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I was feeling reckless so went through my days tasks with no panties on under a skirt, slipping fingers underneath my skirt a few times whilst in public. I don’t currently have someone to pull down my panties but I know I deserve a long hard spanking for such unlady like behaviour. What should I do Sir?

I think three assignments from the following list would be appropriate punishment for such naughtiness:

You may choose. Do let me know when your punishment is complete.

Accountability is very important.

What new ways can I make myself feel humiliated when I punish myself in private?

There’s more than a dozen ideas in this post:

Experiment and discover what you find most humiliating.

It might be sitting on the toilet and wetting your panties.

It might be the shame of wearing punishment panties.

It might be forcing yourself to go out in public just after a spanking, whilst your bottom is still hot, stinging and sore, and your slit is sticky and soaking wet. Your cheeks will blush as you interact with strangers, as you wonder whether they suspect your shameful secret, the spanked pink bottom hidden just beneath your clothes.

Or it might just be the shame of accountability, sitting on your spanked bottom, having to send a message to your disciplinarian describing how and why you’ve just been punished…

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