No one should make themselves feel inadequate from watching erotic videos. They are merely entertainment, not the reality of a kinky relationship.

The truth is, kinky folk who love spankings love bottoms of any size. Not just because diversity is the true spice of life, but because every body shape has its own unique magic.

I find petite bottoms tremendously alluring. I love how my palm can cup and completely cover a small round buttock. I love how cute they look in tight panties. I love how pink they can become after just a few smacks. I love the unique sound they make, that thrilling sharp smack of an open palm on pert bare cheeks.

But more important than any of this is what is at the top of her spine, not the bottom. What makes a great spankee is the richness of her erotic imagination, her desire, her willingness to play along and improvise amazing adventures.

Those are the secret ingredients that really make spanking fun.