This blog is a mirror of the original Spanking Theatre site, hosted on Tumblr. Because you never know when you might need a backup.

Let’s celebrate the magic of the written word.

Here you’ll find original spanking stories for the theatre between your ears.

Some are short stories, tasty treats that can be devoured in minutes; others are longform stories that might create a whole world within your imagination. My ambition is to weave stories that suck you in, to write bewitching, captivating tales that satisfy cherished fantasies and maybe even inspire new ones.

Reading a story is like witnessing a spanking through a keyhole. We eavesdrop as a miscreant is scolded, we catch glimpses of a forbidden scene, letting our imagination fill in what we can not see. We indulge in illicit imagineering.

Stories require the reader’s participation. In the gap between reading and understanding them, words magically condense into images, generating a new world coloured by the reader’s unique perspective. Stories inspire a one-off piece of theatre, conjured up and played out in the space between each reader’s ears. Even if a story is read by a billion other people, no-one else will ever imagine those same words in exactly the same way.

Stories have an ambiguity, a subtlety, a narrative that even the most explicit images of nakedness will never come close to capturing. How fitting that in reading a story about submission you must first submit your imagination to the story.

As for me, I’m a mischievous British gentleman, a mixture of erudition and adventure, owner of a doctorate and a pair of hiking boots. The star of several audaciously adventurous tales. Sometimes I’m naughty and I walk on the grass. If you share my passion for storytelling, why not say hello?

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Now why not lend me your imagination, I have pictures to paint inside your mind.