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Reading in the Dark

Not long until my new Halloween story is posted. The finished story is 9300 words, so if you read it slowly, it might take about half an hour. Which provides plenty of time to make an event out of it.

Perhaps you’ll imagine
you’re held captive in a dungeon. You can create your own chains by tying a wrist, a collar or even your panties
to the frame of your bed. Or tie your ankles to the front
legs of a chair to hold your legs open. Then turn off the light and read the story illuminated by just your

Or maybe you’re lucky enough to have someone to put you to bed, and to read you the story by candlelight.
These days the reader doesn’t even need to be in the same location as you, they can read
it over a video chat. If they’re nearby, it means reassuring hugs,
rubs and cuddles during the scary bits.

be sure to ask for your storyteller’s permission before touching
yourself, or your might find yourself pulled out of bed for a spanking,
before being made to stand in the corner with a sore bum in the dark…

I must confess, lately I have been having very detailed and vivid fantasies about my girlfriend bending me over her knee and spanking my bottom red. That is just the beginning, I wish I could share them all. And it all started thanks to your blog so thank you.

What a lovely message!

This blog exists to inspire the fantasies and imaginations of others.

This is a blog of Gifted Imaginings.

I ask for no payment or reward.

These stories are gifts from my mind to yours, made available to all. in the hope those who encounter them may stay awhile and read. And so discover delights that had long lingered deep inside them, just waiting for the right words or imagery to germinate, and blossom into something wonderful…

a place to suggest story ideas would be nice too, if a group chat were to be made

Very true. It could also be place for Sir to set reading assignments, and for the school’s brilliant students to discuss the stories, and the themes that resonate with them. 

I might even hold classes on erotic writing, like those described in The Caning Emporium, with erotic writing assignments too. I know there are some splendid, but shy, writers who read this blog. I would like to give them the confidence to express themselves, and share their lovely evocative words…

You were the first account on tumblr that made me squirm; you awakened my love of spankings. The Throne of Shame was the first of your stories I read and I loved every second of it. I used to read it daily. That was around seven years ago and to this day, it still makes me cum. Thank you is all I have to say.

Throne of Shame does seem to invoke powerful feelings in some readers. Perhaps it’s because it has the structure of a familiar fairytale, but one that’s darker, twisted and much more adult.

If you do have a favourite story, may I ask a favour?

Please share it.

Even better, share your favourite stories with a comment. Tell other readers why you like it, and why they should invite the tale into their imaginations too. Stories endure by flitting between like-minded souls. And who knows how many years of climaxes your little gift might inspire…

Reading Magic

Magic spells

Buzzing brain

Tingling slit

A messy stain

Racing heart as nipples stiffen

Greedily consuming what was written

Little gasps as pupils widen

Rubbing and plunging

Fingers conjuring

A breathlessly



How to enjoy an erotic ghost story


Stolen Essence, a brand new Halloween ghost story, has just been posted.

So here’s a few ideas for enjoying erotic ghost stories, and creating a playtime with a macabre twist…

The Captive

Imagine you’re held captive in a dungeon. Tie a wrist, a collar or your panties to the frame of your bed. Alternatively, tie your ankles to the front legs of a chair to hold your legs open. If your chosen scenario demands you are kept quiet, put your panties in your mouth to muffle your screams. Turn off the light and read the story illuminated by just your screen.

Why are you imprisoned? Perhaps you’ve been kidnapped or captured for ransom, perhaps you’re a rebel or pirate awaiting execution. Spank, pleasure and torment yourself as your imagination demands.

The Candle

Sit cross-legged and naked, with just a single long thick candle for company. Put a condom on the blunt end, light the wick at the other, and turn out the lights. Put something underneath you (like scrap paper) to catch any dripping wax, then read the story as you masturbate with the candle – without letting it go out.

If it does go out, give yourself a 2-minute spanking in the dark as a forfeit before you re-light the candle. If you like the burning sensation of molten wax, play with the candle above you, otherwise angle the candle away from you, with something underneath to catch the dripping wax. Perhaps you’ll be creative and use your candle to roleplay a witches’ coven, or an exorcism, or a seance…

The Magic Wand

Put on your wizard/witch’s robe (a sheet will suffice), with nothing underneath. As you read the story, cast spells with your magic wand – they might be protection spells, seeing spells, or punishment or pleasure spells that allow you the magician to vicariously experience aspects of the story.

If you own one of those old-fashioned wands – a stick, ruler or rod, cast your spells with smacks to your hands, thighs and bottom. If you have one of those new high-tech vibrating wands, you may cast your spells all over your body (and not just between your legs).

You might even want to go for a ride on your broom. Have you ever noticed how witches ride with their broomsticks right between their slits, tilted upwards to press their clits?

Keep reading

With Halloween just around the corner, some tips on how to get the most out of erotic ghost stories…

Woah. Hi, I’m a huge fan. It’s to the point where my autocorrect knows your blog’s name. Anyway, story time: So I was just reading Ups And Downs again (it’s my favorite, well done!!) and well, long story short, I just had my first consecutive orgasms. So thank you very much!

I’m delighted to hear it.

I’ve always thought longform stories like Ups and Downs were the perfect medium for multiple orgasms. Long enough to progressively build the reader’s arousal, and punctuated by several exciting scenes, each of which might push her over the edge. And for those who do come in the middle of the story, there’s still plenty of words remaining, giving you the chance to chase another climax…

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