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I just wanted to thank you. I’ve been reading your stories for a while, but I finally tried out one of your games and it was… everything I’d hoped and more. I spent all day anticipating getting to play another!

I’m delighted to hear it!

The naughty games are a wonderful opportunity to make your favourite fantasies more interactive. Ideas for making your playtime more than just physical stimulation.

Likewise the self-spanking challenges provide a thrilling way to make your spanking fantasies more tangible.

And once you’ve got a taste for one, you might find yourself hungry to try them all…

Sorry if this has been asked before, but what do you look for in a spanking partner? Is an interest in spanking usually enough for playing compatibility? Thanks.

What I consider most important in prospective play partners is – would we make good friends?

Many of those I discipline I’ve known for years. Spanking is a very intimate activity. I spank partners because I know they find it enjoyable, because they yearn for it, and the satisfaction they feel from being properly and strictly disciplined is what satisfies me. I wouldn’t obtain the same fulfilment from just inflicting sore bottoms on strangers.

Making friends takes time, it means appreciating others as human beings, rather than naked bodies. It means taking time to understand why spanking turns them on, what unique fantasies they imagine, and how your two imaginations can come together to create something wonderful.

Kinky play is no different from any other play.

It’s best enjoyed with the very best of friends.

I very much want and need a good hard spanking, on my bare bottom of course. My only problem with this (aside from a reluctant fiance) is that i have a very low pain tolerance, a history of abuse, and ptsd resulting from such. Pain is my biggest trigger, and i find that i can actually handle much less than i would like to without having a panic attack. Do you have any recommendations on how to overcome this? Safety and trust are not issues here, it’s entirely about pain

The science of spanking is quite straightforward, pain is proportional is to the force of the impact. and Newton’s 2nd Law says that’s the product of mass and acceleration.

So if you want a less painful spanking, you have three options:

  1. reduce mass (use a lighter spanking implement)
  2. reduce speed (less backlift when swinging the implement)
  3. or, reduce the experienced impact force (using a shock absorber)

For instance, why not try a wooden spatula with a foam cleaning pad (like those you use to clean dirty dishes) tied around it. That will allow you to experience the ‘blow’ of each spank as it lands, but the foam will dissipate the force long before it reaches your skin.

Once you’re comfortable with the sensations, try replacing the foam with something thinner, like wrapping a dishcloth (or two) around the spatula.

An alternative approach, which achieves the same effect is to be spanked over thick clothing. I can remember once playing with a nervous spankee who wore half a dozen pairs of panties under her skirt.

After every dozen spanks, I flipped up her skirt to inspect her, before scolding her for trying to evade her punishment. Each time she was ‘caught’, she would signal she was happy to keep playing by lowering the outermost pair of her panties. And our game would continue.

By the time I reached her final pair of panties, they were soaked, and she got what she’d been yearning for on her bare bottom at last.

Making the muffled sensations part of the game, really helps when either participant is nervous.

Sometimes, you just need to play gradually, allowing time to adjust to new sensations and establish new levels of comfort.

That also means giving your own partner the confidence to participate in physical play. I’d recommend sharing the following posts with them, so they know what you need from them, and why it’s important to you:

Spanking is playtime.

Get yourselves comfortable, and you’ll both have a great time.

I have a question… I’ve read a lot about bdsm. And i find it very interesting and hopefully would like to try it, however the thought of spanking reminds me of my parents spanking me as a child… And i dont like the thought of pain. How do you differentiate sexual spanking from punishment spanking? I think for myself i wouldnt be able to handle it but reading your stories has me second guessing the thought


What an excellent question.

What’s the difference between a sexual spanking and a punishment spanking?

In a word, the difference is play.

Once we could spend days just exploring, playing games and having fun. But then life got all serious! Luckily, at about the same age, we discover an exciting new side of ourselves: our sexuality. For those with a healthy notion of sex, it’s a wonderful adventure playground, somewhere we can let our imaginations run free, be someone different, break taboos and do something naughty.

A sexual spanking is motivated by this playfulness, the desire to have fun.

Whereas a punishment spanking is motivated by deterrence, the infliction of pain is meant as a reminder: don’t do that again.

This context is all-important, like all games in an adventure playground, sometimes you might fall off and get the odd bruise, but the enjoyment of play makes the odd bump worthwhile.

And the pleasure derived from spanking is subtle. Some people feel a buzz from discomfort, like those who enjoy extremely hot food; others enjoy donning a new persona through role-playing. There’s a reason this blog is called Spanking Theatre, it’s not just the theatre between your ears, it’s also the theatre you can create in your own bedroom. Together you and your partner can improvise an endless number of intimate dramas; share erotic games and wonderful secret adventures. Imagine playing out a scene over successive evenings, as you deepen the characters, and explore each others’ imaginations.

But why spanking?

Spanking has an innate ritual and theatre that makes it a rich seam for role-playing. Some things just seem to be intrinsically erotic: nudity, shame, the heady cocktail of fear, excitement and humiliation. Then there’s the power of commanding or being commanded to do something with sexual connotations, such as undressing or bending over. All these help give spanking the magical ingredient of erotic charge.

Hence in a sexual spanking, the mood is informal and theatrical. There’s a story being told, and the aim is to tantalise and tease the senses. Compare this with the joyless execution of a punishment spanking.

The other key difference is that sexual spankings are consensual. When you partner tells you you’ve been a very naughty girl, and you deserve a good hard spanking, you can – at any time – tell them you don’t want to play anymore. And that’s fine.

Play involves trust, it’s why even the severest spanking is never torture. It’s important that deep down, she enjoys how a spanking makes her feel, and she knows he loves and cares about her enough to give it to her.

As a result, a sexual spanking results in positive emotions like arousal and intimacy. Whereas a punishment spanking only generates negative emotions such as fear and resentment. I’ve never once put my fingers between a spanked lady’s legs and found her to be dry.

Bright red bottoms make eye-catching porn photos, but don’t think every spanking has to end in tears and hot painful cheeks. Some might gain more satisfaction from the psychological aspects of spanking, the ritual, the shame, the surrender of control. And that’s fine too. Some might enjoy just a few taps, just enough to make their bottoms tingle; whilst others might be very aroused by the mere threat of a spanking, the cool slipper rubbing across their bare bum, as she waits in delicious anticipation for a whack that might never come.

It’s your playground, you make up the rules.

And I’ll continue to whisper ideas into your ear.

I hope this helps.

My confession is that I’ve discovered a wonderful way to please myself in the shower. The handheld sprayer pointed directly at my spread lips works wonders and is a fun way to play with temperature as well. It’s so easy to edge myself to climax. It also makes for easy cleanup so no one discovers my dirty little secret…

Indeed, the shower-head is another everyday item with secret erotic connotations for many. 

The sensations on highly sensitised skin, particularly after slit and mound have been meticulously shaved, are quite delightful.

Then there’s the thrilling jeopardy of playing outside the bedroom, masturbating illicitly, whilst you should really be getting washed.

Playing with the temperature dial, slowly numbing your clit with cooling water, until you’re desperate to reawaken it with a jet of hot indulgent torrents. And then dialing down before you get too close, and then doing it all again.

You’re quite aware that your deceit deserves a well-smacked bottom.

You deserve to be spanked whilst still dripping wet, knowing that a wet-bottom spanking is always twice as sore.

But that only makes you push the shower-head closer…


Every Princess deserves her own Throne.

Here’s how to create one of your own…

Leading Lady


Come be my leading lady

I’ve a one-off erotic drama

Improvised and unscripted

Created just for you

Don’t worry, I’ll direct things

No need to learn the words

Or justify your filthiness

I know what you can’t express

There’s no shame upon this stage

Turn your mind off, and just be

Nor any need for rolling cameras

My keen blue eyes see further

Than any lens of glass can see

Peering deep inside to glimpse

That secret side

You love to hide

Come star in my performance

I need only one

Be my focus of attention

Be the centre of the sun

Naughty girls should watch spankings

Naughty girls should watch spankings,

and so learn what happens

to those who misbehave.


Naughty girls should never watch spankings

with needy fingers stroking

rubbing urgently between their legs.

Could you ever imagine your strict Teacher

ever permitting such disgraceful behaviour

as discipline is being served?

Naughty girls should watch spankings

silently and respectfully

sitting up straight, or standing to attention.


Naughty girls should watch spankings

with their skirts lifted, or removed entirely,

folded neatly on the classroom desk.

Naughty girls should watch spankings

with their panties down and bottoms bared,

as if waiting their own turn next.

Naughty girls should watch spankings

with their own bare slits on display, their shameful arousal

clearly glistening between their thighs.

Naughty girls should watch spankings

thinking of her own disciplinarian

and the sore bottom she is due.

Naughty girls should listen to spankings

nose in the corner, arms folded behind her back

anticipating and imagining every smack.

Naughty girls who watch spankings

and masturbate

are very naughty girls indeed.

See me

After class.

I see my FWB on Tuesday to get my birthday spanking… I was wondering if you would give me instructions to give to him for an additional birthday gift from you. (I’m turning 23 by the way).

Send him your favourite spanking story.

Tell him to put you over his knee, and then read you the story out loud.

Tell him to rehearse what he’s going to do. So he knows how the story develops, what voices to use for its characters and how to conjure its drama. And, most importantly, so he’ll know the moments in the story when he’ll spank your bare bottom.

Perhaps you’ll choose a story that gives him the opportunity to stroke languidly between your legs as he slowly reads out each evocative sentence. Or maybe the story might demand he spreads your cheeks wide to conduct a very thorough inspection.

Tell him his imagination is his gift, that his performance will be a unique birthday present. That the wetter he makes you, the more eager you’ll be to properly thank him.

Happy birthday, dear reader.

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