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can you write more scenarios about wetting? having your partner spank you or restraining you in some way and forbidding you from making a mess in your panties and the consequences of that?

To those with little imagination, panties are shields of personal modesty. Little triangles of fabric that cover bodily regions our polite society has told us to regard as dirty, and must not be shown.

Readers of this blog, however, will know different.

Panties can be so many things.

They can be a means of obedience.

Or a means of control and discipline.

Or even a means of excruciating pleasure.

Or they can behaviour recording devices, collecting the evidence of their wearer’s sexual excitement throughout the day, to be examined when she returns home.

She would be expected to have her panties inspected as soon as she entered the front door, lest she be tempted to sneak off to her room to put on a clean pair.

Any failure of self-control would be immediately obvious, as a creamy mess or dried-on stains.

Her disciplinarian would have made the consequences of being found in shamefully messy panties perfectly clear.

Messy panties mean a good hard spanking, on the bare bottom.

Now, pull down your panties.

Is it normal to find the idea of aftercare as, if not more, appealing as the spanking itself?

Not at all.

I wrote a post on the joy of aftercare a few years ago.

A spanking might be over in a minute – but a good spanking lingers long after the final smack.

A good spanking is felt across the entire body, and the entire mind.

It’s not just a sore patch on the bottom, it is a shift in mind-state. Endorphins replace adrenaline. Bringing order where once was chaos, replacing anxiety and apprehension with lust and longing.

Afterwards, all is forgiven. The spanker’s goal should be to send their partner into a state of blissful calm. They might acknowledge and empathise with their discomfort, perhaps commending their stoicism. Perhaps reminding them of the importance of strict discipline, and how they will always be taken care of. It’s a chance to lift up their partner, to make them feel wonderful again.

So yes, it’s perfectly normal to look forward to aftercare. Sometimes, a spanking is just a prelude, and with a skilled conductor, there’s the prospect of a whole concert still to come…

I was reading a naughty game and wondering how does one specifically keep ones bottom hole clean?

A sample procedure is explained in the Bottom Wiping post.

First, fetch a tissue, it might be a dry one, or a wet wipe, or a thick paper tissue with a squirt of lotion in it. For increased sensations from wet wipes, try putting them in the fridge first.

Perhaps the act of wiping is as simple as circling the subject’s bottom hole until it is clean and smelling fresh.

But experienced disciplinarians know that excited young ladies require more thorough wipings, as their bottoms can become messy and sticky by what leaks from their slits.

Hence it is not uncommon for a girl who is due to be spanked, to first need to be cleaned, when her panties are lowered and the creamy mess of her anticipation is revealed.

In this case, after fully removing her soiled underwear, her disciplinarian would wrap a clean tissue around their fingers, then reach between her thighs until the tissue was resting against her smooth bare mound.

They would begin to slide the tissue backwards, following the swollen folds of her slit. Its passage lubricated by her own excitement. Her arousal is obvious, but quite natural, as all girls glisten before their bottoms are smacked.

They would feel her warm dampness as their fingertips pass over her vagina, pausing and lingering, then rubbing in subtle circles to soak up her stickiness. Before letting the moist tissue slip easily down to her bottom hole, circling it several times, enough to collect any incriminating evidence. Woe betide a girl who reported for a caning with a dirty bottom.

Finally, pressing firmly, they would let the tissue glide upwards between the fissure of her buttocks, whereupon her mess would be thoroughly examined.

I do hope that answers your question.

Do you prefer Good girls or naughty girls?

I much prefer playing with those who want to be good girls.

Bad girls are greedy for attention, they tend to be continually pushing boundaries, testing the rules, seeing what they can get away with.

Good girls are obedient, they appreciate the need for rules and discipline, and know that good behaviour is mutually satisfying for both themselves and their disciplinarian.

Being good opens up a world of new possibilities, of thrilling rewards rather than just an endless cycle of misbehaviour and punishment. Without a change in behaviour, spankings are just smacked bottoms.

What separates discipline from punishment is that it involves submission to a just and desirable set of rules. If the recipient has no interest in accepting the boundaries and improving their behaviour, spanking simply becomes the act of inflicting pain – and that’s never been my priority.

Achieving the trust of smart, independent, self-confident women is what truly satisfies me. This kind of obedience is consensual, because those involved want me to act as the screenwriter for their erotic imaginations. Broken rules may still result in spanked bottoms, but if they’re good, I’ve promised to make their fantasies come true.

It’s not a regular question so you don’t have to answer it if you don’t feel comfortable but do you think discipline and rules with structure can help people who struggles with their mental health. For me having some rules to follow helps me focus and with a sort of D/s relationship there are similar aspects like knowing wants and needs of the other person and open communication.

Yes I do. I actually wrote a post on the need for rules last year:

Irrespective of mental health, most people yearn for order and structure in their lives. Chaos and uncertainty just lead to anxiety. Personalities that thrive on anarchic disorder are very rare, and tend to have their own struggles.

By eroticising rules, order and discipline in kink play we help soften them, we turn things that could be sources of anxiety into things that are paradoxically arousing.

A good dominant takes charge, kindly and firmly, and helps their partner feel that their world is simpler, that their rules are stricter and less ambiguous, and the costs of transgression might be sore or embarrassing, but breaking a rule won’t feel like life’s foundations are crumbling away.

That’s why spanking fantasies are so popular. The naughty schoolgirl and her stern headmaster, the young lady and her strict governess, the brat sent her room, and dozens of other variations. A quick ritualised bottom smacking, and the slate is wiped clean, emotionally and mentally.

What is your preferred way to have your partners’ body hair, more specifically, the hair between their legs?

I encourage those I play with to keep themselves bare and smooth.

A shaved slit is more sensitive, and it provides a continual reminder to its owner that she is subject to my discipline. A reminder felt every time she pulls her panties up or down.

A bare slit also provides a rationale for regular inspections, an opportunity for a disciplinarian to visually confirm that their rules are being followed.

A bare slit reveals more of her arousal. A bare mound provides a greater surface area of sensitive skin to massage with oils, or lick and tease. And when bare, a skilful tongue can explore her soft wet folds unhindered.

I know shaving and waxing takes time, and can be a bit of chore, but that’s also why it can become a regular dedication – a devotion ritual, and a satisfying act of submissive obedience…

Naughty Game #23: Chastity Belt

Previous naughty games are here.

game involves creating a home-made chastity belt from whatever belts
you happen to possess. This requires a minimum of two belts, ideally one
of which should be a leather belt, as those tend to feel better pulled
tight between your lips (see this image).

See an example of this kind of Chastity Belt here (Tumblr won’t permit it).

Like all good chastity belts,
the one described here will help keep
your wandering fingers out of mischief. It’s particularly useful for
those who have be instructed by their disciplinarian to abstain from
masturbation. Or those without who want to experience the joys and
frustrations of erotic denial. With the added bonus that it also leaves a
delightful pink strip between the legs
when removed.

How to Create your Chastity Belt

Start by shaving your mound and slit bare, your belt works best when your skin is sensitive and flush with its surface.

its simplest arrangement, a chastity belt consists of two belts. A
horizontal belt that will circle your waist, and a vertical belt that
with pass between your legs, running from just above your mound to just
above the top of your bottom crevice.

To do this, thread the horizontal belt through the buckle of what will be the vertical belt (preferably a leather one).

you can tie the horizontal belt around your waist, just above your
hips, and move the vertical belt along so it lies between your bottom
cheeks. Then take the free end of the leather belt and pass it between
your legs, pulling it tight until it presses against your slit. Most
belts will part your labia majora, but if its thin enough it should be
able to part your inner lips too, so they lie on either side of the

Then the free end of the vertical belt can be passed up
and over the first belt at your waist. Now the vertical crotch belt can
be tugged tight and tied around the waist-belt.

If you want
an even more secure feeling experience, a third belt can also be affixed
around your hips, just beneath the first. Its role being to
place pressure on your mound, and keep the vertical belt in place, and
ensure your movements do not allow it to slip from between your tender

A third belt also helps press the buttocks together which is helpful if the belt is worn in conjunction with a butt plug.

When to wear your Belt

Your belt can be worn when your disciplinarian tells you to.

can also wear the belt when your feel your own resolve not to touch
yourself faltering, when a barrier of any kind is necessary to keep you
from masturbating.

The bold can also wear the belt under
loose fitting clothes, and go out in public with the strap tight between
their folds. Her every footstep serving as a reminder of her
disciplinary predicament. Feeling her cheeks burn with embarrassment of
having to be put into the belt, of her reaction to the sensations she
feels, and most of all the embarrassment by how aroused the belt is
making her feel.

And there lies the delicious paradox of the
Chastity Belt, that in time it makes her want to rub herself even more
than before…

Will you be sharing any updates on the happenings in your academy?

The school has been established, and has welcomed its first batch of students. Some of whom are angels, and others who are very naughty indeed – and can expect a firm hand on their bare bottoms.

I strongly believe in the privacy of those I play with, so I’m unlikely to reporting the frankly quite outrageous happenings that are taking place behind the school’s high walls. Suffice to say that nocturnal hi-jinks are commonplace, and the corridors regularly echo with gasps, and smacks and moans…

What’s a good alternative to the panty pulling chair that gives the same/similar end results?

The desired outcome of panty-pulling is a sore pink stripe, which depends on two factors, the force applied to pull the panties between the legs, and the length of time the friction is experienced. 

To maximise the force applied, you can tie your panties to any strong fixture, and use your own weight to do the pulling. Good fixtures are bedframes, the handles of chests of drawers, or door or window grills. The following posts should give you some ideas:

Depending on your waist height, and the height of where you attach your panties, you can stand, sit or kneel as appropriate.

Standing is described in the story Punishment Panties, where Alice and Penny stand on tiptoes as their panties are tied to their beds.

Sitting is described in The Sit Down Dance, and the eponymous naughty game post.

Kneeling also works well for lower-height fixtures, such as drawer handles. Here you’ll be able to control the friction you feel between your legs by sinking lower towards the floor.

An alternative, which doesn’t require any attachment, and which can be done discreetly beneath your clothes, is to just pull your panties up tight until you feel The Pinch. And then keep them tight throughout the day, so they intrude between your lips and rub against your bottom hole.

Here as the rubbing is done over an extended period of time, you don’t need to apply as much force to get a satisfyingly sore stripe.

This approach can be particularly effective when you have a disciplinarian to report to. They can send you somewhere private every now and then to verify your panties are indeed pulled tight enough. And if they’re not physically present, pictures can be sent to provide proof. In the course of the day, it’s not uncommon for such messages to be accompanied by pleas for mercy, to be released from her exquisite torment…

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