I much prefer playing with those who want to be good girls.

Bad girls are greedy for attention, they tend to be continually pushing boundaries, testing the rules, seeing what they can get away with.

Good girls are obedient, they appreciate the need for rules and discipline, and know that good behaviour is mutually satisfying for both themselves and their disciplinarian.

Being good opens up a world of new possibilities, of thrilling rewards rather than just an endless cycle of misbehaviour and punishment. Without a change in behaviour, spankings are just smacked bottoms.

What separates discipline from punishment is that it involves submission to a just and desirable set of rules. If the recipient has no interest in accepting the boundaries and improving their behaviour, spanking simply becomes the act of inflicting pain – and that’s never been my priority.

Achieving the trust of smart, independent, self-confident women is what truly satisfies me. This kind of obedience is consensual, because those involved want me to act as the screenwriter for their erotic imaginations. Broken rules may still result in spanked bottoms, but if they’re good, I’ve promised to make their fantasies come true.