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can you write more scenarios about wetting? having your partner spank you or restraining you in some way and forbidding you from making a mess in your panties and the consequences of that?

To those with little imagination, panties are shields of personal modesty. Little triangles of fabric that cover bodily regions our polite society has told us to regard as dirty, and must not be shown.

Readers of this blog, however, will know different.

Panties can be so many things.

They can be a means of obedience.

Or a means of control and discipline.

Or even a means of excruciating pleasure.

Or they can behaviour recording devices, collecting the evidence of their wearer’s sexual excitement throughout the day, to be examined when she returns home.

She would be expected to have her panties inspected as soon as she entered the front door, lest she be tempted to sneak off to her room to put on a clean pair.

Any failure of self-control would be immediately obvious, as a creamy mess or dried-on stains.

Her disciplinarian would have made the consequences of being found in shamefully messy panties perfectly clear.

Messy panties mean a good hard spanking, on the bare bottom.

Now, pull down your panties.

I was reading a naughty game and wondering how does one specifically keep ones bottom hole clean?

A sample procedure is explained in the Bottom Wiping post.

First, fetch a tissue, it might be a dry one, or a wet wipe, or a thick paper tissue with a squirt of lotion in it. For increased sensations from wet wipes, try putting them in the fridge first.

Perhaps the act of wiping is as simple as circling the subject’s bottom hole until it is clean and smelling fresh.

But experienced disciplinarians know that excited young ladies require more thorough wipings, as their bottoms can become messy and sticky by what leaks from their slits.

Hence it is not uncommon for a girl who is due to be spanked, to first need to be cleaned, when her panties are lowered and the creamy mess of her anticipation is revealed.

In this case, after fully removing her soiled underwear, her disciplinarian would wrap a clean tissue around their fingers, then reach between her thighs until the tissue was resting against her smooth bare mound.

They would begin to slide the tissue backwards, following the swollen folds of her slit. Its passage lubricated by her own excitement. Her arousal is obvious, but quite natural, as all girls glisten before their bottoms are smacked.

They would feel her warm dampness as their fingertips pass over her vagina, pausing and lingering, then rubbing in subtle circles to soak up her stickiness. Before letting the moist tissue slip easily down to her bottom hole, circling it several times, enough to collect any incriminating evidence. Woe betide a girl who reported for a caning with a dirty bottom.

Finally, pressing firmly, they would let the tissue glide upwards between the fissure of her buttocks, whereupon her mess would be thoroughly examined.

I do hope that answers your question.

Hi! I’ve been reading your stuff for awhile now. I was looking at the bottom wiping game and you mentioned it might precede a diapering. I was wondering if you have any games or stories about that. Gosh this is embarrassing. Thanks!

Bottom-wiping can be a very satisfying part of any spanking activities.

As those waiting for my attention are often soaking wet, what better way to start than with a cool dry tissue on the bare mound, pinching back the hood before descending the length of the slit. Linger at the entrance of the vagina, circling to collect the wetness, before proceeding to wipe the damp tissue around the bottom hole.

Dirty bottoms get lengthier, more humiliating punishments.

Wiping as she is bending over with bottom bared, waiting for her spanking can be very effective. An alternative is to have her lie on her back, lifting her legs right up to ensure everything is properly exposed.

As for stories about wiping, Abstract Art is probably the best.

I don’t think I’ve written much on diapering, but you might find some ideas in the Wet Panties games. For those who’d like to try this, you can create your own training pants by placing a small folded towel or flannel inside your panties.

Wetting incidents can then be followed up by a thorough washing, a wiping, and an inspection (see here for those with a vulva) (or here for those with a penis). You might also like to add a bottom inspection and a spanking, if additional disciplining is required.

I like to be humiliated. Everyone thinks I’m so good and sweet, but I really just need to be taken over someone’s knee and my wet pussy put on display. I’d really like someone to grab me, someone with authority, tell me that I’m just a little slut, bend me over and reveal me to everyone, then spank me. After the spanking I’d like to be held open, so everyone can see not only see my red bottom, but my dripping pussy. Have them talk about me and touch me, be released face red, everyone knowing


Everyone has secrets, even those who outwardly appear sweet and innocent; especially those people, I’d say. Because we often subvert what we might otherwise fear into our turn-ons. The prospect of public shame and humiliation can be terrifying, but that’s what gives those thoughts their immense erotic charge. Thank you for sharing.

I wonder what will be slipped into the confession box next?

Why We Pull Down Your Panties

All naughty girls know the consequences of misbehaving, even if they’re yet to actually experience it themselves.

A good hard spanking on the bare bottom.

But have you ever contemplated why we disciplinarians always pull down your panties?

One obvious reason is the highly charged erotic theatre of the undressing ritual, a simple act that can simultaneously flood a naughty girl’s mind with a heady mixture of trepidation, excitement and shame.

Some girls think their panties must come down because a spanking on bare skin hurts more. But in reality, a barrier of thin fabric rarely has much moderating effect, and could easily be negated by pulling the panties up tight to expose her buttocks anyway. So dispensing with protective cover isn’t a strong reason to pull them down at all.

A more compelling reason it is provides an opportunity for her to confirm her consent. When a disciplinarian tells her to pull down her own panties, they are offering her an option: she can acquiesce to their instructions and signal her willingness to submit to her impending punishment, or she can assert her right to say no and call a halt the scene. 

Another part of the reason is, of course, that spankers tend to find the buttocks and the intimate areas that lie within both aesthetically beautiful and sensually arousing. Even though disciplinarians often prefer to keep their appreciation to themselves, especially when needing to project a stern, austere professional demeanour. After all, a girl who reports to be spanked should be thinking about the smacks on her bottom, not how pretty it looks.

But perhaps the most important reason we pull down your panties is because it allows us to see how excited you are.

To we disciplinarians, little details matter. We notice the sticky smears inside your underwear as you slip them down your thighs, and the glistening wetness of your slit that you do your best to hide. We know arousal prior to punishment is inseparable from the act of physical discipline. It is not a mere side-effect, but something just as important as the pain you’ll soon be experiencing.

As stories like Abstract Art and Ups and Downs demonstrate, the discovery of a sticky mess in the panties of one about to be spanked speaks volumes.

A wet slit tells a disciplinarian something she dares not say aloud: that her brattiness is an act, and her protests a charade. Her arousal demonstrates that in reality, she needs this discipline. It might even reveal how much she craves it.

We disciplinarians inspect those we put across our knees to assess how much this spanking will actually hurt. We know any girl who bends over with a dripping slit will already be high on a heady cocktail of arousal hormones, her body awash with adrenaline, estradiol and oxytocin. Her spanking might still hurt, but we know it will only be a transient sting, her pain soon transmuted to a fuzzy pleasure by the endorphins it triggers.

When a girl with a wet slit is being spanked, we know it is because she needs to be spanked.

To take your spanking like a good girl, is to submit without fuss. Aroused, contrite and accepting.

But what if a girl is spanked without being aroused at all?

An unaroused girl is one who had not anticipated her spanking, one who’ll receive little satisfaction from her punishment, one who will be dismissed with a bottom that’s hot, pink and sore, uncomfortably stinging and throbbing. 

This is what happens to Bad Girls. Those who receive abrupt, sudden punishments. The ones taken unawares, whose misbehaviour results in a wrist being grasped, to be dragged over a lap or bent over in front of the class. Bad Girls are not aroused because they didn’t think their misdemeanour would ever be discovered, they believed they’d got away with it.

But now her skirt is being raised and her panties are being tugged down. True punishment spankings are always performed without delay, so the miscreant doesn’t have time to get aroused. Not for her the mercy of visiting the headmistress after school, clit hard and pussy moist after a quick rubbing in a nearby toilet cubicle. Bad Girls are spanked immediately. Their pleas ignored.

Her disciplinarian nudges a Bad Girl’s legs apart, noticing how the lips of her slit are slim and dry, not swollen and puffy. In this state, two dozen hard whacks with the cane, slipper or wooden ruler can suffice. Her arousal will come later, as she stands in the corner with her red cheeks on display, or replays her humiliation as she lies on her bed, with her fingers between her legs.

A Bad Girl rarely feels contrition, and only begins to regret her naughtiness as her bottom reddens. She resents being punished as she doesn’t really feel she’s done anything wrong. She may kick and whine and struggle and cry, but we disciplinarians already know what to expect. We have foreseen it.

Not that we needed to read your mind. A bare slit reveals everything we need to know.

And that is why we pull down your panties.

Your favourite Naughty Game?


It’s always interesting to see what fantasies and activities are most popular, so here’s all the naughty games I’ve posted, along with their likes. No surprise to see how popular Inspections for Girls has been, it now has over 900 fans…

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And new series of Naughty Games for Couples has begun, now with three activities to play:

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Do explore, and enjoy!

The master list of naughty games has been updated again, with inspections and erotic denial continuing to prove popular…

Naughty Game #21: Inspections for Boys

This is the long-awaited follow-up to Inspections for Girls! This game describes how to intimately inspect those blessed with male anatomy.

Of course, here Boy and Girl are used in the controlling sense, it should go without saying these games for consenting adults. Also bear in mind this game is not cock worship, the aim is to take charge, to inspect the masculinity of a grown man, objectify him, and (if that turns you on) to make him feel like a naughty little boy. After all, you may need to spank him when it’s over.

Like Inspections for Girls, this is a slow game of self-control, where you (or your partner) learn to appreciate yourself visually. This game may be a different kind of play to what you’re used to – the aim is not pleasure the subject. Instead the inspector should keep their touches to a minimum, and when somewhere sensitive is touched, it should be done to further the examination, rather than stimulate for pleasure. At least until ejaculation is intended.

No additional equipment is needed for this game, but a few items might come in handy:

  • a mirror (useful for self-inspections)
  • cotton buds or paintbrush (to help minimise touches, and provide unique sensations)
  • a glass of water (for dipping fingertips / buds / brushes)
  • a butt plug, for bottom stretching
  • lubricant, for deeper anal examinations or prostate massages

The inspection game can be played alone (inspecting yourself), or with a partner (one of you being inspected or both, taking it in turns).

How to Play

The aim of this game is for the observer to visually inspect the subject, (who might be the same person). If playing solo, the subject should experience minimal physical stimulation. If playing with a partner, only the inspector should be doing the touching.

The stages of this game reflect the four phases of the male sexual response:

  1. Arousal
  2. Erection
  3. Ejaculation
  4. Repose (the Refractory Period)

1 – Arousal

The game begins with not just an examination of his physical anatomy, but his arousal response, and the effect being inspected has on his body.

The game should start with the subject in an unaroused, flaccid state. Begin by having him undress completely. If his genitals are not already shaved bare, you might want to do that first.

If he’s already erect, send him to the corner to cool down, have him hold ice cubes against his groin if needs be. Always best to begin with a flaccid, compliant subject.

The inspector may like to sit comfortably, whilst the subject stands naked in front of them.

Begin by examining his penis, as you’ll want to inspect it in its flaccid state before it begins to stiffen again. Cup it in your palm and feel its weight, notice how small it seems in its natural state.

With a fingertip, trace the wrinkles of the skin, and the bulges of its veins. Feel his pulse, and the blood surging through his member, feel how it swells in response to your rubbing and stroking, how its weight increases and its shape changes.

The observer should occasionally dip their instrument of examination in
the glass of water, (whether that’s a fingertip, cotton bud or
paintbrush). This will provide the subject with different friction
sensations, from sensually moist to ticklishly dry.

Observe how it grows, how its length increases. Press it, and notice how it changes from soft and fleshy to spongy, and then eventually to firm, stiff and unyielding.

If your subject has a foreskin, examine if it retracts as the penis swells, exposing the smooth helmet-shaped glans underneath. In some men, the foreskin needs to be tugged back behind the glans before it gets too hard. Examine the smooth purple bulbous flesh, its little slit and the liquid that leaks from it.

Scrutinise the subject’s skin, how it reacts to the lightest of touches, the emergence of goosebumps, how it sweats and blushes.

2 – Erection

Once the subject’s penis is erect, the inspector can appreciate its hardness, before moving on to examine other regions of his body.

Begin with the scrotum, as it’s important that boys have regular testicular checks. Use both thumbs and index fingers to gently touch each testicle through the skin, with your remaining fingers placed behind the testicle to immobilise it. Use a gentle rubbing motion between thumb and index finger to methodically examine each one. Observe too how the once-wrinkled skin of his sac has tightened to as he has become more aroused.

Then move on to examine the perineum, the sensitive area behind the scrotum. This is a good site for stroking with a wet fingertip or cotton-bud. If the inspector is sitting, the subject should bend over, spreading his legs and splaying apart his buttocks to present himself.

This will, of course, also reveal the subject’s bottom cleft and hole, which will also need to be thoroughly inspected. This process is described in a separate post, on bottom inspections.

The powerful muscles of the abdomen, waist and thighs should also be examined, given their important role in thrusting when fucking. This is a good point to ask the subject about his sexual history, whether he has used his penis to penetrate a partner orally, vaginally or anally. Have him demonstrate how he thrusted, with your partially closed lubricated hand as the orifice. But only allow a few thrusts, some silly boys spurt far too quickly.

During the course of your inspection, have you noticed how his breathing changed? This is the effect of testosterone and adrenaline now surging through his blood. Remember that physiologically, his body is priming itself for an intense period of physical activity: the vigorous fucking of a sexually receptive human female.

If the inspector possesses a vagina, she might want to pause and appreciate the physical intent of her subject, what the animalistic side of him would do to her given half a chance. What would happen if she bent over in front of his stiff cock, with her bare pink slit invitingly exposed. The inspector might find herself wet, even if she has no intention of engaging in intercourse, as his erection triggers ancient sexual instincts deep inside her mind…

3 – Ejaculation

This stage of the inspection is optional, as some inspectors will prefer their subject to remain abstinent. But others will want to watch him ejaculate, especially if he under instructions to refrain from masturbating, and the volume of his ejaculate needs to be recorded.

The best way to collect his semen is by rolling a condom down his shaft when the visual inspection stage is finished. As the goal is collection rather than contraception, the finger of a rubber glove can also be used as a receptacle if no condoms are available. If the quantity of semen is being recorded, weigh the condom or glove on cooking scales before and after collection.

There are two main ways to induce ejaculation, manual stimulation of the penis, or anal stimulation of the prostate. The former simply requires rubbing the tip of his penis, as you tell him to be a good boy and come for you.

The prostate massage is more intense, and potentially more humiliating. A latex glove can be worn on one hand, or the middle fingers covered in by condom, which once lubricated, can be slowly worked into the anus. The palm should be facing the same direction as the subject’s penis. Continue to push deeper, withdrawing fingers if necessary to apply additional lubrication. Meticulous inspectors might first try penetrating with an anal dildo or butt plug to stretch his bottom hole wider.

Continue probing until the middle finger has penetrated to its maximum extent, then curl the fingertip towards the subject’s tummy. You might feel a bulge in the wall of his rectum, tell him to say when he feels you might have found it, then keep stroking with a beckoning motion until he spurts. Prostate massages can also be performed over the inspector’s lap, in the pauses between having his bare bottom spanked.

4 – Repose

If the subject is allowed to ejaculate, the final stage of the inspection is like the first, but in reverse.

Notice how sensitive his penis is after coming. In fact, the skin of males is highly sensitised just after orgasm, and their minds at the most compliant. A secret known by governesses who knew the moments after ejaculation provided the very best time to deliver a well-smacked bottom. Many naughty boys have writhed across their mistresses’ laps, as they’re spanked until they spurt. But such lack of self-control only prolongs their ordeal, their cocks still dripping onto the towel beneath them as their punishment continues.

See how his skin reacts when you tickle and stroke, the goosebumps, the sheen of his sweat and pinkness of where he flushes.

Observe how his penis begins to wilt and soften. Hold it in your hand, and feel how the stiffness becomes spongy, then fleshy, pliable and soft. Cup it in your palm and feel its weight diminish, as if it it’s vanishing before your eyes. Here some might like to tease their subject, pointing out his abrupt loss of virility, and how he now seems to have the willy of a little boy again.

Ideas for Inspection Roleplay

Inspections can be incorporated into lots of erotic roleplaying scenarios. The inspector simply needs to tell the subject why they need to be inspected, and to instruct them to undress. Once the scene is set, the inspector can improvise the rest.

He might be a slave being inspected before purchase by a new Roman master. Or a captive examined by a pirate captain, or a eunuch being admitted into the Sultan’s harem. Or a naughty schoolboy who’s just had his shorts pulled down prior to a spanking.

Where he is playing a captive, like in a prison strip search, he might also be bound or cuffed. Or the inspection might be more informal, like a visit to a doctor or the school nurse. In these scenarios the one inspecting should take special care not to pleasure their subject, and economise their touches like a medical professional, so they leave the subject aching to be rubbed.

Engage your imaginations, and have fun!

What punishment would you give a girl who’s on no touch and just played and came next to her sleeping master while reading your blog?

First, a naughty girl who breaks a rule so brazenly should humbly present herself for inspection, and confess her indiscretions as her disciplinarian examines the scene of the crime.

Such a naughty girl could then expect to have her pussy spanked. Strict, firm smacks on the places she couldn’t wait to touch.

Any girl touching herself so wantonly might also expect to be put into a punishment girdle, so the smacks can continue in the sensitive places right between her legs.

The spanking should continue to her bottom, until her seat is hot and pink.

Then there is the sin of masturbating without permission to consider. That deserves a sterner punishment, such as a trip to the panty-pulling chair.

The chair should be placed before a screen. So as she dangles with her hands tied behind her back, her tight panties burning between her slit, her disciplinarian can play a series of videos of good girls masturbating to wet, messy, deliriously noisy climaxes.

And then, when she’s eventually released, she can be put in a chastity belt, until her disciplinarian is satisfied that her self-control can be trusted again.

I hope that answers your question, dear reader.

I’m afraid I’m very strict.

I’ve tried panty pulling multiple times but I can’t seem to find a good way to get that telltale stripe between my legs. Attaching my panties to something for long periods of time isn’t an option for me right now since I still live with family. Do you have any tips that could help me get a good stripe? My dominant needs proof that I’ve thoroughly punished myself

Sometimes, as you’re discovering, it can be very challenging to get a good picture of the stripe between your legs. I would hope your dom appreciates this, and knows you’re trying your best. Don’t feel pressured into doing anything, he needs to understand your real-life constraints.

Panty-pulling can be a way of experimenting with erotic pain when actually spanking yourself isn’t practical. If you can’t attach your panties to a chair, you can try tying them to your bedframe, and lie down under your covers.

If you have a very stretchy pair of panties, and can pull them up to the level of your shoulder blades, you might be able to pass your bra straps through your underwear and clip them together.

Or, if your panties don’t stretch that far, tug them up and loop a belt through the leg holes at the back. Then close the belt so you’re wearing it above your hips, then put on another layer of clothes on top of it so it’s not visible to others. This way you can wear your panties pulled tight underneath your clothes for an extended period of time. The longer they’re tight, the sorer and more obvious your stripe will be.

I’ve written another post with tips on how to take better pictures. Where the top advice is use mirrors to obtain better angles, and use the strongest source of illumination you can find, daylight being by far the best.

Take your time experimenting, and don’t allow yourself to feel pressured by others. Remember, all this is play, if it stops being fun, you should stop completely. You can always start again when your domestic circumstances are more conducive, and you have more privacy.

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