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If someone is nervous about sending you a private message because she will no longer remain anonymous, what is your response to her? Lol (it’s me, I’m someone)

I take the right to privacy very seriously, and so I treat any messages received in the strictest confidence. So the worst thing that could happen would be your message might make you blush pink and very squirmy indeed…

What would you do to a girl who knows she needs a spanking but hasn’t been spanked in years?

I would suggest she politely ask for what she needs.

“Please Sir, may I have a good hard spanking on my bare bottom?”

And then I would do this…

Ive been masturbating without permission almost daily and my mistress doesn’t know, should I tell her?

I believe I have already answered this question.

Of course you should confess.

It sounds like you need a reminder of why your Mistress insists on your obedience, and why she is going to need to pull down your panties…

I love your writing so much, and always look forward to your posts! It’s so hard nowadays to find someone who writes real discipline stories and is actually a strong writer, but you do both with grace. Do you have a master-list to all the stories you’ve written?

Thank you, that’s very kind.

And yes, I do have a master list of stories, which readers might like to share with those who appreciate both erotic escapades and heartfelt writing.

Do ❤️ your favourites…

Treasure Hunt is definitely my favorite so far. It makes me feel so good inside and at the same time so sweet. You write so beautifully and I want to give you the highest of praises!! Um. There is something I need to ask though. I’ve never actually pleasured myself and am afraid to do so. I’ve only ever felt aroused through reading. I guess I just feel shy to do so and never really knew the basics. What do you think about it? Have a nice day!!

I think that sounds perfectly reasonable.

According to the most recent studies, 97% of men and 80% of women have masturbated at some point in their lives. That means anyone who hasn’t pleasured themselves is likely to be in the minority, but not freakishly unusual. 

There are many good reasons for not masturbating, some will refrain due to religious or cultural beliefs. A big factor is often privacy, especially those in small, crowded households where bedrooms are shared. Some just haven’t found what they really find arousing yet, and that’s perfectly natural too. Everyone is aroused by different things, some have very particular fetishes and fantasies. That’s what makes human sexuality so varied and fascinating.

So, take your time as you explore not only the full surface area of your own body, but also the fantasy worlds conjured by your own imagination.

You, and your desires, are unique.

And that is something to be cherished.

Do you have a type physically?

I think most people have a preference for what they find physically attractive. But it’s typically a range of characteristics rather than strict set of specific criteria. It’s unhealthy to consider other human beings as products, defined by their measurements.

People have hidden dimensions, facets that aren’t measured in centimetres. I have tried to be open-minded throughout my life, and have been rewarded with relationships with wonderful people.

The world has an adult population of 4.3 billion. That’s over 2 billion individuals of each gender, of every shape and size, (and if you’re bi, you get to choose from the whole lot). Somewhere in that gigantic thrumming crowd of humanity is not just someone who believes you’re just their type – there’s likely to be millions of them.

But physical attractiveness is only part of the story. In time you’ll come to realise some characteristics are much rarer, and much more important.

And that’s why I’ve come to realise that it is those who like spankings, who like fantasising about spankings, and who like experiencing spankings – they are the precious individuals who are just my type

When will your next story come? I just love these.

Have you really read them all ready?

Since finishing the last one, Oubliette, I’ve been working on the two new stories I have in development. Already, they are very hot indeed…

Would you ever expand or do something like your mini bed post story?

I would, I think it’s a wonderful scenario for a longer story. Maybe I’ll turn it into a multi-part epic like The Sit-Down Dance.

Would you like that?

can you add more games??

Hands up who wants more games?

And do you want more naughty games or more self-spanking challenges?

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