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Following on from my last post, this video blog by @pandorablakeuk is well worth watching. Pandora talks about discovering spanking erotica for the first time, and the moment when she realised that her interest in spanking and discipline wasn’t a unique shameful deviance, but something that many others found arousing too. I think many readers of this blog will recognise Pandora’s experience, and find her story truly resonates…

A Milestone Moment

Pandora’s Message in a Bottle

Over the years, many of you have been asking for audio recordings of these stories, so I’m delighted that the wonderful Pandora Blake has just recorded herself performing Message in a Bottle.

It’s fantastic to hear such an experienced performer reciting my words, especially a narrator with such a seductive voice. It’s the nuances of speech that make a great storyteller, and Pandora relates the tale as if she’s sharing an intimate secret with one of her closest confidants. She speaks playfully, revealingly and evocatively.

You will need to be a @dreamsofspanking member to listen to the full recording, but if you’d like a taste, you can listen to an excerpt of Pandora’s fantastic  performance here:

If you’re on Twitter, I’d highly recommend following Pandora too. She’s an active campaigner for sexual expression and freedom from censorship, and someone who strongly believes in deshaming kink. The world could do with more voices like her.

And if there’s a story you’d particularly like to hear recorded next, do leave a comment!


Today, I had the absolute pleasure of recording a reading of The Waterwheel by @spankingtheatre.

I enjoyed doing this immensely, I hope you enjoy it half as much. Thank you!

Another big thank you to the lovely @sexfairy-princess​ for recording this wonderful reading of my poem Waterwheel. And with commendable attention to detail, what you can hear in the background is a fast stream trickling and gurgling, and a waterwheel gently turning…


Wouldn’t you like your very own waterwheel?

“… without explaining himself, he took her by the hand, and led her…“

Inspired by the recent reading of The Bottom Smacking Machine, a reader who’d prefer to stay anonymous has sent in a reading of one of her favourite passages from Carrot and Stick.

Perhaps listening to these readings will inspire you to record a passage from your own favourite story? Please do, your fellow readers and I would love to listen to you, and you own unique interpretation of familiar words.

You can post what you record on your own blog and send me a link. Or if you’d prefer to remain anonymous, email the recording to me and I’ll post it here. Just send a message if you require any assistance.

But whether you listen or read, enjoy the stories.


I read the story Bottom Smacking Machine by @spankingtheatre today. I loved this story, and cannot wait to make my own machine. Here is the link to the story: I used a wooden spatula to play along with the story. I hope you enjoy. Thank you!

Now here’s a treat!

Reader @sexfairy-princess likes to combine her love of spankings and the spoken word. Recently she recorded herself reading my story The Bottom Smacking Machine, and she has graciously allowed me to share it. 

For a while now, I’ve been thinking of creating audio recordings of my stories, so I’d be very interested to hear your experiences of listening to these words.

Perhaps you’ll be naughty, and listen to the story in public with your headphones on, as you commute to work by bus or train. Does it excite you? Secretly listening to a spanking in your own little bubble, fellow travellers all around you, yet quite oblivious to the filthy scenes flashing through your mind.

Or perhaps you’ll wait until you get home, and snuggle into bed with your earbuds in, listening to a seductive voice painting kinky pictures inside your head. Now you don’t need to scroll, or even keep your eyes open, who knows what mischief those idle fingers will achieve?

I’d love to hear your experiences

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