Until, eventually, their classmate is led back into the detention room, and positioned facing the blackboard at the front of the class. The hem of her skirt tucked into her waistband, her panties already tucked safely inside her teachers’ pocket.

Her arms are folded behind her back, so she isn’t tempted to rub the two bright pink circles on each of her cheeks, now stinging and sore. Her sore bottom an inescapable fascination for her classmates who dare to look up from scribbling their lines.

Each one squirming in their seats as they imagine themselves in their friend’s position, their own tight panties pulled down at last. Their own bare bottom burning. Their own face flushed with embarrassment and shame. Their own excitement beginning to dribble down the inside of their thighs.

Each one imagining that at any moment, their teacher might suddenly loom above them, take the pen from their weary fingers… and lead them by the wrist to the spanking room…