Spanking Theatre

Spanking stories for the theatre between your ears



This gorgeous composition from @predilectionforblasphemy demonstrates the beautiful blush a hairbrush can gave a spanked bottom, they write:

“I wonder why there are still no hairbrushes in your spanking implements gallery. I find hairbrushes to be extremely efficient in spanking small round bottoms. Hairbrush gives a very pleasant stinging sensation and provides vivid and persistent redness.”

And I quite agree, I’d love to see more hairbrushes in the gallery. Thank you for your submission!

Another submission to the on-going gallery of spanking implements, this time from the lovely crunchiepink, who writes:

“Needs no explanation. It’s @crunchiesman bare hand ❤️.”

“My favorite toy – a custom 4’ whip made by RitzKracker.” – masterbobi

A lovely, and fearsome item. Thanks for sharing!

Do implements reflect the personalities of their owners? What’s your favourite?

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