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Naughty Games

I just wanted to thank you. I’ve been reading your stories for a while, but I finally tried out one of your games and it was… everything I’d hoped and more. I spent all day anticipating getting to play another!

I’m delighted to hear it!

The naughty games are a wonderful opportunity to make your favourite fantasies more interactive. Ideas for making your playtime more than just physical stimulation.

Likewise the self-spanking challenges provide a thrilling way to make your spanking fantasies more tangible.

And once you’ve got a taste for one, you might find yourself hungry to try them all…

Hi! I’ve been reading your stuff for awhile now. I was looking at the bottom wiping game and you mentioned it might precede a diapering. I was wondering if you have any games or stories about that. Gosh this is embarrassing. Thanks!

Bottom-wiping can be a very satisfying part of any spanking activities.

As those waiting for my attention are often soaking wet, what better way to start than with a cool dry tissue on the bare mound, pinching back the hood before descending the length of the slit. Linger at the entrance of the vagina, circling to collect the wetness, before proceeding to wipe the damp tissue around the bottom hole.

Dirty bottoms get lengthier, more humiliating punishments.

Wiping as she is bending over with bottom bared, waiting for her spanking can be very effective. An alternative is to have her lie on her back, lifting her legs right up to ensure everything is properly exposed.

As for stories about wiping, Abstract Art is probably the best.

I don’t think I’ve written much on diapering, but you might find some ideas in the Wet Panties games. For those who’d like to try this, you can create your own training pants by placing a small folded towel or flannel inside your panties.

Wetting incidents can then be followed up by a thorough washing, a wiping, and an inspection (see here for those with a vulva) (or here for those with a penis). You might also like to add a bottom inspection and a spanking, if additional disciplining is required.

Your favourite Naughty Game?


It’s always interesting to see what fantasies and activities are most popular, so here’s all the naughty games I’ve posted, along with their likes. No surprise to see how popular Inspections for Girls has been, it now has over 900 fans…

  1. Inspections for Girls (964 likes)
  2. Squirm (463)
  3. Panty Pulling Chair (352)
  4. Bottom Inspection (336)
  5. Sensations (276)
  6. Dildo Ritual (255)
  7. Clothesline (191)
  8. Secret Reading (179)
  9. Ups and Downs (177)
  10. Words (168)
  11. Throne (146)
  12. Straddle (117)
  13. Naked Reading (114)
  14. Naughty Panties (109)
  15. Figging with Ginger (103)
  16. Wet Panties (90)
  17. Spanking Machine (86)
  18. Fucking on a Train (61)
  19. Strip Search (60) [new!]
  20. Inspections for Boys (51) [new!]
  21. Bottom Wiping (34) [new!]
  22. Drawing Lines (33)

And new series of Naughty Games for Couples has begun, now with three activities to play:

  1. The Hour (103 likes)
  2. Envelopes (57) [new!]
  3. Grand Tour (39)

Do explore, and enjoy!

In case you missed them, three new naughty games have been added recently too, plus another one for couples…


Every Princess deserves her own Throne.

Here’s how to create one of your own…

Your favourite Naughty Game?


It’s always interesting to see what fantasies and activities are most popular, so here’s all the naughty games I’ve posted, along with their likes. No surprise to see how popular Inspections for Girls has been, it now has over 900 fans…

  1. Inspections for Girls (930 likes)
  2. Squirm (435)
  3. Panty Pulling Chair (330)
  4. Bottom Inspection (327)
  5. Sensations (271)
  6. Dildo Ritual (242)
  7. Clothesline (185)
  8. Secret Reading (169)
  9. Ups and Downs (167)
  10. Words (164)
  11. Throne (136)
  12. Straddle (109)
  13. Naughty Panties (107)
  14. Naked Reading (107)
  15. Figging with Ginger (98)
  16. Spanking Machine (82)
  17. Wet Panties (77)
  18. Fucking on a Train (55)
  19. Strip Search (51) [new!]
  20. Inspections for Boys (40) [new!]
  21. Drawing Lines (32)

And new series of Naughty Games for Couples has begun, now with three activities to play:

  1. The Hour (100 likes)
  2. Envelopes (51) [new!]
  3. Grand Tour (36)

Do explore, and enjoy!

The master list of naughty games has been updated again, with inspections and erotic denial continuing to prove popular…

Naughty Games for Two #3: Envelopes

This game is inspired by my post on sexual spontaneity.  

And the secret to sexual spontaneity is… careful planning.

There’s a pernicious myth about sex. That it “just happens”. That everyone’s up for sex, all the time. That new and exciting bedroom activities are improvised on the spot, forged from the white hot furnace of our mutual sexual excitement. None of these is really true.

So this game will encourage you both to try new activities, and introduce your desires in a non-judgemental way, to explore each other’s boundaries and build your sexual confidence. But like all good games, this also includes the delicious spice of unpredictability and randomness.

How to Play

Begin by giving yourself and your partner five envelopes and five pieces of paper each.

Go into separate rooms so you can’t see what each other are writing, and on each of your pieces of paper, write something you would like to do to your partner, or have them do to you.

Be specific, and don’t be greedy (i.e. you may wish for a wake-up blowjob, but not a whole week of wake-up blowjobs). If you ask for too much, your partner is perfectly entitled to edit it later.

When you’re finished, fold each piece of paper over, so what’s been written isn’t immediately visible, and swap your five with those of your partner. Don’t read what they’ve written until you’re alone in separate rooms again.

Once alone, you can open each page and see what your partner would like to do. Being apart means your partner doesn’t see your reaction, giving you the freedom to decide whether that’s something you’d like to do too.

Once you’ve read what they’ve written, you may edit it. If you’re not keen on your partner’s idea, cross it out and offer an alternative. For instance, if they suggest sex in public, you might modify that to something you’re currently comfortable doing, like wearing a butt plug in public.

If the wish irredeemably outrageous, just cross it out and write “kiss me” instead. This is important, their desires are subject to your consent, especially if it’s something you haven’t tried together before.

Or, if it doesn’t go as far as you’d like, you’re welcome to spice their suggestion up a bit. 

Once you’ve edited your partner’s desires, put each piece of paper into an envelope, and seal it. Write today’s date on it so you’ll recognise it later, you should be able to recognise your own handwriting, so you don’t accidentally open it if you stumble upon it in a few months time.

When you’ve sealed all five envelopes, keep them somewhere safe until you’ll alone, and then hide each one somewhere in your home.

The objective of the game is simple: to find the envelopes your partner has hidden.

If you find one of the envelopes, you can open it. It will contain one of the fantasies you wrote.

You don’t need to play it right away, of course, you can keep it, and decide when to reveal your prize and play out that fantasy. You might need to make some preparations, after all. If what you’d written was being caned over the kitchen table, you might need to get a cane, dress or undress appropriately, and be bending over the kitchen table when your partner gets home, the opened envelope between your cheeks.

The game has a strategic aspect too. If you make your envelopes too easy to find, your partner is likely to find them before you find yours, and so they’ll get to play their fantasies first. Perhaps you’d like that. Or perhaps you’ll make their envelopes difficult to find, so your partner is kept yearning for what they really want.

You might hide them where you think they’d rarely look, in a storage box of clutter, or that packet in the cupboard that’s been untouched for years. Or you might leave them tantalisingly near, underneath the bed where they sleep, or the chair that they sit on.

Every week, you can agree to issue more wishes. Give yourselves another 1, 3 or 5 pages and envelopes, swap and hide each other’s again. The more you hide, the greater the chances of stumbling across one. The date you’ve written on the front of the envelope will let you know how long it’s been hidden.

There’s no reason to stop hiding envelopes, it’s a game that can continue as long as your imagination glows and your desire sizzles. Continuing inspiration might come from a scene in a story you’ve read, or an erotic picture or video you’ve seen. All you need to do is write the web address of the inspiration on your piece of paper, and then improvise a re-enactment…

Variation: Hidden Secrets

Instead of wishes, write an erotic secret or fantasy, but then don’t swap the envelopes, so each partner hides what they’ve written themselves. How easy will you make it? Do you want your fantasies discovered, or does it arouse you to think that somewhere in your home your most intimate secrets lie hidden?

Have fun…

Naughty Game #20: Strip Search

The naughty games are back, with a new batch of playtime ideas for adventurous minds!

As I wrote in a previous post, an unexpectedly popular fantasy among readers of this blog is being strip searched.

many, this might seem excessively weird. After all, no-one really wants
to be strip-searched, do they? A humiliation reserved for suspected
lawbreakers, or convicted prisoners. Surely no-one would willingly want
to be subject to such deprivation? But that would be to misunderstand
the nature of erotic fantasies, often they are not aspirations, but the
eroticising of circumstances that we would horrified to find ourselves
in. A taboo can fuel the hottest erotic fire.

This game describes how to play out a strip search fantasy in the privacy of
your own home. It can be played alone, where you search yourself, or with a partner. And if you
like to switch, perhaps the one being searched will be decided by the toss of a

Optional props:

  • a full length mirror
  • a pair of latex gloves (available from a pharmacy)
  • some lubricant

To play, first, establish your setting.

Perhaps you’ve been caught trying to smuggle something through an airport. Or you’ve been caught masturbating in a public toilet or a public park. An officer of the law has seen you with your fingers deep in your slit and suspects you may have been hiding something there. So you’ve been arrested and taken to a police station for investigation.

Or perhaps you’ve been convicted of a crime and have just arrived at the prison. If you have velcro cuffs, you might want to put them on as you imagine yourself in custody. Perhaps prison rules dictate new arrivals are shaved bare before they’re searched.

The authority figure you imagine searching you can be the same gender as yourself, or if you prefer, a different one. Depending of which would be more humiliating, and arousing.

The strip-search protocol dictates that the subject slowly undresses themselves in front of a full length mirror. Fold each garment neatly as you remove it, and imagine having to pass it to the authority figure who’ll be examining you.

Now stand naked in front of the mirror for at least 5 minutes with your hands on head. The search protocol demands this wait as it leads to a more compliant subject, as their skin cools and their adrenaline level diminishes.

If you have latex gloves, put them on now. Make sure you sniff them, the clinical smell is very evocative for many, of clinics and examinations for some and of freshly unwrapped condoms and that delightful moment just before a fucking for others.

The search protocol mandates the following five inspections, each to be performed standing in front of a mirror.

#1 Inspection of Head

The subject should open their mouth, and explore inside with their fingers, checking the teeth and under the tongue. Then proceed to examining the face, in particular the nostrils, eyebrows and cheeks, around and behind ears, before thoroughly searching their scalp and hair. Conclude with an examination of the neck and throat.

#2 Inspection of Chest and Arms

The subject should lift their arms to reveal their armpits. Then extend each arm forwards in turn, and rub their gloved hands along the opposite arm, starting at the armpit, then covering every patch of skin until the hand is reached. The fingers should then be splayed, and the areas between them and under the nails examined. Then repeat for the other arm using the other hand.

If the subject is female, a full breast and nipple inspection can begin. Begin at the armpit, and begin circling each breast in turn, gently padding the skin as if assessing whether the breast is natural or artificial. Ensure that the nipples are pinched and tugged firmly to conclude.

#3 Inspection of Tummy and Legs

Continue down from the chest, examining the navel, before paying special attention to the public mound. It should be stroked gently, especially if the subject is shaved bare and exquisitely sensitive. Avoid the genitals for now.

The subject should then bend over and run each hand down the opposite leg in turn, paying special attention to the area behind the knee, the regions between the toes, and the sole of each foot.

#4 Inspection of Genitals

For female subjects, this begins with a full inspection of the vulva, as described in the post Inspections for Girls. The subject should be standing in front of the mirror, so they can follow every detail of their examination, as their labia are parted, and every furrow of their slit and perineum is inspected.

When the clitoris has been exposed, tugged back and examined, a deep vaginal inspection can begin, initially with the index finger of your dominant hand. Lubricate this finger if necessary. Probe inside, stroking the ridges of the anterior wall until the vagina loosens enough to accomodate a second finger. The search protocol mandates that the inspector’s fingers enter as deeply as possible to detect any illicit contents.  

Meticulous searchers might also try probing with a large dildo, but do not allow the subject to orgasm.

For male subjects the search protocol  involves examining the testes and scrotum, and then the length of the penis. If the subject is not circumcised, tug the foreskin back behind the glans, and wait for the penis to harden. The penis should be fully erect before the glans and urethra are inspected.

#5 Inspection of Buttocks and Anus

Once the genitals have been thoroughly examined, a thorough Bottom Inspection can commence. Begin by inspecting the skin of the buttocks, before splaying the cheeks to examine the cleft, using the mirror to see into every part of the crevice.

Then the middle finger of the dominant hand can be lubricated, and slowly worked into the anus. Continue to push deeper, withdrawing the finger if necessary to apply additional lubrication. Continue probing until the middle finger has penetrated to its maximum extent. Meticulous inspectors might try penetrating with an anal dildo or filling the bottom hole with a butt plug.

Bonus Ideas

After each stage of the search has been completed, stop to take notes, as if you were compiling an accompanying report of the search. This would include what was found during the inspection, and how the subject responded to the examination. Arousal may be recorded, and subsequently used as evidence. Masturbation immediately after a search is quite forebidden, but perhaps you’d imagine someone stumbling across the report of your search later, and climaxing as they read all about your degradation.

After all stages of the search have been completed, have the subject kneel in front of the mirror, inserting a finger of their left hand into their anus. Female subjects can simultaneously insert a finger of their right hand into her vagina, whilst male subjects hold their erections. Leave them in position to appreciate their predicament, and imagine what might be coming next…

Naughty Games Galore


Since last Monday (9/10) I’ve been incredibly horny, like more so than I’ve been in a while. 

Of course I come (hehe) to Tumblr order to find some inspiration to help me with my drippy situation. A couple months ago I discovered the amazing blog @spankingtheatre and the amazing Naughty Games that the blog has. I finally tried a few new ones out in the past few days and I was definitely not disappointed in the least. 

On Wednesday I started out with the game Secret Reading and added some spanking with my hairbrush to add to the pleasure. Iwas a total mess by the end of the story, but before allowing myself to properly pleasure myself i also decided to play the Sensations as I am a definitely a fan of edging, as well as denial and so I set apart some time and got going. The most surprising body parts that I enjoyed were my forearms and my toes. They both made me squirm delightfully, I honestly felt like I could’ve possibly came from the sensations those two areas sent through my body, but that’s an experiment for another time perhaps. 

As if those two games weren’t enough for one night I also attempted to make my own Panty Pulling Chair, but as I did not have the proper equipment to make one, I was left disappointed at the lack of a pink stripe, as I had too much slack on my extension cord I was using.

So on Thursday night I bought some twine while I was at the grocery store, and despite it being such an innocuous purchase I felt a thrill knowing that I was going to be using it for something so kinky. 

When I got home I got to work on making my chair and oh my I was certainly not disappointed by the effects of it. I decided to reread the story that started it all, The Sit Down Dance. I found my self itching to get started and took the first pillow off within five minutes of starting, even before the girls in the story get their punishment. I don’t remember when I took the second and third ones out, only remembering that I was eager to feel my panties pulling between my slit. I took out the last one about halfway through Part 2 and unlike the girls in the story, I began to squirm attempting to get in a position that allowed the most kind of stretch I was looking for. i

After a quick bottom inspection in the mirror to see my beautiful pink stripe I needed some sort of release, as I did not touch myself at all while on the chair. 

I decided to try out yet another one of SpankingTheatre’s wonderfully crafted games and made myself a Throne of Shame with my newly purchased (earlier that day) suction cup dildo. 

Despite how wet I was it was a bit painful to sit on, but I brought a vibrator to my clit and began edging myself over and over. I would take the vibe off as soon as I got close to the edge and would count to fifty before putting it back. My goal was to make it to 25 edges but with all the counting I had to do I lost track somewhere around 10. I was on my throne for at least an hour if not more. I honestly don’t know what number I stopped at, but I stopped after I waited a few seconds too long and felt myself tumbling over the edge and ruined my orgasm. After I got off my throne, I immediately wanted my cunt to be filled right up with something and so I put a plug in there so I wouldn’t feel so empty.  

I went to bed sopping wet and woke up in the same condition. and possibly even more horny than I was the night before.

Since Thursday I have been wearing a homemade crotch rope from the twine on and off throughout the day, as well as plugging my pussy, just so I can feel full, while also feeling a bit of thrill from going out in public and hoping that maybe just maybe someone somehow knows what a filthy girl I am. Last night I made my throne again, but was only able to get two edges in before I had to ruin another orgasm. 

I really must work on holding them back, but in my denied state I don’t know if that is possible anymore. 

As I type this out I am once again sitting on my throne, occasionally sliding up and down and really really enjoying the fullness of my cunt. I’m going to edge myself once before leaving to go to the movies with my friends while wearing my crotch rope and having a plugged pussy so I can come back and resume my seat on my throne. 

Overall I just have to say a huge thank you to the man behind SpankingTheatre for my naughty adventures this week, and probably a lot more in the future!

Many thanks to @foryourpleasureee for writing up her experiences. I hope she’ll be sitting on her panty-pulling chair reading this, seeing the likes accumulate, the nods of all other readers who she’s aroused and inspired.

And for those who haven’t encountered the series of naughty games I’ve posted over recent years, here’s the complete list:

So, if newcomers are stumbling upon these challenges for the first time through this post, I wish you all some very enjoyable playtimes. And many exciting, inventive and arousing games of self-discovery…

Currently playing the “The Hour” game with my girlfriend. Let’s just say I haven’t been a good kitten today. She’s a night owl so I’m fully anticipating punishment but you never know~ One of the objectives of this game was to keep the bottom guessing and in jeopardy about the outcome. Well it’s certainly doing it’s job

I wonder what happened?

Did this reader’s girlfriend reply before the deadline?

Did she insist upon an immediate inspection, pulling down her partner’s panties to reveal how excited she’d become? A thorough spanking would have to follow, of course. And afterwards, she’d be sent to bed like all naughty girls, with her bottom hot and pink and sore.

That’s what can happen when you dare to play The Hour

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