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Election Day


I always vote.

When duty calls, I never decline.

But how naughty it felt to cross the threshold of the polling station, smuggling such a sordid item into this most sacred space. This church hall. This temporary temple of democracy.

And then to stand in the short queue I as waited to confirm my name. The clerk said it out loud, as if he knew exactly who I was. Even though he couldn’t have known what I was hiding, he made me feel notorious.

I flirtatiously fiddle with the hem of my skirt, and coyly accept the ballot paper he hands to me. I let it flap in my hand like a suitor’s handkerchief.

He points towards the row of booths against the wall, their cheap curtains limp like an ersatz peep show. I saunter towards them, sashaying conspicuously, a walking blasphemy along the line of pews.

I choose the empty booth in the corner, and pull the curtain fully closed behind me. Just me and my sacred ballot, hidden from any eyes that might pry.

The booth has a little low table to write on, conveniently about waist height, I set my phone down, aiming its camera towards me, and press its screen to start recording. There had been a sign on the wall as I entered: No Photography. But what goes on in the sanctity of the voting booth is none of their business. And I don’t keep secrets from Sir.

I lift my skirt.

Oh Sir. I’m so sorry.

In my haste to do my democratic duty, I must have completely forgotten to put on any underwear…

I spin around and lift my skirt again.

Spreading my legs so there can be no doubt.

In this dim alcove I wonder if there’s enough light to allow it to sparkle.

Oh Sir. How naughty of me! 

To go out to vote wearing my princess plug…

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British readers, use your vote!

Voting Tory is very naughty! So I hope you’ll all be good and vote to stop Boris and save the country from the catastrophe of Brexit on Thursday!

Hello, I’ve been having some problems lately and was wondering if maybe you could give me some advice. I have a fantastic disciplinarian (long distance, unfortunately) and when she allows me to masturbate she gives me a number of times that I’m supposed to finish. Usually 2 or 3. But lately I haven’t even been able to manage one. I’ve told Miss and she’s been so understanding, but even when I’m in the mood I just can’t there for some reason. Any ideas on what I can do to be a good girl for her?

My suggestion is that you ask Miss to be very strict, and impose a period of abstinence, when you won’t be allowed to touch yourself at all. Perhaps a fortnight is a good start.

During this week you will be expected to keep your mound and slit shaved bare, smooth and sensitive. You will not be allowed to edge, or in any way physically pleasure yourself.

For accountability, you can maintain a document in something like Google Docs, and share it with Miss. Every night before bed, write a new paragraph that states whether you obeyed the rules of your punishment during the last 24 hours, and refrained from touching yourself.

Then when you talk to Miss, you can describe how you’re finding your experience of abstinence, and thank her for being so strict with you.

It won’t take long before you’re aching to touch, and yearning for her permission to do so. Like the proverb says, abstinence makes the heart grow fonder.

And then, when she finally grants it, I don’t think you’ll have any problems climaxing…

My confession is that I’ve discovered a wonderful way to please myself in the shower. The handheld sprayer pointed directly at my spread lips works wonders and is a fun way to play with temperature as well. It’s so easy to edge myself to climax. It also makes for easy cleanup so no one discovers my dirty little secret…

Indeed, the shower-head is another everyday item with secret erotic connotations for many. 

The sensations on highly sensitised skin, particularly after slit and mound have been meticulously shaved, are quite delightful.

Then there’s the thrilling jeopardy of playing outside the bedroom, masturbating illicitly, whilst you should really be getting washed.

Playing with the temperature dial, slowly numbing your clit with cooling water, until you’re desperate to reawaken it with a jet of hot indulgent torrents. And then dialing down before you get too close, and then doing it all again.

You’re quite aware that your deceit deserves a well-smacked bottom.

You deserve to be spanked whilst still dripping wet, knowing that a wet-bottom spanking is always twice as sore.

But that only makes you push the shower-head closer…

any tips on first time self spanking??? I feel so awkward any time I try that I end up just quitting because I feel dumb, without any spanking even taking place, and also frustrated.

You’re not alone, I hear of this awkwardness regularly.

My top tip is to think of self-spanking as just another kind of masturbation, but with smacks rather than strokes. That means engaging your main sexual organ (the one between your ears), and getting into the right mood before a single smack lands on your cheeks.

Ask yourself:

  • Why are you being spanked?
  • What’s the fantasy you’re imagining yourself part of?
  • Who are you imagining spanking you?

Hear their voice in your mind. Imagine them telling you to pull down your panties.

The activities listed within the Guide to Self Spanking are intended to help readers construct and explore their own fantasies. Get good at that first, practice bending over, touching your toes or across a chair, or lying on your bed with a pile of pillows beneath your hips.

Before a self-spanking, boys should be hard, and girls soaking wet. If you’re not sufficiently aroused, you have more imagining to do. Read a story if you need to, that’s what they’re intended for.

Then, slowly, you can begin to add actual spanks to your fantasy. If you’re struggling to take the initiative, many have found the approach described in The Proper Way to Watch a Spanking Video very helpful. Namely, when someone on screen gets spanked, you get spanked too.

Self-spanking isn’t just about smacking your own bottom, it’s about creating your own immersive fantasies, with you safely in control. Do it right, and you’ll find you don’t even have to smack that hard.

Remember, the buttocks only appear to feel a spanking, where it’s really experienced is inside your head…

I have never been able to achieve orgasm and i have tried many different methods including penetration and different types of stimulation. Is there any way you could help or give advice?

My advice would be focus on what brings you pleasure, and don’t worry if that ultimately results in an orgasm.

After all, there are many people, both men and women, who prefer not to climax. Those who equate pleasure with orgasms might find this strange, but such individuals prefer to edge themselves, to enjoy the slow gradual build-up of pleasure, rather than the climactic surge at the end.

Edging allows pleasure to be prolonged, sometimes all day. Without any of the neurochemical crashes that sometimes follow orgasms.

If the concept of edging and denial is news to you, read up on the following links, and then start doing some googling:

A good rule for life is: what you can’t fix, you should feature. If you find orgasms are difficult to accomplish, concentrate on what does bring you pleasure. You could master the activity of erotic edging. You could chase ever greater intensities of arousal, without ever having to back off to stop yourself from coming. Those who enjoy edging and erotic denial would envy your ability.

And if you’re reading this blog, I assume you have some interest in spanking, an activity that involves very different physical sensations to genital orgasms. Explore the self-spanking games listed in this post, and perhaps you’ll discover a new type of masturbation, where a climax is not the ultimate objective.

I wish you tremendous satisfaction in your quest.

Treasure Hunt is definitely my favorite so far. It makes me feel so good inside and at the same time so sweet. You write so beautifully and I want to give you the highest of praises!! Um. There is something I need to ask though. I’ve never actually pleasured myself and am afraid to do so. I’ve only ever felt aroused through reading. I guess I just feel shy to do so and never really knew the basics. What do you think about it? Have a nice day!!

I think that sounds perfectly reasonable.

According to the most recent studies, 97% of men and 80% of women have masturbated at some point in their lives. That means anyone who hasn’t pleasured themselves is likely to be in the minority, but not freakishly unusual. 

There are many good reasons for not masturbating, some will refrain due to religious or cultural beliefs. A big factor is often privacy, especially those in small, crowded households where bedrooms are shared. Some just haven’t found what they really find arousing yet, and that’s perfectly natural too. Everyone is aroused by different things, some have very particular fetishes and fantasies. That’s what makes human sexuality so varied and fascinating.

So, take your time as you explore not only the full surface area of your own body, but also the fantasy worlds conjured by your own imagination.

You, and your desires, are unique.

And that is something to be cherished.


Every Princess deserves her own Throne.

Here’s how to create one of your own…

Hey, do you have any pussy spanking game? I’ll love to play something like that!!!

There are actually several pussy spanking games here…

Imagine you’ve been sent to detention in a school where teachers are
no longer permitted to spank students, who must instead spank themselves
between their legs. Imagine what it would feel like to arrive at
detention and see a wooden ruler on the desk in front of you, knowing
what you had to do next.

Or maybe your pussy is being spanked because you’ve been caught masturbating. But first there’s the ritual of being shaved completely bare, before you are thoroughly inspected and wiped.

If you like those kind of fantasies, you might like to try the instructions in the original Pussy Spanking post.

Or perhaps you’d like to try something more adventurous, and make your own Punishment Girdle. They can be worn secretly underneath clothes, for surreptitious spanking delights.

You could even try some of the self-spanking games – but spank your pussy instead of smacking your bottom. You’ll find there’s lots of transferable ideas for roleplaying and various spanking activities in those posts.

Have fun!

Naughty Game #22: Bottom Wiping

Previous naughty games are here.

Just imagine: you’ve been bent over by your disciplinarian. Perhaps over their knee, or made to touch your toes. Your skirt has been flipped up, and your panties slowly lowered. Soon, you know you will be spanked, but first, there are other humiliations to endure.

A series of slaps to your inner thighs remind you to spread your legs, to expose your most intimate places to their inspection.

“Are you clean for me?” you’re asked.

Well, are you?

How to Play

This game encourages the exploration of an often-neglected disciplinary
activity, the wiping of a sub’s bottom with a tissue. This can be a solo
activity, where the player wipes themselves, or performed by a partner.

For those playing solo, bottom wiping can be performed before, during or after you masturbate. Begin by imagining your scenario, perhaps you’ve been sent to see the headmaster, or Daddy is going to be up soon to give you a bedtime spanking. So you stop off in the bathroom, to rub your soon to be sore bottom. Knowing you’ll be inspected too, you run a tissue between your cheeks, knowing that’s what your disciplinarian is going to do.

Will your wiping start beneath your vagina, your fingers rubbing the tissue around your bottom hole? Or will you place the tissue on your mound, so you can wipe down the full length of your wet and tingly slit? How good it feels. You want to dry yourself, so your spanker doesn’t how aroused you’ve become, but the wiping never seems to soak up your juices, if anything such intimate stroking only seems to make you seep even more.

Perhaps you won’t be able to control yourself, and you’ll masturbate to climax in the bathroom, trying to rub your juices away.

Or maybe you’ll be good, and report to be disciplined with a nice clean hole.

Now you can imagine how your disciplinarian will undress and inspect you, how they’ll spread your legs spread wide, so a thorough examination may begin.

Fetch a tissue, it might be a dry one, or a wet wipe, or a thick paper tissue with a squirt of lotion in it. For increased sensations from wet wipes, try putting them in the fridge first.

Let the tissue cover fully your fingers, so they reach between your thighs until the tissue is resting against your bare mound. Imagine your disciplinarian with your hand between your legs like that, as you’re bent over their lap, or over a table.

Perhaps school rules are very clear on personal grooming, a smooth bare slit at all times, otherwise it’s a return visit for another spanking after an appointment with the school nurse’s razor. Does the tissue glide easily across your smooth skin, without prickling?

Let your fingers curl, cupping the tissue snugly against your crotch.

Imagine what your disciplinarian would be telling you:

“Before the cane, all naughty girls must have their bottoms wiped.”

“I hope you’ve kept yourself clean, young lady, there’s no excuse for poor hygiene.”

Begin to slide the tissue backwards, following the swollen folds of your slit. Its passage lubricated by your own excitement. Your arousal is obvious, but quite natural, all girls glisten before their bottoms are smacked.

Feel the warm dampness as your fingertips pass over your vagina, pause and linger, rub in subtle circles, collect your slick stickiness.

Now let the moist tissue slip easily down to your bottom hole. Circle it several times, enough to collect any incriminating evidence. Woe betide a girl who reported for a caning with a dirty bottom.

Finally, pressing firmly, let the tissue glide upwards between the fissure of your buttocks.

Imagine how your face would flush hot and pink, as your disciplinarian raises the tissue to their nose to sniff and examine it, before asking provocatively:

“Have you been clean for me?”

Well, have you?

Perhaps, before you’re spanked, you’ll need to wiped again.

Other Bottom Wiping Ideas

Try performing a bottom-wiping as a pre-masturbation ritual. If it’s dirty, you only get to edge, not climax. Or as a post-orgasm ritual, as you clean yourself up.

Perform a bottom-wiping before every self-spanking, imagine ways you might incorporate the activity into your fantasy. Perhaps the box of tissues used to wipe your bottom is kept on your disciplinarian’s desk, to wipe away naughty girls’ sobbing tears.

Instead of wiping, place a tissue in the gusset of your panties, and imagine it’s examined by someone strict at the end of the day.

Perform a bottom wiping with a white flannel after showering or bathing. This might be prelude to a diapering or a strip search.

Perform a thorough bottom wiping after you visit the toilet to pee. One long stroke, from the hood of your clit to bottom hole. One only, mind you, or you’ll need to be punished for masturbating in the bathroom.

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