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The Ritual

My phone lit up, a message flashed across the screen:

I grant you permission to perform the dildo ritual to orgasm.

My heart skipped a beat, and I felt an immediate heat flood my face…and other secret places. I cursed myself for having dinner plans, but knew that the waiting can be delicious, too.

I sat through dinner with a friend, catching up and eating takeout. We chatted about our jobs, our friends, enjoying each others company. But all the while, I was painfully aware of the soaking patch between my legs, the knowledge of what I was going to do as soon as he left. After a week of temptation and denial, of aching to touch, of bare lips and the provocative messages I’ve been trading with you, I was ready to beg for it.

It turned me on more to know that I had earned it, that my smart, eloquent new aquaintance was thoughtful enough to reward my restraint and patience. I wondered if you fell asleep, oceans away, thinking of me doing the naughtiest things, stretching my tight wet cunt alone in my bedroom.

When I was finally alone, I hurried upstairs. Behind my closed door, I bent over as I slowly, luxuriously pulled my panties and leggings down and surprised myself with a reflexive moan. You’ve had quite the influence on me, it seems. I paused a moment and breathed, bent over and exposed, enjoying the sensation.

I stripped down and stepped into my shower, letting the hot water wash the day away. I felt my body finally relax under the heat as I scrubbed down. I found myself wet, and wanting, as I applied shaving foam to my mound and lips, running my razor across my sensitive skin to shear myself bare once again. A little ritual to prepare myself for the night’s coming ordeal.

As I bent down to rinse off, I felt my bottom cheeks part and the hot water run between them, over my bottom hole. Enjoying it, I shifted my hips so the stream flowed over my freshly shaven cunt, sighing appreciatevely. I imagined your warm fingers, stroking me as I bent over for you, mewling in gratitude. I imgained your cock, rubbing just on the outside, just enough to part my lips. It was so hard not to touch myself, put naughty fingers in my little slit and rub myself to oblivion. But no, that wasn’t on the menu that evening. I was looking forward to a much heartier meal.

With a sigh, I stepped out, dried off and closed myself in my bedroom once more. I lit a few candles and turned out the lights. Placing my favorite dildo on a base on the floor, I pulled up a drumming playlist and knelt over the waiting member, its head just brushing my already seeping entrance.

I closed my eyes and imagined myself in the woods, in an overgrown ancient temple, taking part in an old and nameless pagan ritual. Naked in the dark, the flame before me, the sound of droning chants. The imaginary world unfurled around me, filling my senses; the smell of the bonfire, the rustling of branches overhead, the night sky above me. I let the beat carry me, swaying a little. I imagined you standing behind me, in nothing but a deerskin and a crown of antlers, reminiscent of Cernunnos, a leather strap in your hand. I leaned forward as I imagined you reaching back, and suddenly swinging the strap once, twice, in time to the slow beat as I knelt, helpless, transfixed.

My legs started the ache, and shake. I felt the drums driving me, as though the act of plunging myself upon the phallus beneath me would crack open the door between the mundane and the ephemeral, to see something Beyond. There was an immense sense of waiting, as though I were being watched, a ritual sacrifice of an uniquely sensual variety.

They were waiting for me, for me to give in. To open the door.

I rubbed my cunt over the tip of the protrusion, wetting it with my lips, feeling it part me, prod my entrance.

My legs weakened, my knees began to spread apart. I felt the tip push just inside my opening, stretching me. I rocked, panting. The drums egged me on, I felt my clit throb. My hips flexed forward, my head tilted back, rolling side to side, almost dizzy. I felt my cunt twitch, once, twice, dribbling my excitement onto the proud erection beneath me.

I felt myself breaking, swept up in the ceaseless drone and drums. I knew I couldn’t take any more, and finally drove myself down onto the upright cock with a groan of exctasy, pushing my bottom out and feeling it slide and press against my secret places, filling me almost painfully, slick with my juices, my cunt unused to being filled. I squeezed my walls against it hungrily as the wave of pleasure ripped through my muscles from my feet to my head, arching my back in an instinctual, unstoppable lordosis.

I leaned forward, began to raise and lower my hips, gasping, stopping sometimes to circle my hips with the full length of it inside me, hearing the obscene squelch of my juices and my puffy lips, and no longer caring. All I could hear was the drums, the rising chants, whoosh and crackle of the bonfire’s blaze, the crack of the strap against my spread cheeks.

I thrusted faster, harder, the need inside me growing. I felt my nipples, so hard as my breasts moved to the rhythm while I bounced, as I became hyperaware of the sensations rippling through my whole being. I spread my knees wider, to take the cock deeper inside me, arching my back and thrusting my soft buttocks out, supplicating, asking for more. I imagined my bottom reddening, crying out with each stroke of the strap, driving me on. On and on I rode, my hips stretching and knees sore, my frantic panting parching my throat, the drums never stopping, echoing the pounding of my heart.

I was fucking myself on the floor, rutting like savage, stripped raw and bare before the Gods. My orgasm approached, a final and ultimate offering. I ground and ground, imagined your tongue between my lips, imagined your cock inside me, imagined you castigating me. My thighs and bottom flexed over and over as I submitted to it, I knew I was going to come all over this thick cock, mouth open, groaning and eyes rolled back with total, animalistic abandon. I drove myself over the edge with my fingers on my clit, slamming myself down while spread wide, moaning aloud as my cunt rhythmically spasmed around the cock, drooling juices on the the base and floor.

Exhausted, I leaned forward and collapsed on the floor, panting and murmuring thanks, prone as if in prayer, in submission to the experience, to whatever Gods may have been watching.

To perform this ritual on your own, please head over to @spankingtheatre and read his excellent tale of Lupercalia, a personal favorite of mine and many others.

What a wonderfully evocative description of the Dildo Ritual game!

I hope this adventurous reader’s thrilling write-up might encourage other curious readers to set up their own dildo and experience the ritual pleasure of Lupercalia for themselves…

I just wanted to thank you. I’ve been reading your stories for a while, but I finally tried out one of your games and it was… everything I’d hoped and more. I spent all day anticipating getting to play another!

I’m delighted to hear it!

The naughty games are a wonderful opportunity to make your favourite fantasies more interactive. Ideas for making your playtime more than just physical stimulation.

Likewise the self-spanking challenges provide a thrilling way to make your spanking fantasies more tangible.

And once you’ve got a taste for one, you might find yourself hungry to try them all…

Naughty Game #24: Fan Fiction

The full list of naughty games can be found here.

This is a game for long hot summers, for the languid days when the sticky heat saps your strength, and the humid sweaty nights when all you can do is lie naked on top of your bedsheets.

And all you need for relief is an electric fan, a cloth or flannel, and a bowl of cold water.

And your choice of erotic fiction, of course.



How to Play

Begin by undressing completely. This is a game that is even better if you’re shaved bare and smooth too.

Position your fan so you can kneel comfortably on your bed, with your legs open, and your head down. Turn your fan on, and you should feel a cool breeze against your buttocks as you bend over. 

Don’t place your fan too close to the vagina. The aim is to allow the air to blow over the skin, not to be forced internally, which can be uncomfortable and hazardous.

Now you can dip your cloth or towel into your bowl of cold water, and use it to wet yourself between your legs. Try just wetting small regions first, like your mound or parts of your bottom cheeks. Your breasts and nipples are also an excellent site to moisten. 

The cool water might initially feel alarmingly cold, but this will soon give way to a pleasant tingling.

Now you can bend over and feel the draught of the fan blowing between your legs. As the water you’ve applied to your skin evaporates, it will rapidly cool, making it exquisitely sensitive.  

Now, begin reading your chosen story. 

Try controlling the sensations you experience as you read, in passages that you find exciting, wiggle your hips, so you change where the breeze is focused. 

Perhaps you’re imagining a lover standing behind you, tugging your bottom open, so you feel their breath tickling your sensitive folds. Or perhaps the draught is caused by a teacher lifting your skirt and exposing you for the class to see.

Or if you feel you’re getting too close to coming and need to reduce the sensations, try closing your legs or lying prone on your bed for a few minutes.

As you read, you’ll notice the dampness you applied using the cloth is replaced by your own kind of wetness. And that the wetter you get, the better it feels. 

Perhaps the story features a licking, and by wiggling your hips you can choose where your lover’s tongue strokes you. Or perhaps it features a spanking, and you spank yourself so the heat of the smacking blends with the cool stimulation of the fan’s breeze.

Wetting your bottom hole can provide an even more intense sensation, especially if you hold your cheeks apart and imagine being subject to a thorough bottom inspection

Don’t forget to read as you enjoy the breeze. You will create a much more powerful experience if you engage your imagination. A breeze blowing across your naked skin is pleasant, but it is imagining that it is so much more that will really make this an exceptional experience. 



Ideas and Variations

Rather than bending over, an alternative position to adopt is lying on your back. Try adjusting your hips (with a pillow beneath you if necessary) so the breeze of your fan blows across your bare mound and over your breasts, rather than against your vulva. 

If lying back, you can either spread your legs with your feet on your bed, or raise your legs so your feet are by your shoulders. The latter allows the breeze to tingle both the slit and the bottom hole, and makes an excellent position for passages of stories describing thorough inspections.

An alternative to undressing and wetting your skin, is to instead wear wet clothes. A bikini or swimsuit is perfect, and can be quickly soaked by standing in the shower before you play. When wearing a bikini, the cooling effect of the fan will be greatest where you are most sensitive – around your bust and your waist.

Clothing introduces all kinds of erotic possibilities. If wearing a bikini, imagine you’ve just returned from an illicit dip – only to be caught by your strict disciplinarian, who had specifically told you not to go swimming in that creek or lake. You’re pulled out of the water and bent over,  and you can pretend the fan is the cool breeze coming from the water as you’re spanked on your wet bottom.

Panties can also be wetted by other means, for those who enjoy being extra naughty. Just put a towel beneath you when you lie down on the bed to make cleanup easier.

Wearing wet clothes means you’ll feel more of a cooling sensation than the skin tingling breeze felt by bare damp skin alone. 

The fan can also intensify play with butt plugs and dildos. Toys not only block or divert some of the airflow, but add the teasing sensation of the breeze to the familiar feelings of being stretched and filled.  

For more extreme sensations, try rubbing your sensitive places with ice cubes before exposing them to the fan. Or putting the ice in the bowl of water you use to wet your skin.

If you’d like a more diverse experience, try wetting the areas listed in the Sensations list rather than just those between the legs. 

This activity could also be combined with bottom wiping, where a wet-wipe is used to clean between the legs before the breeze begins its tickling.  

Or perhaps you’ve just come indoors from sunbathing. Your skin oiled with your favourite fragrant sunblock. What better way to cool off after lounging in the hot summer sun?

Have fun…

Hi. I am a 23 year old has never had an orgasm. I have tried to a lot, but every time I start masturbating, after a while, the desire just, goes away and it starts feeling, mechanical. I don’t know how else to describe it. Spankings while being naked, being humilated by a disciplinarian and then spanked and everything are incredible turn ons, but it never progresses further. Would love to hear back.

I wrote a post last year for those who enjoy spanking, but gain much less  pleasure from masturbating:

You don’t need to masturbate, and actually, I discourage it in those I discipline. If denial becomes a forbidden fruit, and then a yearning, resisting that craving to touch without permission can become a powerful form of erotic obedience.

So paradoxically, perhaps you need to touch less, and imagine more. Play the self-spanking games, and experiment with other kinds of physical sensations and ways to satisfy yourself.

Remember that the largest sexual organ in the body is between your ears. The clitoris is just a very sensitive sensor, it’s not where orgasms originate – they erupt in your brain, you just feel their echoes between your legs.

And I’ll let you into a secret:

I’ve been able to make partners climax through words alone. Without any touching between their legs. What starts as a yearning, becomes a swelling almost overwhelming desire. Just being strict can be sufficient to leave her teetering on the edge, and a few well-chosen words can tip her beyond, as if I’d just cast a magical spell.

The secret is, there really is no need to rub at all…

i’m so horny please tell me how to relieve myself daddy

As I’ve been teaching the students at school, only those who have been good, and resisted the temptation to touch deserve relief.

Being good means choosing between the transient gratification of a climax, or the long-term satisfaction of arousal and obedience.

And those who continue to fiddle with themselves like silly little girls deserve to be put into a Chastity Belt.

i’m horny all the time and masturbate around three times a day can you give me an idea on how i should punish and degrade myself for that

Those who masturbate too much should be put into a Chastity Belt.

It’s that simple.


The Beginner’s Guide to Self-Spanking


This is a repost, the original post fell victim to Tumblr’s filters.

Self-spanking is a lot like masturbation. In private, many enjoy doing it. But you’ll rarely hear many people talking about it.

I’m often asked for advice on self-spanking
by readers who are intrigued by the experience, yet who feel awkward
spanking themselves. This is, I believe, because spanking is more than
just smacks on the bottom, it’s as much a mental experience as a
physical one. Engaging your imagination is the key to a satisfying
spanking, whether you’re alone or with a partner. So in this guide, I
hope to address the practicalities of self-spanking, and provide some
ideas for creating fulfilling and arousing playtimes.

First, let’s consider a question, asked by many, especially those yet to try it.

Why would anyone want to spank themselves?

My answer is that fundamentally, self-spanking is just another form of play.

about it this way: vibrators stimulate nerves in the pussy, and
spankings stimulate nerves in the bottom. Whilst the sensations might be
different, impacts rather than rubbings and vibrations, they are
transmitted by exactly the same nerves: the Pudendal and the Perineal
nerves. When your brain receives signals from these nerves, it
interprets them as coming from the whole genital area. As a result, a
side-effect of spankings is the erotic sensation in the genitals, even
though those areas are not actually being touched.

The Pudendal
and the Perineal nerves are located in the lower parts of the buttocks,
near the anus and just above the tops of the thighs. That’s why this
‘sit-spot’ area is the favoured area for spanking, it’s where smacks are
felt most intensely and pleasurably.

Spankings can also, of
course, be painful; that’s why they’ve historically been a form of
punishment. Pain is your body’s early warning signal, alerting you to
the fact that your body is at risk of damage and injury. So normally,
our response to these sensations is aversion, to move away from what’s
causing the damage. Adrenaline surges through us, our heart races, our
minds concentrate. But if you’re over someone’s knee being spanked,
running away is no longer an option; you must instead grimace and bear

When pain is unavoidable, our brains start to release natural
opiates called endorphins, which not only dull the pain signals
received, so they do not become overwhelming, but also produce a floaty
euphoric feeling. Our bodies have a limited stockpile of endorphins,
once they’re released it takes a while to replenish. Which is one of the
reasons why those with spanked bottoms are often sent to the corner: so
they get to feel the soreness and stinging they’ve received when the
fug of their endorphins wear off.

It is this combination of
arousing tingles in the genitals, adrenaline rushes and natural highs
that, when performed right, can make spankings so pleasurable. So if you
enjoy the sensation of a smacked bottom, there’s nothing wrong with
delivering that feeling to yourself.

Hence I consider
self-spanking a form of masturbation. I regard it as a form of self-love
rather than self-harm, a form of self-pleasuring rather than
self-mortification. Spanking is a complementary physical sensation to
the joys of genital rubbing, and as those who’ve experienced a spanking
already know, well-smacked bottoms tend to lead to the most intense

As a result, for many who enjoy spanking stories,
self-spanking is just a natural extension of how they masturbate, giving
them the chance to experience for themselves some of the physical
sensations they’ve just been reading about. After all, what else could
make story about submission any more erotic, than physically submitting
yourself to the story?

Yet it would be wrong to consider
self-spankings as an activity of last resort, an ersatz experience when
no spanker is nearby. On the contrary, it provides a way for readers to
play in the privacy of their own homes, to indulge their own fantasies,
without weirding out a partner or revealing what they’d rather keep to
themselves. It’s the same reason why many with regular sexual partners
still like to play with themselves.

Having explained why
self-spanking is popular, you might be getting curious, tempted to try
the experience for yourself. So the next section will explain some of
the basic practicalities for the benefit of beginners.

How to Get Started

yourself a spanking is as simple as reaching back and slapping your own
bottom. But there’s a few practical aspects worth considering that will
make the experience more intense, and enjoyable.  

The first is
choosing what you’ll spank yourself with, whilst you can use the palm of
your hand, you’ll achieve a far better sensation with a proper spanking
implement. This is because of science! Specifically, the mechanics of
levers – a spanking implement will multiply the force you apply to
yourself, giving a harder whack for the same effort. Using an implement
also means you’ll experience a single impact sensation, having your palm
sting at the same time as your bottom tends to break the spell of what
you’re imagining.

Good items to use for spanking can be found all
around the house. Try slippers, flip-flops, wooden rulers, hairbrushes,
wooden spoons, spatulas, and bath-brushes. Then if, once you get into
it, you want to get more serious about bottom smacking, you can add a
proper spanking paddle to your basket the next time you go sex toy

If you’re not an experienced spankee you’ll quickly
discover some implements are more painful than others. Generally
speaking, the harder and heavier the material, the less forgiving it
will be. So sturdy hairbrushes will hurt more than light balsa wood
spatulas. Implements that flex, like flip-flops and slippers will be
more forgiving than rigid items like rulers and brushes.

The next
issue to consider is what position to adopt whilst spanking yourself.
For this, choose whatever you find most comfortable, or best fits the
fantasy you’re imagining. You might want to bend over a pile of pillows,
or the edge of a sofa, or straddle the corner of your bed.

positions you might try are leaning against a wall, over the back of a
chair or a banister, of kneeling on cushions with your bum in the air.
The possibilities are too numerous to list, just choose one that
supports your own weight comfortably, and leaves your strongest arm free
to reach around to apply your chosen implement to your bottom.

position you choose will dictate the angle that you’ll spank yourself
from, usually reaching back and around. For a different sensation you
can try lying on your back and lifting your legs, allowing you to spank
in between them, this position is particularly good for smacking your
sit-spots, and enjoying the ‘shame’ of exposing yourself.

duration of your spanking is also up to you to decide, it will depend on
the implement you use and your own tolerance of pain. The key here is
to start small, and build up until you find the degree of soreness you
find most satisfying.

If you’re new to self-spanking, you might
like to choose a softer implement like a slipper, and give yourself a
single smack on each cheek, then pause and feel the warmth on your
bottom. Then spank again, maybe adding a couple more smacks before your
next pause. Perhaps when your bottom starts getting sore, you can take
break, imagine you’ve been sent to the corner, and stand facing the
wall, feeling cool air wafting over your hot cheeks. Then maybe your
imaginary disciplinarian decides your spanking wasn’t sufficient, and
your brattiness earns you a trip across their knee for seconds.

you’re comfortable with the sensation of being spanked, try timing
yourself, so you can measure the duration of your spanking in minutes.

last consideration is privacy. Unlike masturbation, which you can do
virtually silently in your own bedroom, the noise of a spanking is
unavoidable. This shouldn’t be a problem if you live alone or with a
kinky partner, but otherwise you’ll be limiting your self-spankings to
times when you’re alone in your home.

So, that’s the physical
practicalities of self-spanking, now let’s consider the mental side, and
in particular, how do you make it erotic?

The Importance of Turning Yourself On

Here I’m going to introduce three ways how you might eroticise a self-spanking session.

The first is what I’d call Spank-As-You-Read, and is described in Naughty Game #6 – Naughty Reading.
This involves reading a spanking story, and imagining yourself as
somehow inside it, so when you read about spankings, you get to
experience them vicariously. The benefit here is the story is scripted
for you, it’s like a roller-coaster, you just buckle in and enjoy the

Perhaps you already masturbate when you read spanking
stories. Imagine if, instead of riding to orgasm, you put your fingers
of your weaker hand between your legs, and used your stronger hand to
rub your bottom with a slipper. Then, the rubs would soon turn into
spanks, and you’d begin to grind against your fingers. You’d smack
slowly, savouring the sound of the slap, the lingering sting.

you’ll be immersed in the story, your imagination engaged, can you
imagine you’re in it? Perhaps you’ll act out what you’re reading, speak
the dialogue aloud. A climax will be inevitable, but this one will be
different, you’ll end the tale with a delightfully warm bottom of your
own, and a head full of delicious thoughts.

second way to act out a fantasy of your own. This gives you the freedom
to improvise, and indulge the kind of activities that turn you on. There
is an art to getting into the right mindset for make-believe though, if
you find this difficult, you might want to warm yourself up with some
suitable erotica first, either visual or the written word.

you’ll imagine a favourite scenario, like reporting to the headmaster,
or being sent to bed early by Daddy. Or even to re-enact a spanking
picture of video you really enjoy. You might want to dress up for the
occasion, invent a bit of a back story, apologise or plead aloud when
it’s made clear your bare bottom is due for a whacking. Perhaps there
will be cornertime, writing of lines or a confession no one will ever
read. Just engage your imagination and invent a scene you’ve always
wanted to come true.

Here are the challenges I’ve posted so far. Enjoy your adventures…

Day 1 – The Fascination of Spanking

Day 2 – Choices and Consequences

Day 3 – Dressing Up

Day 4 – Anticipation

Day 5 – Cornertime

Day 6 – Alter Ego

Day 7 – Being Naughty

Day 8 – Bottom Inspection

Day 9 – Pillow Hump

Day 10 – Echoes

Day 11 – Christmas Story

Day 12 – Star in a Story

Day 13 – The Proper Way to Watch a Spanking Video

Day 14 – A Note From School

Day 15 – Fire and Ice

Day 16 – A Good Hard Caning

Day 17 – Rubber Band

Day 18 – Punishment Girdles

Day 19 – Pussy Spanking

Confining ourselves at home, and minimising social interaction is a noble sacrifice, it’s making a real difference to limiting the spread of the coronavirus, as we all do our bit to prevent a healthcare catastrophe.

Obviously such isolation does mean fewer opportunities for real-world spankings though. And I know how important the sensation of a well-smacked bottom is to many readers, and how many of you will be missing it.

So this is an opportune time to repost this collection of games, which could be played alone, or together with a remote partner, online. I hope they’ll bring you the satisfaction you’ve been craving.

This is a strange as – but is it weird that I fantasize being bathed? Not romantically, more like I’m forced into a bath and scrubbed clean, soap is forced into mouth, into my anus, and into my vulva and I’m scrubbed until there’s a foamy lather and I’m squeaky clean

No, I don’t think that’s weird at all.

I know many who fantasise about enforced cleanliness. Like being dragged to the bath by a strict nanny, governess or babysitter. Perhaps they’ve been caught playing with themselves, and their sordid filthiness must be cleansed, prior to a good hard spanking.

Often fantasies are reactions against formative experiences. Like being brought up in a spotless environment, and being expected to keep oneself clean at all times. The erotic mind repurposes this restrictions, imagining the arousingly humiliating consequences of breaking such rules.

Hence the erotic attraction of wetting your panties, or wiping your bottom.

The warm, soothing waters of a private bathroom are where many first learn to masturbate. It shouldn’t be a surprise then that the bath is a site of immense erotic significance for many, and that some might find it very exciting indeed to fantasise about dirtying themselves, and being forcefully made clean…

Election Day


I always vote.

When duty calls, I never decline.

But how naughty it felt to cross the threshold of the polling station, smuggling such a sordid item into this most sacred space. This church hall. This temporary temple of democracy.

And then to stand in the short queue I as waited to confirm my name. The clerk said it out loud, as if he knew exactly who I was. Even though he couldn’t have known what I was hiding, he made me feel notorious.

I flirtatiously fiddle with the hem of my skirt, and coyly accept the ballot paper he hands to me. I let it flap in my hand like a suitor’s handkerchief.

He points towards the row of booths against the wall, their cheap curtains limp like an ersatz peep show. I saunter towards them, sashaying conspicuously, a walking blasphemy along the line of pews.

I choose the empty booth in the corner, and pull the curtain fully closed behind me. Just me and my sacred ballot, hidden from any eyes that might pry.

The booth has a little low table to write on, conveniently about waist height, I set my phone down, aiming its camera towards me, and press its screen to start recording. There had been a sign on the wall as I entered: No Photography. But what goes on in the sanctity of the voting booth is none of their business. And I don’t keep secrets from Sir.

I lift my skirt.

Oh Sir. I’m so sorry.

In my haste to do my democratic duty, I must have completely forgotten to put on any underwear…

I spin around and lift my skirt again.

Spreading my legs so there can be no doubt.

In this dim alcove I wonder if there’s enough light to allow it to sparkle.

Oh Sir. How naughty of me! 

To go out to vote wearing my princess plug…

Keep reading

British readers, use your vote!

Voting Tory is very naughty! So I hope you’ll all be good and vote to stop Boris and save the country from the catastrophe of Brexit on Thursday!

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