You’re not the first to send me a message like this.

It seems many have enjoyed surprising their partner, who arrives home one day to find their Throne already set up for them. The dildo pointing eagerly upwards from the seat, glistening with lube and expectation.

“Your Throne awaits, Majesty,” they announce respectfully.

Perhaps they’ve already dressed for the role they intend to play. In their finest, most elegant clothes for royalty, or maybe something more revealing if they are to be your servant.

And then they will undress you. Immediately and completely. Kneeling between your legs to respectfully lubricate your bottom hole.

Then you will be guided to your seat, and assisted as you sit, atop the bottom stretching protrusion that has been especially prepared for you.

Once your wrists are secured and your legs are spread, your partner will bow before your royal magnificence.

Perhaps they will ask for your command, and perform to your instructions. Or maybe they will tease you and see how long your royal demeanour lasts before it begins to crack.

Perhaps they’ll be your Court Bard, reading you an excerpt from an erotic story, as you squirm and gasp atop your delightful protrusion. I would highly recommend choosing Throne of Shame.

Then finally, there will come a time to release you. Who knows what pleasures or torments they have in store?

Perhaps you’ll be made to Straddle the Wooden Pony, as you attempt to retain your royal pretence as your bare bottom is flogged.

When you come home to find a Throne waiting for you, who knows how the evening’s fairytale will end?