In a week’s time, it will be Halloween. Around this time, as the nights darken and the leaves fall, it’s become a bit of a tradition on this blog to write a darker themed spanking story.

Most erotic stories take place in familiar settings, and describe familiar sexual activities. They tend to feature scenarios of
powerplays and pleasure that chime with readers’ own sexual fantasies. They arouse and excite the readers’ imaginations, they often make the reader come.

But I believe there’s also a darker, more
psychological direction for erotic writing. Stories that explore shadow themes like trepidation and
anxiety, transgression and taboo, suspense and uncertainty, danger and death.

A story can disturb, as well as arouse. A well-constructed story can do both. And because we often eroticise what frightens and disturbs us, ghost stories can be unexpectedly arousing. Even if the classic tropes of Gothic fiction (tormented narrators, psychological terror, surreal distortions of reality, and bodyshock, the uncomfortably visceral nature of our own bodies) – aren’t what you’d usually think of as being sexually exciting.

Isn’t it interesting that the word perversion is often used, in different contexts, to describe both horror fiction and erotic fiction?

Darker stories offer the chance to push the boundaries of storytelling a little, to shock as well as tantalise. To adopt more perilous settings, where the jeopardy isn’t missing out on getting laid, it’s getting killed.

My upcoming tale is a ghost story set in the 18th century, amid the Age of Pirates. This is not a jolly romp of buried treasure chests and talking parrots, but a tale set in a brutal world at the fringes of civilization. It contains taboo themes like rape, blood and death. Sensitive souls should skip this one.

In the meantime, if you’d like to get in the mood with something
darkly erotic, here are the Halloween stories I’ve published previously:

  • Fall
    is set on a Halloween night, in 1950s New England. When a group decides to escape suburbia, and explore a reputedly haunted house.
  • Glimpse
    is one of my personal favourites. A dark ghost story of erotic
    temptation and punishment, in the spirit of Poe and MR James. As
    dark and disturbing as a bottomless pit.
  • Grimoire is a tale of invaded minds and dark obsessions, of enchanted books and well-spanked bottoms.
  • Runaway is a story about escapism and erotic submission. Because you can’t run away without ending up somewhere.
  • Stolen Essence
    mixes the supernatural and the kinky, featuring passages
    that are surreal, fantastical and dream-like. Heavily inspired by
    Gothic tropes, this is a dark, ambiguous psychological story.
  • The Girl in the Mirror is a story about captivity and freedom, when two worlds meet.

Have you ever climaxed in pitch darkness, as the midnight bell has tolled?