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What Nice Men Don’t Say To Nice Women


  • I want to spank your bare bottom.
  • I want to tie you up.
  • I want to thoroughly inspect and penetrate your tight little bottom hole.
  • I want you to dress up in school uniform, and address me as Sir.
  • I want you to text me at random, and tell me you’ve been a naughty girl.
  • I want to promise you a spanking, and have you think about it all day long.
  • I want you to wear a butt plug when we go out to dinner.
  • I want you to go the ladies, take off your panties, and drop them in my lap.
  • I want to smack your bum pink, and you to thank me afterwards.

I recently wrote a post in response to a lady who wanted to be spanked by her man. It got me thinking – because it isn’t just ladies who can be reluctant to raise the introduction of spanking into a relationship, men have exactly the same problem too.  

Most men are fundamentally nice. That doesn’t mean meek milquetoasts desperate to agree and avoid awkwardness, it just means many blokes have encountered quite enough macho brutes in our lives, and we’ve no desire to come across as one ourselves. We consider ourselves our sweetheart’s protector, not her punisher – even if that thought secretly turns us on…

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I’ve been working on a new story over the last few months, and it’s almost ready to publish! And as some of the themes of this post feature heavily in the new story, I think it’s worth reposting in advance.

Coming soon, a tale of gourmet dining, spanked bottoms and neutron stars…

It’ll be interesting to see if the idea of being thoroughly spanked in the crease is as arousing to others as it is it me

Yes it will.

I’ve had a story idea about elastic spanking between the cheeks in my notebook for years, but never elaborated it. But given the feedback I’ve had from readers over the last few days, I’m seriously thinking of turning it into a proper story. It’s got a great premise, it could be marvellous…

Story news

The finale my latest story Verso, Recto is now posted!

If you haven’t already, you can begin with the first part here.

A new story for the still and silent

The first part of a brand new two-part story, Playing Dolls, is now posted!

I think this tale will appeal to those who enjoy the mental side of submissiveness, of being denied and immobile, and completely under the whim of another. And especially those who fantasise about being spanked, whilst not being allowed to move, or make a sound.

And here’s a bit of background reading on the fetish that inspired it, for my most diligent and erudite students…

I just finished part four of the Sit Down Dance, and I’m utterly, incoherently aroused. Thank you for writing such a beautiful piece of erotica, you’re incredibly skilled at erotic writing and I can’t wait for your future updates.

My pleasure! It was very satisfying to be able to convert the story I’d had
planned in my head (and sketched out in my notebook) for so long, and finally render it into written
words. And best of all, to share it with others at last.

You’ll be pleased to know my next story is already nearing completion, it’s a realisation of an idea I’ve wanted to write for ages.

The subject matter is agalmatophilia.

I think it’ll expand your mind. I think you’ll enjoy it…

How will it end?

The finale of The Sit-Down Dance is now posted! So if you haven’t read the first three parts yet, do start at the beginning:

In total, this story is almost 33000 words. I’ve enjoyed the journey, I hope you have too…

Report to the Waiting Room

Just posted: the long awaited finale of The Sit Down Dance!

Will strict Miss Hastings uncover what the girls were up to? Or will the girls outsmart and evade their headmistress?

If you haven’t read the previous parts yet, do start at the beginning, here are links to all the parts of the story:

When you’re ready, please do report to the
waiting room and remove your underwear. The headmistress will see you

On an average afternoon, Miss Hastings
would tend to open her door to discover one or two red-faced young
ladies waiting outside. She would ask each girl for her note, tsk-tsk
her displeasure, then spin her around, lift her skirt, and tuck the hem
into back of her waistband. She would then promptly pull the poor girl’s
panties right down to her ankles, dashing the miscreant’s faint hopes
she’d somehow be reprieved. In this school, all naughty girls were
spanked on bare bottoms.

Once the girl had stepped out of
her panties, they were hung up on a little hook on the wall, and she was
told to sit back down on the bench. Bottoms now bared, most would gasp
in surprise as they sat down on the cold surface of the varnished wooden
bench. The seat was deliberately high off the ground, so most girls had
to place their hands on the bench and hoist themselves onto it. As her
feet dangled nervously above the floor, anyone sent here couldn’t help
but feel like a very silly little girl indeed.

The slipper
wasn’t the most painful implement the headmistress possessed, but it was
easily the most noisily ostentatious. Each spank produced a loud
slapping whack, which carried through the door and beyond, permeating
deep into the ears and minds of those waiting outside. Each girl would
stare at the floor contritely, squirming as she sat on her bare bottom,
already imagining her spanking had started…

A Regency Story

I’ve just finished a brand new story set in the Regency Era, two hundred years ago.

What you know of this period might have come from novels like Pride and Prejudice, but I hope to introduce you to a kinkier, more seductive side of Regency life, one Ms Austen declined to describe. A world of where lewd secrets lay beneath long dresses, and a cane lurked above every mantelpiece.


Naughty boys get smacked bottoms too

One of the things about writing is you can write about absolutely anything.

So I decided to create something a bit different, and finish off one of the story ideas I’d sketched out in my notebook. It was also an opportunity to try a different style of writing, so I wrote the story as an extended conversation, with no descriptions, just dialogue. And, as I consider variety to be a virtue in life, this is an F/M story – it features a man getting his bottom smacked by a woman.

So, hands up… who’d like to read an F/M spanking story that’s very hot indeed?

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