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Exploring Spanking

I now have 30 ideas sketched out for the Self-Spanking Challenge.

But there’s still room for new ideas, so if you’ve a suggestion you’d like to see incorporated into the challenge, do drop me a message. A chance to ponder: what aspects of spanking would you like to explore?

Your games have inspired me to make my own. Since your stories are so long, and effective, I’ve started edging with the intention of only letting myself orgasm when I finish the story. I’ll let you know if I’m ever able to actually win my little game

That’s great! The intention of the naughty games was always to provide a playbox of kinky ideas, which readers might incorporate into their own playtimes.

Did Squirm inspire your little edging game? Are there jeopardies if you lose your self-control? A spanked bottom perhaps? Or time in tight panties, or maybe even a sit-down dance on your very own panty-pulling chair?

So if you’ve improvised a game, I’d love to hear all about it. Do submit, and you never know, your naughty ideas might inspire a thousand other eager imaginations…

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