Was that really a question, anon? Or a just reminder to add it to your shopping list?

You must be referring to Gingerol, a chemical compound found in fresh ginger. Chemically, gingerol is a relative of capsaicin and piperine, the compounds that give chillis and black pepper their spicy kick.

Being an oil, it’s solubility in water is quite low. So making your own ginger oil from a fresh ginger root would require steeping the shredded root in another oil (like olive oil), probably for an hour in a pan of boiling water to increase its solubility. Once cooled, you can filter the ginger shreds from the oil through a strainer, and transfer it to a bottle for safekeeping.

Or you could buy the oil ready-made in a health shop, though this is likely to be even more concentrated, and probably intended for aromatherapy rather than contact with the skin.

And why would you bother?

Well, those who have read the post about Figging with Ginger might be curious to experience the sensation themselves. And an alternative to using a whole root is to apply some ginger oil to a sex toy like a vibe, butt plug or dildo. Which does away with the need for all that carving, and allows you to sprinkle in a few drops of ginger heat whenever you play.

Just be aware, ginger is strong. Like capsaicin high concentrations can burn you, which isn’t going to pleasant in tender intimate places. So if you want to experiment, start with miniscule amounts. And build up as your familiarity increases. I’d be interested to hear readers’ own experiences.

Better living through chemistry…