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Reading in the Dark

Not long until my new Halloween story is posted. The finished story is 9300 words, so if you read it slowly, it might take about half an hour. Which provides plenty of time to make an event out of it.

Perhaps you’ll imagine
you’re held captive in a dungeon. You can create your own chains by tying a wrist, a collar or even your panties
to the frame of your bed. Or tie your ankles to the front
legs of a chair to hold your legs open. Then turn off the light and read the story illuminated by just your

Or maybe you’re lucky enough to have someone to put you to bed, and to read you the story by candlelight.
These days the reader doesn’t even need to be in the same location as you, they can read
it over a video chat. If they’re nearby, it means reassuring hugs,
rubs and cuddles during the scary bits.

be sure to ask for your storyteller’s permission before touching
yourself, or your might find yourself pulled out of bed for a spanking,
before being made to stand in the corner with a sore bum in the dark…

Hello, new follower here! I discovered you 3 days ago while scrolling for erotica writings to read as I’ve been venturing myself to the world. I must say I am deeply in awe at your beautiful writings and. In the beginning, I felt shy and afraid of reading your pieces and scrutinized the art of spanking because I simply couldn’t understand it. However, now I am deeply fascinated by it and have been reading your pieces non stop. It fufills my inner desires and I just want to give you my gratitude!

I’m delighted to hear you’ve made such a rewarding discovery, dear reader.

I’ve always felt the written word has the unique ability to satisfy the imaginative, whereas visual pornography can only temporarily gratify its viewers.

So I welcome those who’ve happen to chance upon this little realm of words. Like intrepid wanderers amid a cosmopolitan city’s twisty back-alleys, stumbling out of the rain and into a curious little bookshop. How exciting to realise every tome upon the heaving shelves concerns the fine art of spanking. And somehow, you find the subject unexpectedly fascinating.

Because spanking is more than just the act of smacking the buttocks. It is act of erotic theatre, of power and obedience, rules and rebellion. An expression of desires and forces at the very heart of human nature.

Do enjoy your explorations of this brave, exciting new world.

Just Words

A well-read girl

Needs no pictures

Just a beautiful mind

A coy and subtle intelligence

Can conjure forth the filthiest treats

Come hither reader

Stoke your feverish fantasies

Stroke the page

Animate those words

And make them real

a good hot story


This morning, for the first time in ages, I masturbated to fiction.

Specifically, this piece by a longtime favorite, @spankingtheatre: Pride and Obedience. This story has everything that I sought in erotic fiction back when I discovered it as a teenager: spanking (duh), training, discipline, humiliation, and it takes place in regency England, which is always a bonus. I don’t know why historical fiction gets me going more than other types of erotica, but I’m not complaining.

I forgot what it was like to get caught up in erotica so gripping and arousing that I just can’t tear my eyes away. As I read, I could feel myself throbbing hard, could feel my pussy swelling and spreading. It was a slow burn, and that’s the best kind of burn because the relief of putting that fire out is nothing short of euphoric. Reading this made me feel nostalgic for being eighteen or nineteen and hungrily devouring whatever spanking-related story I could find on the internet before getting under the covers and furiously rubbing one out. 

It’s nice to know that a good story can still do that for me. That I can still get sucked into worlds in which unruly young women are sent to strict, cane-friendly boarding schools, or are married off to no-nonsense men who believe wives should obey their husbands lest they get spanked. Stories like that taught me who I am and what I need.

Side note: I showed the above story to BB and he said we should make a stool like the one pictured. Maybe it’ll be something I’ll have to sit very still on as punishment. I don’t know what I get myself into sometimes.

Except, I do.

I guess I can thank a good, hot story for that, too.

Thank you @crimson-uncovered, for this lovely reminder of the magic of the written word.

Through fiction’s enchantment, one can read a story and see extraordinary new
sights in our mind’s eye. Those who’ve read Pride and Obedience will have witnessed the scene in the parlour, as vividly as if they’d been lurking unseen behind the curtains. These are gifts of
imagination, new treats to add to your own private collection, to be safety retained in your most secure and private
repository, the one between your ears.

For we writers, the imagining is even more vivid. An idea tumbling from the fiery forge is when
it’s at its most intense. We witness the brilliance of an idea’s
initial glow, something we can never quite express to you in words, no
matter how articulate and loquacious we might be. We have the honour of
fashioning ideas to our whim, thrilling in a shower of sparks as we
hammer our stories into shape. Oh the details I have seen, dear reader. I wish you could have seen them too. It was like walking in a lucid dream.

Immersive stories reward those who return to read them, each
visit reinforcing and refining your imagined world. As Picasso once
said, everything you can imagine becomes real.

Yet whereas erotic videos come fully rendered, with little room for your
imagination, the cinema between your ears has infinite scope. A
limitless special effects budget, your favourite actors, your pick of
the world’s locations, and you in the director’s chair. All you need is a
screenplay – and that’s where we writers come in.

better, the scenes you add to your erotic lexicon can be acted out,
either by yourself or with your partner. Each scene can become a
playground, with endless opportunities for improvisation. How will you
interpret that lifted skirt or passionate kiss, that lingering bottom
inspection or that thorough spanking? You might even find reading it written down helps overcome the awkwardness of erotic experimentation. After
all, it was the story that made me do it.

So, Crimson’s partner is absolutely right, you definitely should be creating your own obedience stool.

And continuing the adventure this story has started…

Reading Magic

Magic spells

Buzzing brain

Tingling slit

A messy stain

Racing heart as nipples stiffen

Greedily consuming what was written

Little gasps as pupils widen

Rubbing and plunging

Fingers conjuring

A breathlessly



The Masturbation Serendipity Challenge

Here’s a little game for those who like to play.

Click on this link:

It will take you to a randomly chosen post on this site.

Read whatever post is suggested, then visit the same link again (or click on the “SERENDIPITY” menu option at the top of the page).

The rules are simple. If you find the post arousing, you may play with yourself. Perhaps you’ll be sitting on a dildo or a plug, riding slowly up and down with every sentence you consume. Maybe you’ll give your own bottom a spank.

If you finish reading or it’s not hot, click on the link again to get a new post.

Now, here’s the question:

How many clicks until you come?

Feel free to reply/reblog and add your answer (better still, why not also mention the post that finally helped push you over the edge).

Have fun!

I want your beautiful mind

Your coy and subtle intelligence

Your filthy imagination filled

Feverish with fantasies

Come hither reader

Stroke the page

Conjure the words and make them real

Bedtime stories

What’s the hottest thing you can do with a partner without taking your clothes off?

Read them a story.

Reading erotic stories doesn’t have to be a solitary pursuit. Choose one that excites you, and just start reading it aloud.

It might be you’ve never considered the erotic power of just your voice, and your partner’s imagination. But you should.

Invite your partner to lie back and listen, and begin reading – and slowly you’ll start to paint vivid pictures in their mind. Better yet, bind and blindfold them, then they’ll truly be at the mercy of your voice, forced to listen helplessly to your devilishly arousing words…

If your partner likes being a little, put them to bed. Watch them putting on their pajamas or nightie, then tuck them into bed. Sit close beside them, and read them a story. Let them close their eyes and drift into dreamland. Perhaps you’ll let them fiddle under the covers. Perhaps you won’t.

Or imagine you’re sitting on your sofa, a perfect opportunity to put your lover over your knee, and read from a phone or tablet resting on their back. Every now and then, as you pause to stroke the screen to move to the next page, you follow it up with a corresponding stroke between their legs.

You unwind the story into their ear, rubbing and patting their bottom as an inevitable spanking approaches. What happens next has already been written, frozen into words many months ago – years even – yet the listener must wait, as the storyteller brings the moment of their discipline closer, word by word, sentence by sentence.

Suddenly, a story shared becomes a playground, with endless opportunities for improvisation. How will the storyteller interpret that lifted skirt or that passionate kiss, or that lingering touch? You might even find it helps overcome the awkwardness of erotic experimentation. After all, it was just the story that made me do it.

If you want more bedtime stories, perhaps it’s time to start dropping hints. Share stories you love with your lover, just a simple comment at the end should do it…

Bedtime story? xxx

I love your stories mister, sometimes I get lost while reading them. I’ve imagined me being the main character anxiously waiting for spanking or waiting in bed my clit trobbing waiting for my governess to get me after my night of soaking wet panties.

For a writer, there’s no greater praise than hearing of a reader getting lost in a story.

What an age of wonder we inhabit. One where our words can effortlessly
travel across our planet, falling into the eyes of myriad readers,
conjuring into being unique new worlds in each receptive imagination, as
if by magic.

What power there is in words when they are capable of transporting your consciousness into another character’s mind. As if you were donning an enchanted mask, granting you the power to momentarily experience reality through another’s eyes.

The characters in my stories are not contrivances. They are meticulously crafted as vessels for readers’ imaginations to inhabit, virtual costumes to dress up and role-play in. As those who’ve read the Beginner’s Guide to Self-Spanking will surely now understand…

I write because participating in this sorcery is its own
reward. I consider myself immensely privileged to be able to conjure intimate images inside the minds of people I may never meet.

So consider what I write my gift.

From my imagination, to yours.

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