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What’s a good alternative to the panty pulling chair that gives the same/similar end results?

The desired outcome of panty-pulling is a sore pink stripe, which depends on two factors, the force applied to pull the panties between the legs, and the length of time the friction is experienced. 

To maximise the force applied, you can tie your panties to any strong fixture, and use your own weight to do the pulling. Good fixtures are bedframes, the handles of chests of drawers, or door or window grills. The following posts should give you some ideas:

Depending on your waist height, and the height of where you attach your panties, you can stand, sit or kneel as appropriate.

Standing is described in the story Punishment Panties, where Alice and Penny stand on tiptoes as their panties are tied to their beds.

Sitting is described in The Sit Down Dance, and the eponymous naughty game post.

Kneeling also works well for lower-height fixtures, such as drawer handles. Here you’ll be able to control the friction you feel between your legs by sinking lower towards the floor.

An alternative, which doesn’t require any attachment, and which can be done discreetly beneath your clothes, is to just pull your panties up tight until you feel The Pinch. And then keep them tight throughout the day, so they intrude between your lips and rub against your bottom hole.

Here as the rubbing is done over an extended period of time, you don’t need to apply as much force to get a satisfyingly sore stripe.

This approach can be particularly effective when you have a disciplinarian to report to. They can send you somewhere private every now and then to verify your panties are indeed pulled tight enough. And if they’re not physically present, pictures can be sent to provide proof. In the course of the day, it’s not uncommon for such messages to be accompanied by pleas for mercy, to be released from her exquisite torment…

I just did the panty pulling chair thing for 20 minutes and before that I edged for another 20 do I get a reward?

I think I’d need more details before assigning a reward.

Did you play like this, lying back on your bed?

Or subsequently go to work with no panties, as your slit was so tender?

Or as part of a naughty game with a special friend?

Or at church underneath your Sunday best?

Or secretly at your office desk?

Or did you dangle whilst reading an erotic story?

Perhaps imagining being spanked and thoroughly inspected?

I look forward to your confession.

I’ve tried panty pulling multiple times but I can’t seem to find a good way to get that telltale stripe between my legs. Attaching my panties to something for long periods of time isn’t an option for me right now since I still live with family. Do you have any tips that could help me get a good stripe? My dominant needs proof that I’ve thoroughly punished myself

Sometimes, as you’re discovering, it can be very challenging to get a good picture of the stripe between your legs. I would hope your dom appreciates this, and knows you’re trying your best. Don’t feel pressured into doing anything, he needs to understand your real-life constraints.

Panty-pulling can be a way of experimenting with erotic pain when actually spanking yourself isn’t practical. If you can’t attach your panties to a chair, you can try tying them to your bedframe, and lie down under your covers.

If you have a very stretchy pair of panties, and can pull them up to the level of your shoulder blades, you might be able to pass your bra straps through your underwear and clip them together.

Or, if your panties don’t stretch that far, tug them up and loop a belt through the leg holes at the back. Then close the belt so you’re wearing it above your hips, then put on another layer of clothes on top of it so it’s not visible to others. This way you can wear your panties pulled tight underneath your clothes for an extended period of time. The longer they’re tight, the sorer and more obvious your stripe will be.

I’ve written another post with tips on how to take better pictures. Where the top advice is use mirrors to obtain better angles, and use the strongest source of illumination you can find, daylight being by far the best.

Take your time experimenting, and don’t allow yourself to feel pressured by others. Remember, all this is play, if it stops being fun, you should stop completely. You can always start again when your domestic circumstances are more conducive, and you have more privacy.

New Rule



Every time I masturbate, I must use Icy Hot.


Decided to plan out an elaborate scene. First, I prepared a Panty Pulling Chair with four cushions. Then, I read the amazing story, “The Sit-Down Dance,” written by @spankingtheatre. As I progressed through the chapters, I took out a cushion each time the characters were subject to the sit-down dance. I held my elbows behind my back when I wasn’t scrolling, and kept my legs spread wide as I started on the first part of my journey.

The end of the fourth chapter left me in pain, and very wet. I decided to reward myself after a successful punishment, but of course, my rule makes it so that even a reward is a punishment, in its own way. 

I decided to turn a bug into a feature by focusing on anal. It’s something I’m a little bit fascinated by, even though I’ve never done it successfully, and I hoped that Icy Hot might act like the ginger lubricant the Headmistress uses in the story, allowing me to play more easily with my back door. I searched on Pornhub for “anal rimming fingering fucking”, and found the delightful “I WAS CRAVING ANAL SEX SO I FINGERED AND FUCKED MY ASS WITH A DILDO.” 

I did exactly what the girl did in the video, except with Icy Hot on my fingers, and then slathered over my dildo as my only lubricant. Only managed to get half of it in, so I’m definitely going to try this again, and hopefully be able to fuck my ass deeper next time. Also, didn’t manage to come, unfortunately – but hopefully that’ll come with practice! 

The only question is, do I get an orgasm today? Or should I hold off until I can fit the whole dildo in my ass?

I love how creative readers get with my stories. And there’s several good playtime ideas in this post, although I’d recommend starting with small amounts of ginger or menthol balms like Icy Hot, if you’re new to sensation play, as both can be quite overwhelming for novices. A dab on the bottom hole before a panty-pulling can greatly intensify the experience.

This might seem extremely silly but how would one check for a pink stripe after a good panty pulling? I tried to use my phone but wasn’t able to get a good angle

Not a silly question at all, I know examining the stripe inflicted by a good panty-pulling can be very satisfying finale to the experience.

If you have a full length mirror, you can lie on your back and raise your legs to your shoulders, allowing you to look between them at your reflection. Pop a pillow underneath you if you need to make the angle better.

Mirrors have the advantage that they leave both hands free, allowing you to tug your buttocks apart for a better view. Depending on your fantasy you might like to hold this position, imagining yourself being put on display, your punishment visible for all to see.

Bending over with your bottom pulled open is also an excellent position.

If you’re using a camera, the key to a good view is proper illumination. Bend over facing a light source, daylight is best, but you might try experimenting with a flash.

Take your time, and enjoy your inspection.

I did your panty pulling chair ‘game’ the other day. I added to it with some shibari and a ginger plug. It burned so good, and I touched myself, but I stopped myself before I could come. Do I deserve a spanking?

I’d say such meticulous planning and self-control deserves reward, rather than punishment.

Naughty girls shouldn’t be climaxing as their panties are pulled, can you ever imagine their disciplinarian permitting such indulgence? Of course not. Such a minx would definitely earn herself a long hard spanking, gaining a smarting pink cheeks to match the sore hot stripe between her legs. She’d be sent to bed with a towel tied to her crotch beneath her pyjamas, to keep her mischievous fingers at bay.

But those who demonstrate they can control themselves – they’d deserve a special treat afterwards. A cooling cream rubbed into their stripe as they slowly inspect themselves. Rubbing as they wiggle the plug that still fills their bottom. Slowly, slowly, slowly, rubbing all the way to the edge and beyond… 

I thought I’d share a punishment idea for anyone looking for a way to stop procrastinating. I’m going to pull my panties up high underneath my clothing in a minute and let them dig into my bottom and my clit. Then I’ll do my assignments and chores like that. I won’t take it out until I’m done. My hope is that it will stop me from procrastinating as well as help me get things done faster so I can take it out faster. If I fail then I will have earned a good spanking, of course.

An excellent remedy for procrastination, dear reader, one I use often.

I find The Pinch really does a wonderful job of focusing wandering minds.

The female anatomy seems tailor-made for panty-pulling. So many sensations from such a simple piece of fabric. The heat felt as it rubs against her bottom hole. The hot tight grip against her perineum, as unforgiving as a disciplinarian’s grasp. The intrusion inside her tender, sticky lips. And how her hard little clit throbs as the taut material teases with her every move.

Not to mention the lingering aching delight of the resulting red stripe. Young ladies who masturbate with a nice sore stripe seem to come very hard indeed.

An excellent disciplinary lesson, I quite agree.

The Sit-Down Dance: part 1


Every girl in the school knew about it, even if they’d just heard the whispered rumours. They talked about it ominously, like a ghostly legend, or a terrible curse. And when it was discussed, it was only ever in hushed voices and the merest mumblings. It was the threat that hung over them all, the most feared punishment, the just deserts awaiting the perpetrators of the very naughtiest misbehaviour.

How many times had a group of friends begun to scheme some illicit hijinks, only for one of them to stop, and suddenly exclaim: “We can’t do that! We’d all do the Sit Down Dance for sure!”

There was no greater shame than to be summoned to the front of the class, having finally exhausted your teacher’s patience. And then having to stand there, head bowed, as she scribbled your name and misdemeanour onto a little red-bordered card. All while your classmates were excitedly whispering and sniggering just behind you…

“The Sit Down Dance! She’s going to do the Sit Down Dance!”

There was no greater embarrassment than pushing through the double doors of the staff wing, an area normally strictly off-limits for pupils, once the final bell of the school day had rung. Clutching your little red-bordered card to your chest, proffering it to each passing teacher, your pass to the inner sanctum, shirking with shame as they read your name and your crime, scowling disdainfully.

And there was no greater anxiety than trudging down the long corridor, past all the staff rooms and the Headmistress’ office. To shuffle inevitably towards the Punishment Room, tummy tumbling with trepidation.

The door to that notorious room was old and heavy, a dark mahogany hunk that looked incongruously out of place amidst the school’s modern decor, like a pirate ship had somehow been moored at the end of the corridor. Even just turning the ornate brass handle gave the feeling you were about to leave the modern world behind and step beyond into the captain’s cabin.

Visitors saw a small brass plaque mounted at eye-height, a few lines engraved in cursive writing for those about to enter to ponder. It was a quotation from long ago, from when school itself had still been young.

Heaven is not always angry when he strikes,

But most chastises those

Whom most he likes.

– John Pomfret

Alice could feel the dampness of her own palm as she gripped the handle, but after a moment’s hesitation, she pushed the heavy door ajar.

Yet no matter how many times Alice had visited the Punishment Room, the world beyond that antiquated door never failed to surprise her…

Keep reading

Next in the alphabetic retrospective of stories you might have missed is the epic four-part tale The Sit-Down Dance, its constituent parts being:

This story was an opportunity to revisit some of the characters I’d conjured into being in Punishment Panties a few years earlier, and was a world I greatly enjoyed revisiting. I’d had this story planned in my head (and sketched out in my notebook) for so long, so it was very satisfying to finally to be able to render it into written
words. 33,000 words as it turned out, the story grew in the telling.

Here’s a review that nicely captures how this story was received by many readers, judging by my inbox. And, in case you’re curious, some pictures of a naughty young lady doing The Sit-Down Dance courtesy of the lovely @asajones2.

What readers have said about this story:

“At the end of the story, I found myself grinning, curled into my
pillows, yearning to know what happens next! The vivid imagery, the wildly creative antics.,I’m finding myself a little tongued-tied at the moment, legs still
wobbly from post orgasm bliss, fingers trembling from the vigorous
rubbing they had just partaken in. I adored it. Truly!“

“I am amazed by how much Sir’s writings arouse me. So many details
in your stories seem like they have been plucked directly from my most
shameful desires. And when it came to this story there were so many of

Being summoned in front of the class to get your little red card,
everyone knowing what’s awaiting you when lessons are over. The walk to
the punishment room and having to show your little badge of shame to all
the teachers you pass. The imagery of the punishment room and the
girls’ preparation. And then the actual punishment, Sir.

It delighted me in such a wicked and shameful way! The position the
girls have to assume and the constraints to assure they retain the
proper posture. The tugging down of the panties and the inspection! The
tissue, Sir, and hav-… having your bottom wiped. The mere idea of
being sat on the potty, piddling like a little girl. Your Mistress or
Sir having to wipe you dry. How can things so debasing be at the same
time so arousing, Sir?” 

What do you think?

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