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Do you prefer Good girls or naughty girls?

I much prefer playing with those who want to be good girls.

Bad girls are greedy for attention, they tend to be continually pushing boundaries, testing the rules, seeing what they can get away with.

Good girls are obedient, they appreciate the need for rules and discipline, and know that good behaviour is mutually satisfying for both themselves and their disciplinarian.

Being good opens up a world of new possibilities, of thrilling rewards rather than just an endless cycle of misbehaviour and punishment. Without a change in behaviour, spankings are just smacked bottoms.

What separates discipline from punishment is that it involves submission to a just and desirable set of rules. If the recipient has no interest in accepting the boundaries and improving their behaviour, spanking simply becomes the act of inflicting pain – and that’s never been my priority.

Achieving the trust of smart, independent, self-confident women is what truly satisfies me. This kind of obedience is consensual, because those involved want me to act as the screenwriter for their erotic imaginations. Broken rules may still result in spanked bottoms, but if they’re good, I’ve promised to make their fantasies come true.

I was feeling reckless so went through my days tasks with no panties on under a skirt, slipping fingers underneath my skirt a few times whilst in public. I don’t currently have someone to pull down my panties but I know I deserve a long hard spanking for such unlady like behaviour. What should I do Sir?

I think three assignments from the following list would be appropriate punishment for such naughtiness:

You may choose. Do let me know when your punishment is complete.

Accountability is very important.

Do you have suggestions for how to spank in public; or any other form of punishment that can be done in public? My partner wants to be able to punish me in public but doesn’t know how to go about it. Thank you.

Out of courtesy to others, spankings outside your home should be as discreet as possible.

Go into the countryside or back-country, where there’s literally no-one around. If you camp somewhere remote, you’ll be able to make as much noise as you like.

If you have a garden you could conduct an outdoor spanking if you take precautions. Use a quieter, whippy spanking rod. And if there’s a risk of being overlooked by neighbours, set up a sunshade or awning over yourselves.

Spankings in urban environments are trickier, and riskier, as the kind of places where you won’t be seen are attractive to the kind of people who don’t want to be seen.

But there are many other punishments that can be delivered more subtly:

  • Tell your partner just before going out that they’ll have a thick butt plug stretching their bottom. Have them bend over in the hallway, just inside the front door as you push it inside. Then pull their clothing up just before you leave your home.
  • For extra heat, send them out with a ginger root in their bottom, or a plug that’s been coated in ginger oil or something similar.
  • Confiscate their underwear. This can be done at any time, send them to a public bathroom to take it off and return it to you.
  • Pull up their underwear tight, so they’re in Punishment Panties, which can be used like reins to tug on should they require a reminder to behave whilst you’re out.
  • Alternatively, an improvised chastity belt can be worn beneath their clothes.
  • If they have a school uniform, have them wear it outside.
  • If you stop in a coffee shop, have them write a page of lines, like “I deserve a good hard spanking on my bare bottom“.
  • Send them to a public toilet cubicle, then conduct an intimate inspection via an instant messaging app.
  • Your inspection might include a slit or bottom wiping, which the tissue used brought back for your perusal.
  • Or send them to the toilet with a zip-lock plastic bag, and have them wet their panties. Afterwards, they can place their sodden underwear in the bag and carry it home with them.

The keys to effective public punishment are anticipation and subtlety. Remind your partner what’s going to happen, tease them, have them imagine it in their own head a dozen times whilst in public before it actually happens.

And make sure you whisper regularly into your partner’s ear:

“Just wait until I get you home…”

I’ve visited your blog so many times during quarantine, and I’ve been trying to build up the courage to send you a message. I have so many dirty secrets I feel like I can’t tell anyone but i deserve to be punished for… like how I have a crush on my boyfriend’s best friend who is also our roommate… and how I fantasise about a threesome with one of my female best friends where I dominate her and spank her and choke her and tie her up and my boyfriend dominates me…

I am very glad this blog, and the stories, are providing such solace during these troubled times. We may be limited in where we go, but that doesn’t mean our imaginations can’t wander. This is precisely the time you should be fantasising most extravagantly.

What would you do if you had an hour alone with your secret crush?

What would you do if your best friend turned up at your door, and instead of the unusual pleasantries. you just told her to strip?

And what punishments do you imagine you deserve for your outrageousness? A good hard spanking? Time in a chastity belt? A humiliating inspection? I hope you’re already beginning to imagine all three.

Let your fantasies loose. The kinkier and more outrageous the better.

Set your kinky imagination free, it’s the only part of you they’ll never be able to lock down…

It’s not a regular question so you don’t have to answer it if you don’t feel comfortable but do you think discipline and rules with structure can help people who struggles with their mental health. For me having some rules to follow helps me focus and with a sort of D/s relationship there are similar aspects like knowing wants and needs of the other person and open communication.

Yes I do. I actually wrote a post on the need for rules last year:

Irrespective of mental health, most people yearn for order and structure in their lives. Chaos and uncertainty just lead to anxiety. Personalities that thrive on anarchic disorder are very rare, and tend to have their own struggles.

By eroticising rules, order and discipline in kink play we help soften them, we turn things that could be sources of anxiety into things that are paradoxically arousing.

A good dominant takes charge, kindly and firmly, and helps their partner feel that their world is simpler, that their rules are stricter and less ambiguous, and the costs of transgression might be sore or embarrassing, but breaking a rule won’t feel like life’s foundations are crumbling away.

That’s why spanking fantasies are so popular. The naughty schoolgirl and her stern headmaster, the young lady and her strict governess, the brat sent her room, and dozens of other variations. A quick ritualised bottom smacking, and the slate is wiped clean, emotionally and mentally.

What new ways can I make myself feel humiliated when I punish myself in private?

There’s more than a dozen ideas in this post:

Experiment and discover what you find most humiliating.

It might be sitting on the toilet and wetting your panties.

It might be the shame of wearing punishment panties.

It might be forcing yourself to go out in public just after a spanking, whilst your bottom is still hot, stinging and sore, and your slit is sticky and soaking wet. Your cheeks will blush as you interact with strangers, as you wonder whether they suspect your shameful secret, the spanked pink bottom hidden just beneath your clothes.

Or it might just be the shame of accountability, sitting on your spanked bottom, having to send a message to your disciplinarian describing how and why you’ve just been punished…

Ah, my apologies. I was being vague about my ask. What I meant is that I find it quite interesting and more humiliating when, say, a teacher offers an innocent way out, like lines and exercise questions but also suggests a spanking. The student would the have to tell their preferred punishment in front of the class. I imagine the embarrassment similar to the scene in Sandalwood and Ginger. ;)

I wonder, are you referring to the following paragraphs from Sandalwood and Ginger?

… Afterwards he helped me to my feet and pulled up my pyjamas, and I retook my place beside him on the sofa, my sore spanked bottom smouldering underneath. I listened in stunned silence as my parents begin to spill my childhood secrets, revealing all the naughty things they could remember me doing. At this point Adrian took out his phone and, to my horror, started making notes. By the end he was promising that I’d be soundly spanked over the coming months for my past misdemeanours.

Rather than complain about this long-deferred retribution, I decided to hold my tongue and found myself wondering what would happen if parents really did keep a naughty book of each child’s misbehaviours. After all, there would be no need to spank a child if you could warn them that they’d pay the penalty for their misdemeanours when they were all grown up.

When would be the right time to open that naughty book? Perhaps when the son or daughter prevailed in that ultimate rite of passage: meeting someone and falling in love? Perhaps that’s when the naughty book would be finally be opened, handed over like some kind of heirloom, or a dowry. It could be exchanged at weddings, the transgressions of the bride and groom. Young children might not understand, but teenagers certainly would. I pondered how that might change teen behaviour, knowing a future soulmate might eventually discover all their laziness, brattiness and intransigence.

By the sound of it, my own future would be featuring bottom warmings I’d earned by sins committed long ago…

Just imagine if all pupils had to keep A Naughty Book.

All their little schemes, tantrums, deceits and misdemeanours, recorded for posterity. Until they meet someone strict, who’ll take care of their posterior.

I like that notion a lot. I poured a lot of great writing ideas into Sandalwood and Ginger. It really was a delight to write.

Best of all, a Naughty Book could be started at any age. A new year fast approaches, the perfect time to start keeping one. Imagine keeping a diary of rule-breaking and mischief, all your dreams, desires and fantasies.

Until one day, someone strict will begin to read its pages, and in doing so, begin to read your very soul…

If it’s a discord group chat we’re talkin’ about, there could be a channel for confessions and a channel for punished behinds 🤔😏

I like your thinking.

In fact, maybe there’ll be two channels for those who deserve to get their bottoms spanked.

#study for punishments I conduct in private.

And #classroom for those who need to be punished in front of the class.

And come to think of it, I think #punishmentroom should exist as well, with several panty-pulling chairs awaiting the visit of those sentenced to do the sit-down dance

I enjoy self-punishment… things that I can do by myself that inflict pain and/or embarrassment. I’ve re-created the ‘punishment panties,’ as well as parts of the story ‘coming of age’. Self-spanking isn’t great for me, I need something that I don’t have to be administering the whole time. The punishment panties were great for this. I’m looking for more methods of self-punishment similar to this. Any suggestions? I’m a male.

I wrote a post a while back with some ideas for discreet public embarrassments.

And another post about ideas for humiliating self-punishments in private.

I think any good governess who was too busy to spank a wayward boy would probably produce a nice big butt plug and stretch the naughty boy’s bottom.

The plug would be likely be lubricated by something designed for the recipient’s discomfort, such as Icy Hot, Deep Heat, chilli oil or ginger paste.

She might even decide a good figging was required, with his underpants and trousers pulled up afterwards. With a belt tied around the waist to ensure no interference. After a couple of hours the naughty boy would be begging to have his shorts pulled down, begging for a thorough bottom inspection.

Just imagine what your imaginary disciplinarian would do…

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