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I just seen your post about your voice. I actually recorded one of your stories for my Dom the other day! Something about hearing your words with my voice was so sexy for him. I thought others would be interested in hearing this!

What a wonderful gift that was!

I wonder which story you chose? Was it a first person story, did you feel yourself tingle knowingly each time you uttered the word ‘me’?

Were there passages of particular significance to you both? When you read them aloud, did you feel like you were speaking from a place deep within, that you were teasing and exciting your partner’s mind and body?

Recording a story for a lover is such a beautifully intimate idea. A gift that can be returned to, again and again, sections played as you recline in each others arms, as a prelude to something physical – or as part of its coda afterwards.

I hope this will inspire other readers to experiment with the wondrous possibilities of their own voice, and the extraordinary evocative magic of erotic storytelling…

follow up on audiobooks. would u be willing to record ur voice even just to share it?

I actually found an audio recording I’d made a few years back last night.

I’m not usually keen on listening to recordings of my own voice, but this was surprisingly hot. 

Which made me remember that a dislike of one’s own voice is actually a well-known psychological phenomenon, called vocal confrontation. One that’s only partially explained by a lack of bone-conducted sound frequencies.

Did you know that? This blog is more than just stories about smacked bottoms, isn’t it?

For the time being I think I’ll start by sharing my voice with my friends, rather than publicly. But maybe if I get more comfortable, I might share what I’ve recorded, for all to hear…

Have you ever considered audiobooks for your stories?

I have, I think it would be a wonderful medium to enjoy these stories.

To lie back and relax, letting the warm words seep into your eager mind, painting vivid pictures behind your shuttered eyes.

But I’ve always felt I’ve lacked the setup to do the stories justice. Like a good recording environment and a quality microphone.

Perhaps someone reading this, who has experience of audio narration, might like to give it a try? But only if you’d release the recordings free to download, for all to enjoy.

If that sounds like something you’d enjoy, send me a message.

Following on from my last post, this video blog by @pandorablakeuk is well worth watching. Pandora talks about discovering spanking erotica for the first time, and the moment when she realised that her interest in spanking and discipline wasn’t a unique shameful deviance, but something that many others found arousing too. I think many readers of this blog will recognise Pandora’s experience, and find her story truly resonates…

A Milestone Moment

Pandora’s Message in a Bottle

Over the years, many of you have been asking for audio recordings of these stories, so I’m delighted that the wonderful Pandora Blake has just recorded herself performing Message in a Bottle.

It’s fantastic to hear such an experienced performer reciting my words, especially a narrator with such a seductive voice. It’s the nuances of speech that make a great storyteller, and Pandora relates the tale as if she’s sharing an intimate secret with one of her closest confidants. She speaks playfully, revealingly and evocatively.

You will need to be a @dreamsofspanking member to listen to the full recording, but if you’d like a taste, you can listen to an excerpt of Pandora’s fantastic  performance here:

If you’re on Twitter, I’d highly recommend following Pandora too. She’s an active campaigner for sexual expression and freedom from censorship, and someone who strongly believes in deshaming kink. The world could do with more voices like her.

And if there’s a story you’d particularly like to hear recorded next, do leave a comment!

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