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bottom inspection

I was reading a naughty game and wondering how does one specifically keep ones bottom hole clean?

A sample procedure is explained in the Bottom Wiping post.

First, fetch a tissue, it might be a dry one, or a wet wipe, or a thick paper tissue with a squirt of lotion in it. For increased sensations from wet wipes, try putting them in the fridge first.

Perhaps the act of wiping is as simple as circling the subject’s bottom hole until it is clean and smelling fresh.

But experienced disciplinarians know that excited young ladies require more thorough wipings, as their bottoms can become messy and sticky by what leaks from their slits.

Hence it is not uncommon for a girl who is due to be spanked, to first need to be cleaned, when her panties are lowered and the creamy mess of her anticipation is revealed.

In this case, after fully removing her soiled underwear, her disciplinarian would wrap a clean tissue around their fingers, then reach between her thighs until the tissue was resting against her smooth bare mound.

They would begin to slide the tissue backwards, following the swollen folds of her slit. Its passage lubricated by her own excitement. Her arousal is obvious, but quite natural, as all girls glisten before their bottoms are smacked.

They would feel her warm dampness as their fingertips pass over her vagina, pausing and lingering, then rubbing in subtle circles to soak up her stickiness. Before letting the moist tissue slip easily down to her bottom hole, circling it several times, enough to collect any incriminating evidence. Woe betide a girl who reported for a caning with a dirty bottom.

Finally, pressing firmly, they would let the tissue glide upwards between the fissure of her buttocks, whereupon her mess would be thoroughly examined.

I do hope that answers your question.

Naughty Game #22: Bottom Wiping

Previous naughty games are here.

Just imagine: you’ve been bent over by your disciplinarian. Perhaps over their knee, or made to touch your toes. Your skirt has been flipped up, and your panties slowly lowered. Soon, you know you will be spanked, but first, there are other humiliations to endure.

A series of slaps to your inner thighs remind you to spread your legs, to expose your most intimate places to their inspection.

“Are you clean for me?” you’re asked.

Well, are you?

How to Play

This game encourages the exploration of an often-neglected disciplinary
activity, the wiping of a sub’s bottom with a tissue. This can be a solo
activity, where the player wipes themselves, or performed by a partner.

For those playing solo, bottom wiping can be performed before, during or after you masturbate. Begin by imagining your scenario, perhaps you’ve been sent to see the headmaster, or Daddy is going to be up soon to give you a bedtime spanking. So you stop off in the bathroom, to rub your soon to be sore bottom. Knowing you’ll be inspected too, you run a tissue between your cheeks, knowing that’s what your disciplinarian is going to do.

Will your wiping start beneath your vagina, your fingers rubbing the tissue around your bottom hole? Or will you place the tissue on your mound, so you can wipe down the full length of your wet and tingly slit? How good it feels. You want to dry yourself, so your spanker doesn’t how aroused you’ve become, but the wiping never seems to soak up your juices, if anything such intimate stroking only seems to make you seep even more.

Perhaps you won’t be able to control yourself, and you’ll masturbate to climax in the bathroom, trying to rub your juices away.

Or maybe you’ll be good, and report to be disciplined with a nice clean hole.

Now you can imagine how your disciplinarian will undress and inspect you, how they’ll spread your legs spread wide, so a thorough examination may begin.

Fetch a tissue, it might be a dry one, or a wet wipe, or a thick paper tissue with a squirt of lotion in it. For increased sensations from wet wipes, try putting them in the fridge first.

Let the tissue cover fully your fingers, so they reach between your thighs until the tissue is resting against your bare mound. Imagine your disciplinarian with your hand between your legs like that, as you’re bent over their lap, or over a table.

Perhaps school rules are very clear on personal grooming, a smooth bare slit at all times, otherwise it’s a return visit for another spanking after an appointment with the school nurse’s razor. Does the tissue glide easily across your smooth skin, without prickling?

Let your fingers curl, cupping the tissue snugly against your crotch.

Imagine what your disciplinarian would be telling you:

“Before the cane, all naughty girls must have their bottoms wiped.”

“I hope you’ve kept yourself clean, young lady, there’s no excuse for poor hygiene.”

Begin to slide the tissue backwards, following the swollen folds of your slit. Its passage lubricated by your own excitement. Your arousal is obvious, but quite natural, all girls glisten before their bottoms are smacked.

Feel the warm dampness as your fingertips pass over your vagina, pause and linger, rub in subtle circles, collect your slick stickiness.

Now let the moist tissue slip easily down to your bottom hole. Circle it several times, enough to collect any incriminating evidence. Woe betide a girl who reported for a caning with a dirty bottom.

Finally, pressing firmly, let the tissue glide upwards between the fissure of your buttocks.

Imagine how your face would flush hot and pink, as your disciplinarian raises the tissue to their nose to sniff and examine it, before asking provocatively:

“Have you been clean for me?”

Well, have you?

Perhaps, before you’re spanked, you’ll need to wiped again.

Other Bottom Wiping Ideas

Try performing a bottom-wiping as a pre-masturbation ritual. If it’s dirty, you only get to edge, not climax. Or as a post-orgasm ritual, as you clean yourself up.

Perform a bottom-wiping before every self-spanking, imagine ways you might incorporate the activity into your fantasy. Perhaps the box of tissues used to wipe your bottom is kept on your disciplinarian’s desk, to wipe away naughty girls’ sobbing tears.

Instead of wiping, place a tissue in the gusset of your panties, and imagine it’s examined by someone strict at the end of the day.

Perform a bottom wiping with a white flannel after showering or bathing. This might be prelude to a diapering or a strip search.

Perform a thorough bottom wiping after you visit the toilet to pee. One long stroke, from the hood of your clit to bottom hole. One only, mind you, or you’ll need to be punished for masturbating in the bathroom.

Naughty Game #20: Strip Search

The naughty games are back, with a new batch of playtime ideas for adventurous minds!

As I wrote in a previous post, an unexpectedly popular fantasy among readers of this blog is being strip searched.

many, this might seem excessively weird. After all, no-one really wants
to be strip-searched, do they? A humiliation reserved for suspected
lawbreakers, or convicted prisoners. Surely no-one would willingly want
to be subject to such deprivation? But that would be to misunderstand
the nature of erotic fantasies, often they are not aspirations, but the
eroticising of circumstances that we would horrified to find ourselves
in. A taboo can fuel the hottest erotic fire.

This game describes how to play out a strip search fantasy in the privacy of
your own home. It can be played alone, where you search yourself, or with a partner. And if you
like to switch, perhaps the one being searched will be decided by the toss of a

Optional props:

  • a full length mirror
  • a pair of latex gloves (available from a pharmacy)
  • some lubricant

To play, first, establish your setting.

Perhaps you’ve been caught trying to smuggle something through an airport. Or you’ve been caught masturbating in a public toilet or a public park. An officer of the law has seen you with your fingers deep in your slit and suspects you may have been hiding something there. So you’ve been arrested and taken to a police station for investigation.

Or perhaps you’ve been convicted of a crime and have just arrived at the prison. If you have velcro cuffs, you might want to put them on as you imagine yourself in custody. Perhaps prison rules dictate new arrivals are shaved bare before they’re searched.

The authority figure you imagine searching you can be the same gender as yourself, or if you prefer, a different one. Depending of which would be more humiliating, and arousing.

The strip-search protocol dictates that the subject slowly undresses themselves in front of a full length mirror. Fold each garment neatly as you remove it, and imagine having to pass it to the authority figure who’ll be examining you.

Now stand naked in front of the mirror for at least 5 minutes with your hands on head. The search protocol demands this wait as it leads to a more compliant subject, as their skin cools and their adrenaline level diminishes.

If you have latex gloves, put them on now. Make sure you sniff them, the clinical smell is very evocative for many, of clinics and examinations for some and of freshly unwrapped condoms and that delightful moment just before a fucking for others.

The search protocol mandates the following five inspections, each to be performed standing in front of a mirror.

#1 Inspection of Head

The subject should open their mouth, and explore inside with their fingers, checking the teeth and under the tongue. Then proceed to examining the face, in particular the nostrils, eyebrows and cheeks, around and behind ears, before thoroughly searching their scalp and hair. Conclude with an examination of the neck and throat.

#2 Inspection of Chest and Arms

The subject should lift their arms to reveal their armpits. Then extend each arm forwards in turn, and rub their gloved hands along the opposite arm, starting at the armpit, then covering every patch of skin until the hand is reached. The fingers should then be splayed, and the areas between them and under the nails examined. Then repeat for the other arm using the other hand.

If the subject is female, a full breast and nipple inspection can begin. Begin at the armpit, and begin circling each breast in turn, gently padding the skin as if assessing whether the breast is natural or artificial. Ensure that the nipples are pinched and tugged firmly to conclude.

#3 Inspection of Tummy and Legs

Continue down from the chest, examining the navel, before paying special attention to the public mound. It should be stroked gently, especially if the subject is shaved bare and exquisitely sensitive. Avoid the genitals for now.

The subject should then bend over and run each hand down the opposite leg in turn, paying special attention to the area behind the knee, the regions between the toes, and the sole of each foot.

#4 Inspection of Genitals

For female subjects, this begins with a full inspection of the vulva, as described in the post Inspections for Girls. The subject should be standing in front of the mirror, so they can follow every detail of their examination, as their labia are parted, and every furrow of their slit and perineum is inspected.

When the clitoris has been exposed, tugged back and examined, a deep vaginal inspection can begin, initially with the index finger of your dominant hand. Lubricate this finger if necessary. Probe inside, stroking the ridges of the anterior wall until the vagina loosens enough to accomodate a second finger. The search protocol mandates that the inspector’s fingers enter as deeply as possible to detect any illicit contents.  

Meticulous searchers might also try probing with a large dildo, but do not allow the subject to orgasm.

For male subjects the search protocol  involves examining the testes and scrotum, and then the length of the penis. If the subject is not circumcised, tug the foreskin back behind the glans, and wait for the penis to harden. The penis should be fully erect before the glans and urethra are inspected.

#5 Inspection of Buttocks and Anus

Once the genitals have been thoroughly examined, a thorough Bottom Inspection can commence. Begin by inspecting the skin of the buttocks, before splaying the cheeks to examine the cleft, using the mirror to see into every part of the crevice.

Then the middle finger of the dominant hand can be lubricated, and slowly worked into the anus. Continue to push deeper, withdrawing the finger if necessary to apply additional lubrication. Continue probing until the middle finger has penetrated to its maximum extent. Meticulous inspectors might try penetrating with an anal dildo or filling the bottom hole with a butt plug.

Bonus Ideas

After each stage of the search has been completed, stop to take notes, as if you were compiling an accompanying report of the search. This would include what was found during the inspection, and how the subject responded to the examination. Arousal may be recorded, and subsequently used as evidence. Masturbation immediately after a search is quite forebidden, but perhaps you’d imagine someone stumbling across the report of your search later, and climaxing as they read all about your degradation.

After all stages of the search have been completed, have the subject kneel in front of the mirror, inserting a finger of their left hand into their anus. Female subjects can simultaneously insert a finger of their right hand into her vagina, whilst male subjects hold their erections. Leave them in position to appreciate their predicament, and imagine what might be coming next…

Wondering if you encourage any sort of doctor play, as either a discipline or ‘act like a little girl, get treated like one”…a rectal temp taking maybe before a spanking?

Of course.

Being undressed and intimately scrutinised is an important part of a proper  spanking. If I deem discipline necessary, my playmate knows her bottom is mine to do with as I wish. She will be granted no modesty, if I decide her bottom will be wiped, it will be. If I decide she will stand in the corner spreading her buttocks, that’s precisely what she’ll do.

If I decide to conduct an intimate examination, as she lies on her back with her legs spread wide. I shall. She might protest, but I hear her sighs as my gloved fingers tug open her vulva, and I can see her seep as the lubed thermometer slips into her bottom.

Perhaps you’re imagining that now, an experience of mortifying embarrassment, yet one that’s intensely arousing. My voice, dispassionate and professional, telling you this is just the way it has to be. That all naughty girls have to be examined before they get their bottoms spanked.

Sometimes I conduct inspections after she’s been put over my knee. Spreading her sore spanked cheeks apart
to reveal her tight little bottom hole. Her arousal unmistakeable. Evasion impossible.

Her face burning hot with shame as the lubed stem of the thermometer pushes inside her. Or perhaps I’d conduct my inspection just as I put her to bed, as she laid obediently on her bed, nightie pulled up to her
chest, her legs raised high in the air, revealing the pretty pink patches I’d gifted to her bum and thighs.

Your disciplinarian would see everything, of course. Your desperate shame adding to the
erotic thrill. But, just like all the best acts of discipline,
temperature taking is performed “for your own good”. It might be
embarrassing, but it’s done because your carer cares about you – and
that simple fact is the most erotic reason of them all…


Kelly Jo really enjoys getting her bottom temperature taken. Every time the cool glass thermometer bulb penetrates her sensitive pink rosebud, she lets out a tiny whimper and slightly rotates her pelvis. It’s extremely difficult to maintain professional decorum with the girls who seem to overly enjoy their school health sessions. I believe some of the girls’ first orgasms have been right here in this office. I pretend to be oblivious to their behaviors, so some put on quite the extravagant yet “subtle” show just to attempt to pry my attention.

I know bottom inspections are a hugely evocative fantasy for a large number of my readers. If that includes you, I’m delighted to introduce for your erotic pleasure the wonderful work of @victimofcircuspants. I do hope their future illustrations will include some well-spanked bottoms. Do show your support and encourage the creation of original content. Bravo!

Bottom inspections are a popular fantasy among readers of this blog.

What could be more embarrassing than having to hold your sore spanked cheeks apart? To be so thoroughly exposed when all you want to do is rub the sting away.

To be made to reveal how much your spanking aroused you. Your seeping, sticky excitement on display for all to see…

No wonder you find bottom inspections so thrilling…

Bottom inspections really turn me on. There, I’ve said it. Before I found your blog I often fantasized about bending over and being examined without really giving the experience a name. Spreading my legs, and just being watched, scrutinized like I was some clinical subject. I’ve never told anyone this. But reading your stories, especially your last one, it’s as if you’ve already seen into my mind.

You’re not alone, dear reader.

Inspections for Girls and Bottom Inspection are the most popular naughty games I’ve posted.

One of my intentions in this blog has been to write about activities that leave readers surprised by the intensity of their own reactions. Some might read something and only then realise how much it turns them on. Some may have once imagined it, but never seen it written down and described in words before.

In the last instalment I sought to induce feelings of vicarious embarrassment in those who read it, getting readers to imagine several squirmy punishments that might leave them pink-faced and breathless. Because I think good erotica should feel as if it’s somehow been able to see behind your mask, and able to satisfy the secret longings no one else knows…

Keeping the marks secret is part of the decision, the more severe they are the longer they last. There’s also the secret thrill of them being seen in public, a changing room perhaps. Any thoughts?

What a thrill indeed to venture out in a precariously short skirt, the telltale pink marks barely concealed, hidden just beneath a floating hem.

And what delightful embarrassment a changing room brings, when you must undress completely and walk to the shower. It’s rude to stare, but perhaps those around can’t help but notice, as your naughty bottom marks are finally revealed for all to see.

Personally, I don’t believe in severe whackings that inflict long-lasting marks – I believe in regular spankings that restore a rosy blush to naughty bums. And regular bottom inspections, just to check – because you know, when the pinkness fades… it’s time for a good hard spanking again…

Time for your bottom inspection

As you may have seen, the latest naughty game provides instructions on how to conduct a thorough Bottom Inspection

As I know this intimate activity gets many readers excited, shall we remind ourselves of one such inspection from the Punishment Panties story? It might whet your appetite…

Audrey knelt beside her and untied her pyjama bottoms, letting them
fall to the floor, and began to examine her panties, which had become
a thin white band stretched tight between her slit. Then she slipped
her fingers into the waistband – now high above Penny’s hips – and
began to pull Penny’s panties slowly downwards. She liked to take her
time during an undressing, particularly enjoying the delicious moment
when the tension of the panties was suddenly released. Suddenly, Penny
gasped and wobbled. Ah, there, Audrey smiled.

The governess slid the girl’s panties down further, watching how the
fabric slowly detached itself from Penny’s wet swollen lips, revealing
a creamy smear inside. Once she’d slipped the panties off Penny’s
feet, she pulled her pyjama top over her head, so Penny stood naked in
front of her once again.

“Now, time for your bottom inspection, young lady.”

Penny swayed on her feet slightly, uncertain what this actually meant.
The governess noticed some clarification was necessary, and nudged
Penny towards her bed.

“Kneel on your bed girl, knees wide apart. That’s good. Now bend over…
Yes…. Now reach behind with both hands and spread your bottom cheeks

Penny hesitated, but after a few quick spanks of encouragement, did as
she was told.

The stripe caused by Penny’s punishment panties was clear to see now.
Audrey began to trace it with a fingertip, it started just above the
bump of her tailbone as a narrow purple bruise, which lightened to a
rosy pink as it ran between the crack of her bottom. Audrey could feel
Penny flinch as her finger followed the tender track along her flesh.

She let her fingertip linger at Penny’s bottom hole, circling,
teasing, just as the punishment panties had done. They’d rubbed
against her hole every time she’d squirmed, threatening to push
deeper, hour after hour, until Penny began to long for the intrusion.
During the night Penny had even tried pushing her own finger between
her bottom cheeks, only to find the material that was tormenting her
was now a barrier, frustrating her clumsy attempts to gain relief.

Now it was Audrey gently pushing her finger against Penny’s poor bum
hole, she noticed how easily her fingertip sank into Penny’s most
intimate hollow. Penny tensed her thighs; just moments away from
giving into the urge to push back onto the older lady’s finger – but
then… the finger withdrew, and the opportunity was lost. Penny bent
further forward, pushing her face into her mattress, hoping that at
least would stifle her sighs and conceal the blush burning across her

Audrey’s finger resumed its journey, following the short purple line
between Penny’s holes. From experience Audrey knew the time spent on
tiptoes suspended from the bedframe could be particularly cruel on the
tender flesh of a girl’s perineum. This bruise would be the last to
fade, aching whenever the girl crossed her legs, a lasting reminder of
her naughtiness.

The bruise ended at the entrance to her vagina, here her panties had
parted her inner lips, which were now puffy and sticky wet. Audrey ran
her finger between the labia tracing the tender regions where the
panties had pressed. At the top, her little nub was conspicuously
swollen in size, peeping out from its sheath as if demanding her
attention. The governess pulled Penny’s hood back, gently massaging
the little bulb underneath, checking Penny’s need to come. Her back
arched in response. Very much in need it seemed. That was too bad.

Above Penny’s hood the faint pink line faded away as it reached the
summit of the charming little bump of her mound. It was a classic
punishment panty stripe, enough to make Audrey’s own parts tingle. Her
only regret was that she couldn’t kneel between Penny’s splayed legs
right now and trace the line with her tongue…

And if you fancy recreating that scene in the privacy of your own bedroom, you should definitely read (and share with your loved one)… 

How to conduct a Bottom Inspection

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