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Sexual Perspectives

Anatomy, gender, dominance and sexuality are completely orthogonal things – one does not imply anything about the other, unless you want it to.

Everyone gets to decide how these sexual concepts are related, this this their sexual preference. The open-minded will be comfortable with a diverse range of connections between these concepts. Those who are sexually conservative have a very narrow view of what’s permissible. What a pity.

My previous post generated some interesting messages, so I thought I’d expand on the concept. It’s clear that when it comes to sex, many get very anxious indeed about what’s ‘right’ and ‘normal’. Which is why some folks’ sex lives are driven by a need for validation, a need for conformity, rather than what actually turns them on.

Because if your notions of sexuality are rigid, any experimentation might be considered perverse or shameful, unfeminine or emasculating.

To me though, different sexual preferences and identities are just costumes. This is why I’m able to compose erotic fiction and most never attempt it. It’s what enables me to flit into the minds of the characters I create so easily. And why many who read my stories are still convinced I’m actually a woman.

Remember, there’s no ideal. No universal sexual preference. If you’re pansexual,and  happy to try anything with anyone, that’s lovely, and I wish you a lovely time. Personally, I’m not. I do have my own preferences, just as others have theirs. 

Perversion isn’t a sexual preference beyond your own preferences. Perversion is overstepping the consensual boundaries of others.

Consider an example of what a simple change of perspective might bring.

What if a woman was to use her phallic dildo ‘the wrong way around’ – with the base between her legs, so it juts out proudly, just as if she had an erection?

Perhaps the base will permit the phallus to be slipped inside her slit, or she’ll keep it in place by squeezing her thighs together. Now she can stroke her new penis just like men do, transferring her juices to its shaft, making it slick and slippery. How many women ever play with their dildos like that? As a way of changing their sexual identity, rather than just a means of physical stimulation.

What might happen, as she grinds herself against the shaft, or feels its base push deeper inside her, if all kinds of transgressive fantasies begin to fill her mind?

Like, what do men fantasise about? Perhaps she’s imagining herself in the mind of her first boyfriend, as he imagines all the things he wanted to do to her. Such a naughty boy, wanking in bed each night, longing to plunge this big stiff cock into her tight little slit.

Isn’t that interesting. Now, instead of using her dildo to fill herself, she’s magically switched perspectives, so now she’s imagining herself being filled. She can see herself as others might see her, as an object of sexual desire.

Perhaps she might go further, and imagine what it would be like to actually do the fucking. What it would have been like if she’d told him to bend over, and lubricated his bottom hole with her juices. What it would be like to stand behind him, her hardness throbbing between his firm cheeks, before pushing her own phallus into his tight little hole.

Anatomy, gender, dominance and sexuality. Just a minor change of perspective on one, and suddenly, everything can become fluid. And new possibilities suddenly open.

Not everything needs to change, of course, it might only be a subtle shift. A submissive woman with her dildo between her legs can still be spanked like a naughty boy. Perhaps ‘he’ got an erection in class, and now ‘he’ must be inspected and punished just like any other naughty boy, stiff penis and bottom hole examined before and after a good hard whacking. Perhaps the disciplinarian will be merciful afterwards, sliding a finger into ‘his’ spanked bottom, and reaching round to work ‘his’ shaft until ‘he’ comes.

If you own a vulva and a dildo, why not try this experiment for yourself. Pull down your panties, and place the dildo against your mound, like you had an erection. How does that change your sexual expectations? If you lie back, with the dildo held between your thighs, how does that affect what you fantasise about?

There is no wrong way. Only a thousand new possibilities to play, waiting for your mind to venture further.

Some readers might recognise this idea, it’s the theme of my story Grimoire:

Every night I take my precious book from its little metal haven. I lie back on my bed, turning to a random page, and read some centuries-old words under my breath like a magic incantation. Then I close my eyes, and I am transported.

You would never believe the wonders I have seen. My feeble descriptions do them pathetically little justice.

My grimoire is not just the scribbled memories of long-ago spankings, it is a portal into the minds of ancient witnesses. Through it I have shared the thoughts of hundreds of men and women, boys and girls. I have seen every flavour of cruelty and compassion, power and authority, dominance and submission. I have explored every aspect of eroticism and sexuality, from the coy to the explicit, from the mediocre to the sublime.

Through it, I know what it’s like to be a man, how it feels to secretly stiffen as you spank a beautiful arse, how it feels to see her folds winking back between her kicking legs, and the frustration of knowing you can not have her. Through it I have experienced the glorious sensation of reaching between hot spanked cheeks to find her soaking wet, the delight of being absolutely rigid, and the epiphany of slipping inside her slick tight hole.

Through it, I have given and received the tender love of women.

I have loved a man through the eyes of a man.

I have been unsure of my gender and loved regardless.

I have experienced pleasure in outrageously decadent balls, parties and orgies.

I have lost and taken others’ innocence.

I have disciplined out of love and out of anger.

I have spanked to punish and spanked to pleasure.

I have explored the erotic ingenuities of tying up.

I have induced unexpected climaxes in girls and boys with skilful whackings.

I have bared the bottoms of princes and princesses.

I have scolded and seduced in a dozen different tongues.

And I have played all manner of secret games.

If only I could copy my little magic book of spanking, and show humanity its sexuality as others have seen it.

Doesn’t that sound like a idea worth encouraging?

Do you have any erotic master/slave stories or are there any in the works? I love the thought of being dominated so entirely like that.

Then you might enjoy the following three stories, each of which features a very different kind of dominance and sexual slavery…

My dom has continually forgotten specific boundaries of mine and I’ve found myself having to stop in the middle of play and remind him of my limits. Is this a red flag? They aren’t little things, it’s things like not wanting to be slapped in the face and not liking being choked. How should I address this??

This doesn’t sound like forgetting. It sounds like he’s testing you to see how much he can get away with, and because you’ve stood up to him, he’s using slapping and choking as a way to reimpose his authority. This is completely wrong, and an obvious red flag.

In any d/s relationship, the power resides with the submissive alone. Subs cede control and give their consent. Subs set the boundaries, not doms. A dom who is incapable of respecting their partner’s boundaries clearly does not respect the precious human being they’re playing with.

The worry here is that choking is very hazardous, and requires a conscientious partner who you can absolutely trust. I’d worry about any partner who seemed to care more about their own gratification than their partner’s legitimate safety concerns.

Boundaries exist to separate consensual play from abuse. You decide where that boundary is drawn. If he can not respect that, you are putting yourself in peril.

Please, stay safe.

I’d really like for the most recent anon to elaborate on their fantasy about a sexy professor….

I find the fantasy of the sexy professor fascinating.

Because the allure of a professor is quite different from many other masculine fantasy figures.

His authority derives from his wisdom and his strict sense of duty and discipline. Those who submit to him do so as they believe he has their best interests at heart. The professor remains clothed, his libido controlled, sexy – yet strangely sexless.

His self-control and modesty only boosts the erotic charge of any disciplinary encounter. He expresses his dominance subtly, not by over-powering with physical superiority, but through unequivocal instructions and regimented discipline.

Bend over. Lift your skirt. Pull down your panties.

And now you will be spanked.

His discipline is a blank canvas, further eroticised by the recipient’s mind. Afterwards, a good professor will not fiddle or fuck his student, but dismiss them. They will walk away with their bottom throbbing, quite aware of what he could have done, but didn’t. All of which serves to make the experience even more erotic on every subsequent remembering.

Obedience to wise, righteous authority is a fundamental part of the human condition. It’s no wonder it’s such a popular sexual fantasy…

Do you have any hard limits?

My hardest limit is consent.

I only play with consenting adults. And it’s important to me that the consent of my playmates arises from their own desires, and they should be emotionally mature enough to give it. Consent for submission should be eager and willing, which means I will not take advantage of those who are unhappy, bored or self-hating. I think this is a hard limit every responsible dominant should have.

Those who’ve read the naughty games series will know I’m relaxed about pee play,
which can actually complement spankings quite nicely. Poo is just an
occupational hazard of anal play. And menstrual blood is a just fact of
human biology, I’m very relaxed about that.

But I’m not keen on breaking the skin. I consider it brutish to draw blood – a failure of imagination, when there are so many imaginative non-damaging ways to punish. Marks on the bottom are fine, but the visible effects of a good spanking should be short-lived.

After all, isn’t discipline an opportunity for redemption? I like to think once spanked, the slate is wiped clean. At least, until the next misdemeanour…

How would you deal with a partner (female) who is constantly misbehaving and not doing as told. I tried to tell them that there would be consequences and I’d spank her but she just doesn’t listen and when I try to punish her she just keeps squirming to the point where I can’t do anything

First, you must understand that her brattiness is part of the game, and not a problem to be fixed.

Most people are very well-behaved: they spend their whole lives being polite, respectful and courteous. But when they’re in private, with their most intimate acquaintances, they want to express a different side of themselves.

They want to be transgressive, they want to challenge the rules they’ve spent their entire lives studiously obeying. They want to push the boundaries, knowing full well there might be painful consequences beyond.

That’s why spanking is such a popular fetish. In my experience intelligent, ordinarily well-behaved ladies love fantasising about being naughty for once, and the prospect of someone strict holding them to account makes their panties wet.

Perhaps your partner likes to struggle, talk to her about what she desires. Perhaps she fantasises about being tied up, and being rendered helpless. Or for someone strict to see through her bratty little games and properly take control of her chaotic mind.

Likewise, if she’s struggling because she actually doens’t like being spanked. Then stop. Just because you’re sexually dominant does not earn you any special privileges. Her preferences are just as valid as yours.

Always remember that kinky sex is just adult play. It is not forcing your desires on your partner, it’s about transforming another human being’s deepest desires into something that brings pleasure to you both.

Understand her, and align with what she needs.

Play your role.

Be strict.

And be the authority she secretly craves.

The Golden Rule

An anonymous reader asks:

A passage in “Coming of Age” really struck me:

“But I chatted like my
mentor had taught me, with honest curiosity rather than
self-aggrandising bravado, with the respect due to another human being.”

It got me wondering about a humanistic philosophy of sexual dominance.
I’m wondering if you’ve encountered anything I could read on or around
that subject?

Mutual respect is the cornerstone of
sexual dominance, it’s what separates consensual kinky activities from physical abuse. It is something that every good
BDSM player believes in: that those in our care should be developed and
lifted up, not suppressed and exploited. Consent is a precious gift, it should be handled with the reverance it deserves.

Respect for your fellow human beings is fundamental to a healthy sexual identity. Without it, sex becomes just a succession of transient conquests, complex individuals reduced to warm holes to fuck, driven by a immature, selfish desire for orgasmic satisfaction.

But how would you behave towards others if you could never, ever, achieve another orgasm?

There is a name for this philosophy: Asceticism. It involves eschewing sensual pleasures, of prioritising spiritual goals, and resisting desire. It is central to many great religions, including Christianity and Buddhism.

Now I’m not proposing readers swear an oath of celibacy, or adopt the lifestyle of a monk. But denial of sensual pleasures is an important aspect of BDSM play, and not just for submissives. The first stage of taking control over another is to master one’s own desires. Dominants should be mindful, both of their own bodies, as well as those of their partners.

Control of desire earns authority, control of the self leads to enlightenment.

And an enlighted mindful player attains superpowers.

So, dear reader, in answer to your question, I have no particular posts to suggest, because respectful dominance is a lifelong journey, guided by whatever philosophies you choose to follow, or faiths you believe.

Choose to live your life by The Golden Rule, the ethic of reciprocity.

It is an idea as old as civilisation itself.

It is simply…


How would you deal with a little being bratty/resisting a spanking/bottom inspection?

Brats who resist the righteous imposition of discipline will forfeit the one thing they want the most.

Take a moment, and think. What do you think that longing is?

It’s not orgasms. It’s much more subtle than that.

Brats who won’t behave forfeit their right to my attention. Because if your partner has gifted their submission, and you have earned the right to their obedience, it is your presence – your authority – that your partner seeks above all else.

So if my instruction to bend over is ever ignored, or quibbled with, or met with a cheeky reply. I never lose my temper, or drag my charge roughly by the hand, I merely smile, and say: “I’m waiting, young lady”.

She might continue to act up, of course. But I have patience, I have something she wants above all else. My satisfaction. I am the arbiter and enforcer of her rules, she knows her obedience is what pleases me most, and that her lack of discipline creates a gnawing void inside her soul.

I might ignore her, busy myself with writing, or smile teasingly at her childish attempts to win back my attention. I might escalate her sense of loss, describing in salacious detail all the pleasures she’s lost through her bratty insolence.

Her resistance never really lasts for long.

And when she ultimately finds herself desperately pleading to be spanked and inspected, that’s the sweetest sound of all.

Pride and Obedience


A Spanking Story


Image by Katou Kahoru (source unknown)

Regency England, 1817

raised the hem of her candy-striped skirt to her hips, and hovered over
the little ebony stool, as her Mistress looked on encouragingly.

a good girl! Mister Cholmondeley and his wife will be here soon. You
know how proud I am to have you kneeling at my feet.”

Beneath her
elegant dress, Serena was wearing nothing else. Her underwear having
been confiscated when she’d first arrived at Althorp House. At the time
she’d protested vociferously, a bit too petulantly as it happened. A
little tizzy that had cost her all her clothes, and ended with her being
spanked like a silly little girl over the knee of her Ladyship, and
being put to bed with a very sore bottom indeed.

That first night,
Serena had wept into her own pillows, distraught at the prospect of
having to spend the summer in this horrible place. In subsequent days
she’d discovered just how seriously her hostess believed in discipline.
The house rules were numerous and byzantine, but there was only ever one
punishment for breaking them: a good hard spanking, on the bare bottom.

first, Serena behaved as if she had a choice when it came to following
her instructions – a delusion her new mistress had found cheerfully
endearing. But in the three weeks since she’d arrived here, Serena’s
obedience had improved considerably. When she’d first been introduced to
the stool, she’d resisted bitterly, of course. But now she welcomed the
firm deep push of its double protrusions, and would take her seat
without complaint. In fact, Serena couldn’t remember the last time she’d
sat upon a proper chair.

There was a knack to mounting this low
dildoed stool, which Serena felt she’d now mastered. The trick, she’d
found, was to straddle it, and lower herself until she felt the slick
head of smaller stem poke against her bottom hole. Then she’d allow
herself to sink ever deeper, until she could feel the bulge of its head
stretch her open and push inside her. As she sank ever lower, the
thicker bulge of the other phallus would intrude between her slit,
probing her wet entrance like an over-eager lover.

continued her slow descent to the floor, until her knees were embedded
in the lush velvety softness of the salon’s dark carpet. She stifled a
moan as the protrusions penetrated deeper and deeper, stretching her
wider and filling previously unfelt spaces. At that point Serena would
be sitting on her haunches, her bright red shoes on either side of the
stool’s tiny legs, with her bare bottom resting on the narrow wooden
platter that formed its seat.

Once seated, she’d let go of her
dress, allowing her hem to fall to the floor like a finale’s stage
curtain, completely concealing the stool and its intimate protrusions.
Any visitor subsequently arriving would be completely unaware that just
beneath her pretty striped dress, both her holes were filled by dildoes.
Visitors would simply see what they expected to see, a beautiful young
lady kneeling adoringly at her Ladyship’s feet.

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Pride and Obedience was an opportunity for me to travel back in time, and write a spanking story set in the Regency era. Most readers will have encountered this world through the novels of Jane Austen, which give the impression of a chaste, modest, almost sexless world. But let’s no forget, de Sade’s groundbreaking erotic novels were written around 40 years earlier. Perhaps this age wasn’t as innocent as it seems…

Perhaps the social hierarchies of the aristocracy were sexual hierarchies too, where paying proper respect to those higher on the social ladder involved a degree of sexual submissiveness. Perhaps this wasn’t just an age of long skirts and strict manners, but also one of whips, obedience and discipline. What would such a world look like? I couldn’t help but visit it, through the time machine of my imagination.

Whilst researching I stumbled across the image by Katou Kahoru shown above, and knew immediately how that cruel double-protrusion obedience stool would fit within the story. I think many of those with submissive inclinations would love to kneel at the feet of their Master or Mistress, impaled and filled as their hair is gently stroked.

What do you think?

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