t seem proper to write about.

Ageplay is a perfectly legitimate (and very popular) fantasy, where some consenting adults adopt a mindset that is more juvenile. Erotic stories often use the same approach, exploring reminisces or what-ifs, as adult characters play as being younger, or look back on their own sexual origin stories.

This is fine, as long as you adhere to the golden rule of erotic writing: do not sexualise children. Never describe sexual acts that involve characters who are children.

Of course, spanking fantasies often feature school settings, so I always try to make clear in my stories that the protagonists are young adults, and never minors. This is important to me, because I want my characters to be sexual beings that adult readers can relate to, characters with desires and fantasies of their own. Forcing adult fantasies into juvenile characters feels icky, and to my mind, it’s not just improper, it’s immoral.

There is plenty of scope to write about sexuality without mentioning children. They simply don’t belong in erotic writing. You don’t need them, you can easily tell the story without them, or with older characters.

Writing about sex is a minefield, there’s so many taboos and repressed awkwardnesses. But that shouldn’t deter you. Write as an adult, for other adults, and you’ll stay on the right side of what is proper.

Do you currently have a sub? X

I have many submissive friends I play with.

But I am not a possessive person, so I don’t consider any one individual to be ‘my’ sub.

This freedom has provided me with the opportunity for some exceptional experiences, which in turn, have inspired the stories and writings you read here.

I have been tremendously fortunate to have encountered so many wonderful people – and best of all – I’ve been able to connect with them by just being myself.

There is no need for an elaborate persona, or ostentatious displays of status or wealth. I’ve been able to stay true to the principles I believe in: just treating people well, and ensuring anyone who crosses paths with me comes away feeling enriched by the experience.

And it’s been an honour to bring such pleasure to so many.

Hello Mr. Spankingtheatre, thank you for so often taking the time to answer people’s asks and doing all this outreach and education. I was wondering if you have any advice about bruise aftercare? My partner and I haven’t done a lot of impact play yet and we kiiiiind of overdid it today & I’m really rather bruised up. Normally when I run into things & bruise I barely notice, but this kind of hurts, so I was wondering if there’s anything it’d be useful to do to help the healing process? Thank you!

I’m not the best spanker to ask about this particular outcome, as I always try to avoid bruises.

But I can point you towards to the sensible advice of health professionals, and compression with ice seems to be the standard advice for painful bruising. It’s a bit more complicated with the risk of infection if the skin is broken, which is all the more reason to try to avoid that when spanking.

Next time, try incorporating more corner time and bottom inspections into your play, and your partner should be able to stop safely well before you get hurt, without making it any less enjoyable or erotic.

I would like to say after reading your weird fantasy post it resonated with me. A new fantasy of mine is that I would be taken in by an older couple. I would follow rules and be subject to discipline when necessary. It’s a fantasy that I’m still working on to let develop and flourish in my mind but I thought it was a selfish fantasy, wanting to be taken in by a couple rather then one person, but it’s a fantasy, my fantasy and I cannot wait to have lots of fun imagining all possibilities

Most fantasies sound weird when written or uttered.

But as long as no-one is hurt, and consenting adults are involved, you have every right to your fantasy, and whether you decide to realise it or not.

Not every fantasy needs to be acted out, some might just be too uncomfortably awkward, or painful, or even hazardous (particularly if strangers are involved).

So it’s fine for that fantasy to remain in your imagination, to be expressed in whatever why you feel comfortable. For many it’s the scenes they imagine as they masturbate, or the stories or flirtatious messages they write. 

There is an element of selfishness in every fantasy, because it’s so personal to the owner. But the wonderful thing about human sexuality is that it isn’t a zero-sum game, where somebody wins and somebody loses.

Wonderfully, the chances are that there are many others out there in this huge complex world who share the counterpoint of your own fantasy. Lovely people who don’t consider your desire selfish, but who’ve been yearning to finding kindred kinky minds like you all this time…

Your Weird Fantasies

Everyone thinks their own fantasies are the weirdest, because they’ve imagined them in such intense detail for so long.

Perhaps it’s because we never really get to look inside the heads of others, and see what really lurks inside their equally filthy imaginations.

Perhaps it’s because our fantasies are fuelled by such powerful emotions.

Perhaps it’s because our fantasies feel so transgressive, when we’re usually so well-behaved.

Perhaps it’s because our fantasies are echoes from deep inside ourselves, which we only ever glimpse as shadows.

Until there comes a moment, perhaps after you’ve read enough stories, that you realise that maybe your fantasises aren’t actually that weird after all.

That your fantasies bring you immense satisfaction.

That your fantasies are sources of inexpressible joy.

Your favourite Naughty Game?


It’s always interesting to see what fantasies and activities are most popular, so here’s all the naughty games I’ve posted, along with their likes. No surprise to see how popular Inspections for Girls has been, it now has over 1000 fans…

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  10. Words (184)
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Do explore, and enjoy!

Updated with the latest naughty games!

Naughty Game #24: Fan Fiction

The full list of naughty games can be found here.

This is a game for long hot summers, for the languid days when the sticky heat saps your strength, and the humid sweaty nights when all you can do is lie naked on top of your bedsheets.

And all you need for relief is an electric fan, a cloth or flannel, and a bowl of cold water.

And your choice of erotic fiction, of course.



How to Play

Begin by undressing completely. This is a game that is even better if you’re shaved bare and smooth too.

Position your fan so you can kneel comfortably on your bed, with your legs open, and your head down. Turn your fan on, and you should feel a cool breeze against your buttocks as you bend over. 

Don’t place your fan too close to the vagina. The aim is to allow the air to blow over the skin, not to be forced internally, which can be uncomfortable and hazardous.

Now you can dip your cloth or towel into your bowl of cold water, and use it to wet yourself between your legs. Try just wetting small regions first, like your mound or parts of your bottom cheeks. Your breasts and nipples are also an excellent site to moisten. 

The cool water might initially feel alarmingly cold, but this will soon give way to a pleasant tingling.

Now you can bend over and feel the draught of the fan blowing between your legs. As the water you’ve applied to your skin evaporates, it will rapidly cool, making it exquisitely sensitive.  

Now, begin reading your chosen story. 

Try controlling the sensations you experience as you read, in passages that you find exciting, wiggle your hips, so you change where the breeze is focused. 

Perhaps you’re imagining a lover standing behind you, tugging your bottom open, so you feel their breath tickling your sensitive folds. Or perhaps the draught is caused by a teacher lifting your skirt and exposing you for the class to see.

Or if you feel you’re getting too close to coming and need to reduce the sensations, try closing your legs or lying prone on your bed for a few minutes.

As you read, you’ll notice the dampness you applied using the cloth is replaced by your own kind of wetness. And that the wetter you get, the better it feels. 

Perhaps the story features a licking, and by wiggling your hips you can choose where your lover’s tongue strokes you. Or perhaps it features a spanking, and you spank yourself so the heat of the smacking blends with the cool stimulation of the fan’s breeze.

Wetting your bottom hole can provide an even more intense sensation, especially if you hold your cheeks apart and imagine being subject to a thorough bottom inspection

Don’t forget to read as you enjoy the breeze. You will create a much more powerful experience if you engage your imagination. A breeze blowing across your naked skin is pleasant, but it is imagining that it is so much more that will really make this an exceptional experience. 



Ideas and Variations

Rather than bending over, an alternative position to adopt is lying on your back. Try adjusting your hips (with a pillow beneath you if necessary) so the breeze of your fan blows across your bare mound and over your breasts, rather than against your vulva. 

If lying back, you can either spread your legs with your feet on your bed, or raise your legs so your feet are by your shoulders. The latter allows the breeze to tingle both the slit and the bottom hole, and makes an excellent position for passages of stories describing thorough inspections.

An alternative to undressing and wetting your skin, is to instead wear wet clothes. A bikini or swimsuit is perfect, and can be quickly soaked by standing in the shower before you play. When wearing a bikini, the cooling effect of the fan will be greatest where you are most sensitive – around your bust and your waist.

Clothing introduces all kinds of erotic possibilities. If wearing a bikini, imagine you’ve just returned from an illicit dip – only to be caught by your strict disciplinarian, who had specifically told you not to go swimming in that creek or lake. You’re pulled out of the water and bent over,  and you can pretend the fan is the cool breeze coming from the water as you’re spanked on your wet bottom.

Panties can also be wetted by other means, for those who enjoy being extra naughty. Just put a towel beneath you when you lie down on the bed to make cleanup easier.

Wearing wet clothes means you’ll feel more of a cooling sensation than the skin tingling breeze felt by bare damp skin alone. 

The fan can also intensify play with butt plugs and dildos. Toys not only block or divert some of the airflow, but add the teasing sensation of the breeze to the familiar feelings of being stretched and filled.  

For more extreme sensations, try rubbing your sensitive places with ice cubes before exposing them to the fan. Or putting the ice in the bowl of water you use to wet your skin.

If you’d like a more diverse experience, try wetting the areas listed in the Sensations list rather than just those between the legs. 

This activity could also be combined with bottom wiping, where a wet-wipe is used to clean between the legs before the breeze begins its tickling.  

Or perhaps you’ve just come indoors from sunbathing. Your skin oiled with your favourite fragrant sunblock. What better way to cool off after lounging in the hot summer sun?

Have fun…

Now I’m imagining a handful of naughty girls one by one having their skirts lifted and panties unceremoniously yanked into their slits, their palms quickly smacked by the ruler of their teacher, then all made to write lines, while one slightly less naughty girl is led into the other room. The door is open just enough to see him take her over his knee, bare her bottom, and begin spanking her with his hand, before the prefect shuts it, leaving the rest to hear the muffled whacks and moans…

Until, eventually, their classmate is led back into the detention room, and positioned facing the blackboard at the front of the class. The hem of her skirt tucked into her waistband, her panties already tucked safely inside her teachers’ pocket.

Her arms are folded behind her back, so she isn’t tempted to rub the two bright pink circles on each of her cheeks, now stinging and sore. Her sore bottom an inescapable fascination for her classmates who dare to look up from scribbling their lines.

Each one squirming in their seats as they imagine themselves in their friend’s position, their own tight panties pulled down at last. Their own bare bottom burning. Their own face flushed with embarrassment and shame. Their own excitement beginning to dribble down the inside of their thighs.

Each one imagining that at any moment, their teacher might suddenly loom above them, take the pen from their weary fingers… and lead them by the wrist to the spanking room…

Something I find very hot is an element of cuckquean fantasy, like in pride and obedience where the wife feels ignored while her husband spanks another woman. I think you also mentioned somewhere that naughty schoolgirls might find themselves desperately frustrated while the teacher pays special attention to his favorite student (perhaps in the form of a “good girl” spanking?) Mm…

In my experience, so much misbehaviour is motivated by a desire for attention. To indulge the miscreants with a sore bottom would be rewarding and endorsing their naughtiness.

Hence a much more effective means of discipline is inattention. The naughty girls can sit in detention with their panties tugged tight into their aching slits, writing lines until their wrists are sore. 

Perhaps even overhearing the spanking of the Teacher’s Pet in an adjoining room. Unable to reach beneath their desks to relieve the throbbing heat, or even cease writing, the detention room being monitored by a Prefect’s remorseless gaze.

Frustration is the proper punishment for naughty girls who try to contrive their own spankings.

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