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Do you ever message naughty girls privately who need spanking advice?

Private messages are a much better medium for ensuring naughty girls get the discipline they need.

And I’m always happy to help those who knock on my study door.

Daddy Christmas

Daddy Christmas is coming soon

Red coat, black boots and wooden spoon

At the foot of my bed I’ve left his treats

A drink, a carrot and some sweets

A carved finger of ginger also exists

Just in case I’m on his naughty list

But Daddy Christmas, I’ve been so good!

And done everything a good girl should

Between my legs I’m smooth and bare

You can inspect me on the spanking chair

Oh Daddy Christmas please!

Warm my bum against the winter chill

Let me feel that tingly visceral thrill

Of your firm hand across my cheeks

I only wish it lasted weeks

Spank me under the twinkling lights

I so wish you’d visit every night

Spank my bare bottom until I glow

I need this like you’ll never know


Daddy Christmas! 

Here so soon!

Standing in my own bedroom!

You’ve caught me with my fingers wet!

Yes I know what naughty girls must get

Oh Daddy Christmas

Please make my naughty bottom red

I kneel face down upon my bed

Bare bottom raised with legs well spread

Salacious thoughts buzzing through my head

A wooden spoon against my bum

My festive fun has just begun




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Wishing you all love and every happiness!

What new ways can I make myself feel humiliated when I punish myself in private?

There’s more than a dozen ideas in this post:

Experiment and discover what you find most humiliating.

It might be sitting on the toilet and wetting your panties.

It might be the shame of wearing punishment panties.

It might be forcing yourself to go out in public just after a spanking, whilst your bottom is still hot, stinging and sore, and your slit is sticky and soaking wet. Your cheeks will blush as you interact with strangers, as you wonder whether they suspect your shameful secret, the spanked pink bottom hidden just beneath your clothes.

Or it might just be the shame of accountability, sitting on your spanked bottom, having to send a message to your disciplinarian describing how and why you’ve just been punished…

What’s a good alternative to the panty pulling chair that gives the same/similar end results?

The desired outcome of panty-pulling is a sore pink stripe, which depends on two factors, the force applied to pull the panties between the legs, and the length of time the friction is experienced. 

To maximise the force applied, you can tie your panties to any strong fixture, and use your own weight to do the pulling. Good fixtures are bedframes, the handles of chests of drawers, or door or window grills. The following posts should give you some ideas:

Depending on your waist height, and the height of where you attach your panties, you can stand, sit or kneel as appropriate.

Standing is described in the story Punishment Panties, where Alice and Penny stand on tiptoes as their panties are tied to their beds.

Sitting is described in The Sit Down Dance, and the eponymous naughty game post.

Kneeling also works well for lower-height fixtures, such as drawer handles. Here you’ll be able to control the friction you feel between your legs by sinking lower towards the floor.

An alternative, which doesn’t require any attachment, and which can be done discreetly beneath your clothes, is to just pull your panties up tight until you feel The Pinch. And then keep them tight throughout the day, so they intrude between your lips and rub against your bottom hole.

Here as the rubbing is done over an extended period of time, you don’t need to apply as much force to get a satisfyingly sore stripe.

This approach can be particularly effective when you have a disciplinarian to report to. They can send you somewhere private every now and then to verify your panties are indeed pulled tight enough. And if they’re not physically present, pictures can be sent to provide proof. In the course of the day, it’s not uncommon for such messages to be accompanied by pleas for mercy, to be released from her exquisite torment…

Sandalwood and Ginger


A spanking story, for Christmas

Do you know what it’s like to be spanked in public?

You might think the bystanders would interrupt, outraged at the indecency.
But they don’t.
They stay.
They lurk.
And they watch.

They are mesmerised by my nudity, their gaze ensnared by the curves of my cheeks, fascinated by the bright pink patches that suddenly appear.
They are captivated by the sound, that slow one-handed clap, that erotic rhythm, underlaid by my plaintive little moans. Because the sound of a bottom smacking is unique, and as seductive as a siren’s song.

I know this because I’ve been spanked in public countless times. In library aisles. In gloomy bars. On golden beaches. On garden lawns and under trees in parks. Often on the bare, always in front of disbelieving eyes.
But you never forget your first time.

Ah, now you’re curious, aren’t you?
Are you imagining me?
Bending over and exposed, about to get what naughty girls deserve.
Say it with me, under your breath.
I deserve a good spanking.
It feels good, doesn’t it?
I deserve a long, hard spanking.
Say it like you mean it.
And I’ll tell you my story…

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A seasonal story, to get you in the mood…

I got caught skipping school and need a very severe long and hard should it be

Truants are caned.

Bent over.

Skirt lifted.

Legs parted.

Panties pulled right down.

At least a dozen pink stripes.

And corner time with shame displayed.

Hi! I’m new to this whole thing. How do the submissions work? Are they private or anonymous? What kind of things can I send? Thanks, sir!

Submissions are private, they go to my Tumblr inbox rather than the public blog. I don’t republish submissions without explicit permission from the sender, so if you want your submission posted, DM me so I can ask.

As for what can be sent, anything goes as long as you created it and it’s not copied from somewhere. Text confessions are a popular choice. Some also send images for review, like pages of handwritten lines, spanking implements, the sticky insides of panties, soaked after story-reading, and panty-pulling chairs, cushions stacked, awaiting their sitter…

Around the winter holidays I always find myself fantasizing about Krampus… I might go hunting for a good bundle of switches soon 🤔😉

Anyone not familiar with the flagellatory antics of Krampus should definitely read about it, you might be surprised by how darkly erotic some European folk traditions actually are.

I hope you get your bundle of birch twigs for Christmas, dear reader.


Sometimes we will wake in world

We no longer recognise

And realise we must escape

Through the door they’ll never bar

Into fantasy worlds that we devise

To lick our wounds

Until we feel joy again

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