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Today is Love Our Lurkers Day!

To all those peeping through the keyhole, welcome!

I hope you find things here that inspire and arouse.

Don’t forget, you’re always welcome to say hello.

To leave a comment, or tell me what inspires you.

Those too shy are very welcome to continue their surreptitious peeping.

I do hope you continue to enjoy what you see…

Peeping through the keyhole

If you’ve read a spanking blog today you may know it’s Love Our Lurkers Day, an annual celebration by blog authors of all our silent visitors!

Of course, when it comes to spanking, there’s nothing wrong with staying quiet and peeping through the keyhole. But blogs are a unique medium because they offer readers the opportunity to talk back, imagine a book that could do that!

However, most readers prefer not to – they prefer to ‘lurk’, silently and unseen. But that’s ok. We authors know you’re secretly fascinated by the same kinky subjects as us, and it can be daunting to knock a stranger’s door. 

Hence once a year is Love Our Lurkers Day, a day to encourage lurking readers to say hello and break their silence. You may be shy, nervous, or just never thought of a blog as an interactive medium before. It doesn’t matter, all are welcome to scribble a message, you can even do it anonymously.

Why should you? Put simply, we authors are curious about you. We’re curious about what you like reading, what excites you, what makes you cringe, and the answers to a dozen other questions we’ve never even thought of.

Of course, anyone is welcome to get in touch on any day of the year, but today is my chance to say, thanks for giving me the honour and satisfaction of painting pictures in your imagination. I love you all!

And if you’d like to say something in return, either anonymously or using a pseudonym, you are very welcome to enter a comment in the fields below. Or if you’d prefer not to say it in public, say it here!

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