To those with little imagination, panties are shields of personal modesty. Little triangles of fabric that cover bodily regions our polite society has told us to regard as dirty, and must not be shown.

Readers of this blog, however, will know different.

Panties can be so many things.

They can be a means of obedience.

Or a means of control and discipline.

Or even a means of excruciating pleasure.

Or they can behaviour recording devices, collecting the evidence of their wearer’s sexual excitement throughout the day, to be examined when she returns home.

She would be expected to have her panties inspected as soon as she entered the front door, lest she be tempted to sneak off to her room to put on a clean pair.

Any failure of self-control would be immediately obvious, as a creamy mess or dried-on stains.

Her disciplinarian would have made the consequences of being found in shamefully messy panties perfectly clear.

Messy panties mean a good hard spanking, on the bare bottom.

Now, pull down your panties.