Not at all.

I wrote a post on the joy of aftercare a few years ago.

A spanking might be over in a minute – but a good spanking lingers long after the final smack.

A good spanking is felt across the entire body, and the entire mind.

It’s not just a sore patch on the bottom, it is a shift in mind-state. Endorphins replace adrenaline. Bringing order where once was chaos, replacing anxiety and apprehension with lust and longing.

Afterwards, all is forgiven. The spanker’s goal should be to send their partner into a state of blissful calm. They might acknowledge and empathise with their discomfort, perhaps commending their stoicism. Perhaps reminding them of the importance of strict discipline, and how they will always be taken care of. It’s a chance to lift up their partner, to make them feel wonderful again.

So yes, it’s perfectly normal to look forward to aftercare. Sometimes, a spanking is just a prelude, and with a skilled conductor, there’s the prospect of a whole concert still to come…