Spanking Theatre

Spanking stories for the theatre between your ears



Spanking Haiku #12: Lure

Dark things lurk

in sublime nightmares, luring

vivid imaginations

Spanking Haiku #11: Playfulness

Everybody yearns to play

Everywhere can be our secret playground

Everything can become a game

Spanking Haiku #10: True Sight

You see a secret mirror world

Of shame, pain and delightful games

Where others see innocence

Spanking Haiku #9: Keyhole

Kneeling by the keyhole

Witnessing your humiliation 

Wishing it was mine

Spanking Haiku #8: Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy’s knees

a place for littles who tease

and do as they please

Spanking Haiku #7: Portrait

Pale pert posterior

Painted patchy painful pinks

Perfectly punished

Spanking Haiku #6: Self-Discipline

Springy smacky twangy

Ruler spanks my naughty bum even

When you’re far away

Spanking Haiku #5: Perpetuity

Petrify thoughts in words

Even the most brilliant story

Dies on its last echo

Spanking Haiku #4: Princess

Cultured, high-born, yet

Even the fairest princess yearns to

Come like a filthy slut

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