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I must tell you my whole body flushed with pleasure when I saw that you responded. Im very star struck. I joined tumblr just to be able to read your stories, and I’ve enjoyed each one several times. It’s amazing you suggested the Christmas Present story to me, because it is my absolute favorite and has pushed me to introduce spanking in our sex life. Unfortunately my husband doesn’t understand how resilient my derrière is. All the same, I shall keep your encouragement in mind & try again. Xoxo

If you do have a bottom that can take a good smacking, that’s all the more reason to buy a hardy spanking implement as his next Christmas Present.

Perhaps a hard paddle or a thick strap, or a traditional school cane.

Talking of the cane, perhaps the story Control might give you some ideas on how to ask for a harder whacking…

I very much want and need a good hard spanking, on my bare bottom of course. My only problem with this (aside from a reluctant fiance) is that i have a very low pain tolerance, a history of abuse, and ptsd resulting from such. Pain is my biggest trigger, and i find that i can actually handle much less than i would like to without having a panic attack. Do you have any recommendations on how to overcome this? Safety and trust are not issues here, it’s entirely about pain

The science of spanking is quite straightforward, pain is proportional is to the force of the impact. and Newton’s 2nd Law says that’s the product of mass and acceleration.

So if you want a less painful spanking, you have three options:

  1. reduce mass (use a lighter spanking implement)
  2. reduce speed (less backlift when swinging the implement)
  3. or, reduce the experienced impact force (using a shock absorber)

For instance, why not try a wooden spatula with a foam cleaning pad (like those you use to clean dirty dishes) tied around it. That will allow you to experience the ‘blow’ of each spank as it lands, but the foam will dissipate the force long before it reaches your skin.

Once you’re comfortable with the sensations, try replacing the foam with something thinner, like wrapping a dishcloth (or two) around the spatula.

An alternative approach, which achieves the same effect is to be spanked over thick clothing. I can remember once playing with a nervous spankee who wore half a dozen pairs of panties under her skirt.

After every dozen spanks, I flipped up her skirt to inspect her, before scolding her for trying to evade her punishment. Each time she was ‘caught’, she would signal she was happy to keep playing by lowering the outermost pair of her panties. And our game would continue.

By the time I reached her final pair of panties, they were soaked, and she got what she’d been yearning for on her bare bottom at last.

Making the muffled sensations part of the game, really helps when either participant is nervous.

Sometimes, you just need to play gradually, allowing time to adjust to new sensations and establish new levels of comfort.

That also means giving your own partner the confidence to participate in physical play. I’d recommend sharing the following posts with them, so they know what you need from them, and why it’s important to you:

Spanking is playtime.

Get yourselves comfortable, and you’ll both have a great time.

I’ve always wanted to try something like this but I live with my parents. Is there any such thing as an effective but quiet implement?

The general rule of thumb is that the sound of the smack is proportional to
the surface area of the implement. So hairbrushes, slippers and paddles
tend to produce a satisfying – but conspicuously loud – smack on impact.

But if nearby family or housemates mean you need
to be discreet, you’ll want something with a much smaller cross
section, like a thin rod or cane. Something springy enough to place
against your bottom, which then can be pulled back and released, in order to
deliver a hard enough whack.

Fibre-glass is springier than rattan, so
better for self-spanking. Online sex toy companies sell good fibre-glass
canes and riding crops. But for a cheaper option, you can also buy
smooth round-section fibre-glass and carbon-fibre rods from well-stocked
craft and model shops. Try googling, you’ll see what’s sold. Various
diameters are available, the wider the rod, the stingier the whack will be. Why
not try before you buy, just pull the rod back a little and let it smack into
your palm.

Once you have your rod, find somewhere to position
it. You want to wedge one end of the rod into a little gap at just below
waist level, and perpendicular, so you can bend over in front of it. A
technique described towards the end of the story Carrot and Stick.

key is finding the right position for the rod, it should be wedged
tight and shouldn’t rattle. The best way to do this is to wrap the cane
with something like a flannel or a t-shirt, which will wedge it firmly in place. If
you’ve done it right, it should be virtually silent, with just a lovely
faint swicking sound when you pull it back and release it.

For best results, engage your imagination and the circumstances of your spanking. Several
of my friends have related how they like to dress up in school uniform
and watch videos of classroom canings, before its time to take their own turn.
Bending over in front of their own cane, lifting their skirts and
pulling down their panties, feeling the cane resting against their bare
bottoms. Then pulling it back, letting go, and a moment later – feeling
the whack, and a stinging stripe across their cheeks.

Of course, the very best time for
spanking is when you’re all alone, when you can fully immerse yourself in a
world of your imagination’s creation. But sometimes, I know many readers
simply crave the instant satisfaction of a well-smacked
bottom, warm and stinging. So a whacking rod that you can conceal, and quickly set up in the privacy of your own bedroom, might be just the implement you’re seeking…

Do experiment, and have fun!

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