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The Waterwheel (2 May 2013) is by Hardcastle. The illustration is from the British spanking magazine Janus no. 68.

Thank you! I’ve always wondered about the provenance of that wonderful illustration, so I’m delighted to be able to give the credit it deserves at long last.

For those who haven’t seen the image in question, take a look here, (and do listen to the wonderful reading by @sexfairy-princess whilst you’re there).

Grimoire may well be the most perfect story I have ever read. As a lifelong bibliophile, the bookstore description is wonderfully evocative. I love the sequence of imagined punishments for stealing the book. It’s far more enticing to let the reader imagine all the possibilities. The entire concept invites the reader to imagine more stories written in the grimoire. Thank you for sharing this fabulous and tantalizing story.

How wonderful. You’ve made this writer glow.

Although Grimoire isn’t one of my most popular stories, it is one of my personal favourites. In fact, I feel it’s one of the best I’ve ever written. Dark and euphoric, surreal and psychological, its themes are everything I’d always wanted to read in an erotic story, but so rarely found. So it’s a genuine joy to hear it bringing such pleasure to the imaginations of others.

I hope others will stumble across Grimoire, hidden unassumingly somewhere on the dusty shelves – just waiting to be discovered…

I read the final part of the sit down dance as my bedtime story, and last night had the most intense and lurid dreams! I dreamt I was a member of the red stripe gang, and even shaved myself completely bare. We were all naughty, so Miss put us over her knee and spanked us. Then she put us on the bench! When I woke this morning my panties were drenched! I had to take a long shower… Thank you for this beautifully crafted journey, and what it inspires! (:

A most delightful dream, thank you for sharing!

I’m a big fan of bedtime stories. After all, if you’re going have lurid dreams, dreaming about surreal, random stuff seems such a missed opportunity. Far better to read about something exciting, that stimulates your mind and causes you to wake up as a horny, trembling, sticky mess.

And I like to think these stories have countless possible sequels, which you can compose and experience in your own imaginations.

It makes me very happy to hear you enjoyed the journey so much!

I never thought I would be able to experience what your stories describe. I always thought they would just stay fantasies… confined to my mind and nothing more. Surely not something I could recreate for myself in the privacy of my own home, to enjoy as fully as I can.

Isn’t it great that with just your own imagination you can find your
fantasy spanking school in your own bedroom?

The privacy of your own home is the perfect place to explore and build your own sexual confidence. An opportunity to dress up, and smack your own bottom. Or do the sit-down dance as your panties are pulled tight.

Stories can provide arousing new scenarios for your toys too, perhaps as a boarding school bedknob or a Regency era obedience stool.

These stories can provide the script, and you, the performance – in whatever way excites you the most. That’s always been my intention.

Have fun…

love love love you!! Your words craft such dirty pictures in my mind – certainly the most enticing content of any medium I’ve come across. Lupercalia is probably my favorite. I’m now eagerly awaiting the end of The Sit Down Dance. I’m also very intrigued by the bed-knobbing and wondering if you would possibly expand your dirty tale into a longer story. It’s that extra unexpected element combined with the details of humiliation, masturbation and spanking that make me drip. Please never stop!

Judging by the number of likes that little story has already accumulated, I’d say many of your fellow readers greatly enjoyed that story too. I do hope you appreciate what your dirty mind has done, dozens of people all around the world came hard in the last 24 hours – all because of the dirty pictures you wrote in to suggest.

As for expanding the tale into a longer story, I could be convinced if there’s a sufficient clamour. Just as soon as I’ve concluded The Sit Down Dance.

So, what do you think, readers? Would you like to read more about the boarding school girls who ride their own bedposts?

Woah. Hi, I’m a huge fan. It’s to the point where my autocorrect knows your blog’s name. Anyway, story time: So I was just reading Ups And Downs again (it’s my favorite, well done!!) and well, long story short, I just had my first consecutive orgasms. So thank you very much!

I’m delighted to hear it.

I’ve always thought longform stories like Ups and Downs were the perfect medium for multiple orgasms. Long enough to progressively build the reader’s arousal, and punctuated by several exciting scenes, each of which might push her over the edge. And for those who do come in the middle of the story, there’s still plenty of words remaining, giving you the chance to chase another climax…

Glimpse is so original, so clever, so evocative, so beyond anything that I could write myself, that I barely know how to make a rational comment.

If my stories ever end up published in a book, I’d love to put this wonderful comment on the back cover.

Glimpse is still one of my favourite stories, a ghost story in the Gothic tradition, pitch black but darkly beautiful. And if you haven’t yet read it, I hope one day, you will…

Nuanced Pictures

An anonymous reader writes:

I came across the lovely pictures portraying scenes from Glimpse and Punishment Panties. They’re breathtakingly vivid, and to me they’re priceless visual accompaniments.

Glimpse is
a marvellous story- suspenseful, dark and starkly evocative. I’ve read it before but after seeing the new picture

I was intrigued once again. The picture beautifully captures the essence of the story since it’s

a wonderful representation of the eroticism of forbidden sights. It’s such

a nuanced picture; so cozy and inviting on the surface yet full of sinister undertones. The grilled windows were
a splendid touch – apparently distancing the viewer but also acting as
a warning of entrapment. It’s
a very enticing picture, tempting everyone to stop for
a moment and peer in…

Glimpse is a story that doesn’t age with time; it’s possible to find new meanings after each reading.

They are indeed wonderful pictures, @asajones2 and Charlotte did a terrific job, working from just the few paragraphs I supplied to create their own brilliant interpretations.

And it’s always great to hear appreciation for Glimpse. It’s still one of my favourite stories, I’ve always loved dark gothic ghost stories, the kind M.R James and Poe used to
write. Those familiar with the gothic style will recognise the tropes, the
pained reminiscences of a narrator, haunted by visions and tormented by
their own desires.

I’ve always believed erotic stories should aim to be more than just recipes to arouse their reader. And what better setting for a spanking than a tale of temptation and punishment, one as dark and disturbing as a bottomless pit.

For those who haven’t yet read it, are you brave enough to Glimpse?

Eerie, Bleak and Exciting

An anonymous reader writes:

read all your splendid stories but Runaway and Fall continue to haunt
me with their sheer imaginativeness.

l loved Runaway for it was eerie,
bleak and exciting. It resonated with my fantasies of escape [probably all
of us nurture them] and of course for its deviously wicked passages,
which could arouse even a statue. The ending is fantastic for it
transforms a bleak prospect into one of irresistible sensuality.

Fall was another memorable read, partly because its protagonist Prudy-Judy was so interesting. Finally here was a story which really brought out
how the prudish can be so deliciously naughty. Really at times l wanted
to spank her myself, both her and her bratty friend Barbara…

element of its appeal was the foreboding felt by Judith and the
anticipation it generated. Truly the vision of the crooked cane was a
masterpiece. So thrilling yet causing so much apprehension. You have the
talent for evoking suspense, excitement and so much more.

I’ve gone through all your stories at least once but those two
literally sent shivers down my spine. l read them both while l was in
public places [one on a crowded bus and the other in a classroom] and
maybe that intensified my thrill and arousal. I cherish them both
for the pleasure they’ve given me.

It’s obvious that you’re a very gifted writer, so please, carry on.

I’m delighted to hear those two stories struck a chord, I think they’re greatly under-appreciated! Maybe that’s because mood of those stories is rather darker than some of my more popular stories. But I think there’s more to eroticism than just descriptions of BDSM, powerplay and pleasure. There’s a psychological side, exploring shadow themes like trepidation and anxiety, transgression and escapism, and suspense and uncertainty.

That’s why each Halloween, I’ve set out to write a spanking story with a darker theme. Readers who enjoy gothic tales and ghost stories might like to explore them, they are:

Best wait until after dark before reading, of course.

You might even want to light a candle.

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