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Name the Houses

Like all good boarding schools, the upcoming Spanking Theatre School group will consist of four Houses, into which each pupils will be assigned.

The four houses will represent the four categories described in this post:


The Royals – those who appreciate dominance and order

The Seducers – those who seek the favour of authority and prefer chaos

The Watchers – those with a submissive inclination who obey the rules

The Troublemakers – those with no respect for authority or its stupid rules

Given the group is going to be a collaborative fantasy, I’m going to ask readers to name the houses. Perhaps you’ll choose an alluring word, or an animal, or a made-up name, or something mythological. Post or reply with your suggestions!

Treasure Hunt


A bedtime story for those who still love to play

She’d been so close!
Agonisingly close!
She’d frantically scrambled around the utility room as the buzzing between her legs rose to a dizzying crescendo. Trying to retain her composure, to resist the temptation to sink to her knees and let the delicious wave of pleasure wash over her. All the while, he stood behind her holding the magic wand, chuckling at her slapstick search, gleefully reminding her that her time was almost up.

Moments later, the bell rang – and the vibrations between her legs abruptly stopped.
She squealed, emptying her lungs in frustration.
She had lost again. And that meant another visit to the spanking chair.
Rules were rules.

By tradition, the first Friday night of each month was Treasure Hunt night. The game had evolved over all the years they’d been together, and would now undoubtedly shock their friends with its brazen kinkiness and erotic inventiveness.

The objective of the game was simple. An object would be hidden somewhere in the house, and the seeker had six minutes to find it, all the while being shepherded by the devilishly distracting sensations of the remote control vibrator…

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Next in the alphabetical retrospective of past stories is Treasure Hunt.

The previous post served as an appropriate prelude, as the central theme of this story is playfulness, the switch couple have invented their own little naughty game, with the winner taking charge for a night, in what has become a series of increasingly outrageous sex games.

This will be a familiar theme if you’ve my posts on the naughty well-behaved, and the secret of sexual spontaneity.

Fundamentally, this is a story about building your own sexual reality. It is a quest to discover what really turns your partner on, because really, that’s the greatest aphrodisiac of all.

But the very best sexual experiences often involve activities experienced for the very first time. Sometimes we don’t really know what we desire, and are reluctant to spell out what we want. And there is great pleasure in being surprised. That’s only possible inside a strong partnership, committed to continuing exploration and experimentation.

Those discoveries are the true Treasure.

And they’re well worth the Hunt.

So I’ve found an intense love for spankings and punishment in the bedroom, but I need your help. My girlfriend often goes down more of a denial sort of punishment rather than a good spanking, and even though denying me pleasure undoubtedly teaches me a lesson I wish she would take control in a more physical way. I think in a way she doesn’t do it because she knows I would enjoy it more than I would suffer through it. How can I get her to spank me more often? – A lust filled naughty girl

I can completely understand why your partner might be reluctant to spank you.

Many think of spanking as mere foreplay: as a dozen smacks before the ‘main event’.

you need to help her to understand that your spanking is the main
event, with no expectation of pleasuring afterwards. At least, not for
you. Tell her how much spanking means to you – (here’s my answer for instance)
– and ask her how you can push her buttons too.

Describe to her what it’s like to be sent to the corner with a spanked bottom, your slit aching but your hands frustratingly kept on your head. Describe how spankings can be the precursors of long, lingering inspections, and how those with sore bottoms are very eager to please.

That’s why many
couples wrap physical punishments into a fantasy scene. By dressing up
and acting out roles, you can play grown-up games of misdemeanours and
erotic consequences. And whilst a fucking might be over in minutes, a
well-planned spanking might take hours. The growing anticipation,
building to a crescendo of a cathartic punishment.

What if your
partner was to play your headmistress, or your governess? What if you give her a
story to read like The Sit-Down Dance
or Ups and Downs. What
if you asked her to re-enact one of the scenes?

If denying you turns
her on, make sure that becomes an integral part of the spanking scenes you play. Make it a rule
that the game only continues for as long as you don’t touch yourself.
Promise her your obedience, in return for her strict hand. (Unless she
gives you permission to masturbate as part of the scene, of course).

you’re in the role of a naughty schoolgirl – or whatever arouses you
most – spanking can become part of an ongoing private conspiracy, played
in secret, with a brand new chapter improvised every night.

And I wish you both wonderful bedroom adventures.

Naughty Game #21: Inspections for Boys

This is the long-awaited follow-up to Inspections for Girls! This game describes how to intimately inspect those blessed with male anatomy.

Of course, here Boy and Girl are used in the controlling sense, it should go without saying these games for consenting adults. Also bear in mind this game is not cock worship, the aim is to take charge, to inspect the masculinity of a grown man, objectify him, and (if that turns you on) to make him feel like a naughty little boy. After all, you may need to spank him when it’s over.

Like Inspections for Girls, this is a slow game of self-control, where you (or your partner) learn to appreciate yourself visually. This game may be a different kind of play to what you’re used to – the aim is not pleasure the subject. Instead the inspector should keep their touches to a minimum, and when somewhere sensitive is touched, it should be done to further the examination, rather than stimulate for pleasure. At least until ejaculation is intended.

No additional equipment is needed for this game, but a few items might come in handy:

  • a mirror (useful for self-inspections)
  • cotton buds or paintbrush (to help minimise touches, and provide unique sensations)
  • a glass of water (for dipping fingertips / buds / brushes)
  • a butt plug, for bottom stretching
  • lubricant, for deeper anal examinations or prostate massages

The inspection game can be played alone (inspecting yourself), or with a partner (one of you being inspected or both, taking it in turns).

How to Play

The aim of this game is for the observer to visually inspect the subject, (who might be the same person). If playing solo, the subject should experience minimal physical stimulation. If playing with a partner, only the inspector should be doing the touching.

The stages of this game reflect the four phases of the male sexual response:

  1. Arousal
  2. Erection
  3. Ejaculation
  4. Repose (the Refractory Period)

1 – Arousal

The game begins with not just an examination of his physical anatomy, but his arousal response, and the effect being inspected has on his body.

The game should start with the subject in an unaroused, flaccid state. Begin by having him undress completely. If his genitals are not already shaved bare, you might want to do that first.

If he’s already erect, send him to the corner to cool down, have him hold ice cubes against his groin if needs be. Always best to begin with a flaccid, compliant subject.

The inspector may like to sit comfortably, whilst the subject stands naked in front of them.

Begin by examining his penis, as you’ll want to inspect it in its flaccid state before it begins to stiffen again. Cup it in your palm and feel its weight, notice how small it seems in its natural state.

With a fingertip, trace the wrinkles of the skin, and the bulges of its veins. Feel his pulse, and the blood surging through his member, feel how it swells in response to your rubbing and stroking, how its weight increases and its shape changes.

The observer should occasionally dip their instrument of examination in
the glass of water, (whether that’s a fingertip, cotton bud or
paintbrush). This will provide the subject with different friction
sensations, from sensually moist to ticklishly dry.

Observe how it grows, how its length increases. Press it, and notice how it changes from soft and fleshy to spongy, and then eventually to firm, stiff and unyielding.

If your subject has a foreskin, examine if it retracts as the penis swells, exposing the smooth helmet-shaped glans underneath. In some men, the foreskin needs to be tugged back behind the glans before it gets too hard. Examine the smooth purple bulbous flesh, its little slit and the liquid that leaks from it.

Scrutinise the subject’s skin, how it reacts to the lightest of touches, the emergence of goosebumps, how it sweats and blushes.

2 – Erection

Once the subject’s penis is erect, the inspector can appreciate its hardness, before moving on to examine other regions of his body.

Begin with the scrotum, as it’s important that boys have regular testicular checks. Use both thumbs and index fingers to gently touch each testicle through the skin, with your remaining fingers placed behind the testicle to immobilise it. Use a gentle rubbing motion between thumb and index finger to methodically examine each one. Observe too how the once-wrinkled skin of his sac has tightened to as he has become more aroused.

Then move on to examine the perineum, the sensitive area behind the scrotum. This is a good site for stroking with a wet fingertip or cotton-bud. If the inspector is sitting, the subject should bend over, spreading his legs and splaying apart his buttocks to present himself.

This will, of course, also reveal the subject’s bottom cleft and hole, which will also need to be thoroughly inspected. This process is described in a separate post, on bottom inspections.

The powerful muscles of the abdomen, waist and thighs should also be examined, given their important role in thrusting when fucking. This is a good point to ask the subject about his sexual history, whether he has used his penis to penetrate a partner orally, vaginally or anally. Have him demonstrate how he thrusted, with your partially closed lubricated hand as the orifice. But only allow a few thrusts, some silly boys spurt far too quickly.

During the course of your inspection, have you noticed how his breathing changed? This is the effect of testosterone and adrenaline now surging through his blood. Remember that physiologically, his body is priming itself for an intense period of physical activity: the vigorous fucking of a sexually receptive human female.

If the inspector possesses a vagina, she might want to pause and appreciate the physical intent of her subject, what the animalistic side of him would do to her given half a chance. What would happen if she bent over in front of his stiff cock, with her bare pink slit invitingly exposed. The inspector might find herself wet, even if she has no intention of engaging in intercourse, as his erection triggers ancient sexual instincts deep inside her mind…

3 – Ejaculation

This stage of the inspection is optional, as some inspectors will prefer their subject to remain abstinent. But others will want to watch him ejaculate, especially if he under instructions to refrain from masturbating, and the volume of his ejaculate needs to be recorded.

The best way to collect his semen is by rolling a condom down his shaft when the visual inspection stage is finished. As the goal is collection rather than contraception, the finger of a rubber glove can also be used as a receptacle if no condoms are available. If the quantity of semen is being recorded, weigh the condom or glove on cooking scales before and after collection.

There are two main ways to induce ejaculation, manual stimulation of the penis, or anal stimulation of the prostate. The former simply requires rubbing the tip of his penis, as you tell him to be a good boy and come for you.

The prostate massage is more intense, and potentially more humiliating. A latex glove can be worn on one hand, or the middle fingers covered in by condom, which once lubricated, can be slowly worked into the anus. The palm should be facing the same direction as the subject’s penis. Continue to push deeper, withdrawing fingers if necessary to apply additional lubrication. Meticulous inspectors might first try penetrating with an anal dildo or butt plug to stretch his bottom hole wider.

Continue probing until the middle finger has penetrated to its maximum extent, then curl the fingertip towards the subject’s tummy. You might feel a bulge in the wall of his rectum, tell him to say when he feels you might have found it, then keep stroking with a beckoning motion until he spurts. Prostate massages can also be performed over the inspector’s lap, in the pauses between having his bare bottom spanked.

4 – Repose

If the subject is allowed to ejaculate, the final stage of the inspection is like the first, but in reverse.

Notice how sensitive his penis is after coming. In fact, the skin of males is highly sensitised just after orgasm, and their minds at the most compliant. A secret known by governesses who knew the moments after ejaculation provided the very best time to deliver a well-smacked bottom. Many naughty boys have writhed across their mistresses’ laps, as they’re spanked until they spurt. But such lack of self-control only prolongs their ordeal, their cocks still dripping onto the towel beneath them as their punishment continues.

See how his skin reacts when you tickle and stroke, the goosebumps, the sheen of his sweat and pinkness of where he flushes.

Observe how his penis begins to wilt and soften. Hold it in your hand, and feel how the stiffness becomes spongy, then fleshy, pliable and soft. Cup it in your palm and feel its weight diminish, as if it it’s vanishing before your eyes. Here some might like to tease their subject, pointing out his abrupt loss of virility, and how he now seems to have the willy of a little boy again.

Ideas for Inspection Roleplay

Inspections can be incorporated into lots of erotic roleplaying scenarios. The inspector simply needs to tell the subject why they need to be inspected, and to instruct them to undress. Once the scene is set, the inspector can improvise the rest.

He might be a slave being inspected before purchase by a new Roman master. Or a captive examined by a pirate captain, or a eunuch being admitted into the Sultan’s harem. Or a naughty schoolboy who’s just had his shorts pulled down prior to a spanking.

Where he is playing a captive, like in a prison strip search, he might also be bound or cuffed. Or the inspection might be more informal, like a visit to a doctor or the school nurse. In these scenarios the one inspecting should take special care not to pleasure their subject, and economise their touches like a medical professional, so they leave the subject aching to be rubbed.

Engage your imaginations, and have fun!

Spanking Advent – Day 17

Today is a moment of sadness and nostalgia for what Tumblr used to be. So it seems fitting to post one of my earliest stories, the one in particular that fired my imagination with possibilities and gave me enthusiasm to write more.

It is Cosmopolitan.

Spanking Advent – Day 13

Today’s treat is a reader submission, a delightful recollection of what these stories can inspire: I hope you enjoy… Lexi’s Story.

10 Reasons for Bottom Inspections


All good spankings should end with a bottom inspection.

Where the spankee is exposed and examined by their spanker, who intimately surveys the effects of the spanking they’ve administered.

The picture above is of a naughty young lady I
recently spanked. One of the
pictures taken during her subsequent inspection marvelously captured the very moment her arousal dripped from
her swollen lips. So I asked to her to trace the picture, and with her
agreement, it’s posted here to conclude her punishment. So everyone can
see what a well-spanked, naughty girl she is.

And so everyone can see the physical effect a good bottom inspection can have too.

But there’s more to inspections than just amplifying post-spanking arousal, I can think of at least 10 reasons why inspections deserve to be an integral part of your spankings:

  1. prolonging the moment
  2. making it real
  3. sharing vulnerability
  4. embarrassment and shame
  5. building arousal
  6. examining the impact
  7. aftercare
  8. submission
  9. empathy
  10. continuations

Intrigued? Let me explain…

1. To prolong the moment

Inspections are an opportunity to be mindful, to stay in the present moment and
conserve the precious erotic charge that you’ve developed during the
spanking. If you’ve been roleplaying, an inspection allows both top
and bottom to stay in character just a little while longer, remaining within
and keeping the fragile bubble of their fantasy intact. 

Mindfulness is about experiencing the present moment with your full attention. The bottom experiencing the thrill of being exposed, whilst for the top it’s a chance to read back a miniature
story of the scene you’ve just played.

2. To make it real

If a tree falls in a forest, does it make a sound? As anyone who’s ever spanked themselves alone knows, unwitnessed spankings can feel rather unfulfilling. Something important is missing, someone who’ll elevate the experience from perfunctory to erotic.

Inspections can assume
a special significance if discipline has to be conducted remotely. If you’ve just finished spanking yourself, and your bottom is sore and
smarting, just sending a message like “I’ve had my spanking” to your spanker doesn’t really communicate the hurricane of pain, shame and arousal you’ve just experienced. Sending a picture of your spanked bottom to your partner, or an audio recording of the smacks, helps bring the spanking alive for both of you.

3. To share their moment of vulnerability

The purpose of an inspection is not to ogle your partner, however
beautiful the view might be, but to share in their moment of
vulnerability. Exposure is an act of trust, where the spankee reveals themselves at their most vulnerable, and invites their
partner to share in that moment.

Presenting oneself for inspection is a highly submissive act, so I believe a spankee should always ask politely to be inspected, rather than being commanded to. And if they don’t feel comfortable enough to be inspected, there’s never any obligation.

4. To scold, embarrass and shame

Many find sexual shame is intensely erotic, and an intimate inspection is a fine way of experiencing erotic humiliation in a safe environment, in the privacy of your own bedroom.

I tend to conduct inspections with the spankee’s legs spread wide, so the slit and bottom hole are visible. Such exposure can be very embarrassing, even for those very comfortable with their own nudity. Even more revealing is being told to hold your sore spanked cheeks
apart. To be so thoroughly exposed when all you want to do is rub the
sting away.

5. To assess arousal

Inspections are ideal opportunity to reveal just how exciting your spankee partner has found your playtimes. There’s no denying the implications of a stiff pointing cock, or seeping sticky slit, on display for all to see.

If the spanking you’ve given was intended as a punishment, and the spankee is unavoidably aroused, you might decide to scold them for lack of self-control. Perhaps other punishments will be earned. Or, if you’re spanking for your mutual pleasure, now’s your opportunity to run your finger down
their shaft, or glide a fingertip between their eager lips.

6. To examine the impact

This reason is practical rather than erotic. When the spanker inspects, they are paying careful attention to what their spanking has inflicted. Look at the pink blushes on the spankee’s bottom, did you intend to spank
that hard? Do they need more, or is it time to conclude their punishment?

Be mindful and inspect with all your senses. Is their skin hot to the touch, do they squirm away from your
fingers? Are there any little marks or bruises? What about the state of
the bottom’s clothing, in place or disheveled? Are there tears, either
on their face or damp dots on nearby pillows? Can you see goosebumps?
Was this spanking just what they deserved?

7. Aftercare

Yet inspections should also be more than just a forensic exercise in finding marks.
It is a time to talk to each other, a chance for the top to check the
bottom is ok. To let the scene gently wind down, and allow
reality to resume.

If you’re physically present, it’s an opportunity to rub and caress their sore bottom and provide
the comfort of a cuddle. If you’re both remote, the top should be checking the bottom enjoyed the experience, and their emotional well-being.

8. Submission

Inspections continue the power exchange that began with the spanking being announced and the bottom being bared.

And what could be more submissive than asking them to bend over, holding their spanked
bottom open for one final dramatic act of exposure, an invitation to their disciplinarian to read their most intimate secrets.

9. Empathy

Inspections are also a kind of a time-out, during which the spanker should acknowledge and empathise with the spankee’s discomfort. Perhaps
you’ll commend their obedience to your instructions, and praise their stoicism.

Likewise, if you spent the spanking chiding her for
behaving like a naughty little girl, this is a chance to build her up
again, to express your admiration of how she took her punishment like a
big girl. Or a chance to remind the spankee who sets the rules, and what
they can expect when they misbehave again.

10. Continuations

Last but not least, inspections provide an opportunity to continue the scene.

You might send the spankee to stand in the corner, or to sit upon a naughty
stool.  Or perhaps you’ll get them to take a picture of themselves and instruct them to Draw Lines, tracing out their own image, line by line, just like the picture above.

Spankings should be so much more
than just a few minutes of inflicting pain. Inspections prolong playtime. Why shouldn’t what happens
afterwards last far longer than the punishment itself? After all, once a
fire is ignited, who doesn’t want to linger, and enjoy its glow…?

Which doll scene would you play?


From the story, Playing Dolls:

On the table before us is a glossy colour programme, which welcomes us and lists all the different scenes we guests can play. We’re staying in the southern half of the chateau, and it seems all the rooms in the northern half have been specially decorated in some kind of scene. Some rooms even have special guest appearances by famous doms and dominatrices. It’s like attending a music festival, where you can’t be everywhere, and you’ll going to have to make some excruciating choices.

Because today is the day the owners play with their dolls. Undressing and redressing them in new costumes, and taking them to all kinds of themed rooms. There might be a regency ballroom, a pirate ship cabin, realistic castle dungeons, old-fashioned schoolrooms, even suburban bedroom sleepovers.

Some scenes are erotic dioramas, static scenes of great eroticism or aesthetic beauty. Others are more interactive, featuring roleplaying that’s orchestrated by our owners. We dolls may not be able to move, but our sexual responsiveness is unaffected. It’s not uncommon for us to become highly aroused during a scene, seeping silently. And when we drip, we rely on our owners to wipe us.

I can’t move my eyes to read, so you flick through the programme, reading out what piques your interest. I can not talk, so this is not a discussion. I will accept whatever you decide is best for me, as always. I know here, I’m barely even a person anymore, just a soft malleable plaything, something to be controlled and molded.

Your voice fills my mind as I imagine what you describe to me…

The Stables. With ponies for the dolls to ride, led by their owners around the chateau grounds. A wide range of whips and crops available, as well as dildoes for the saddles.”

Tickle-torment. A room full of devious contraptions with moving feathers, apply them to every part of your doll’s anatomy, as they tremble, unable to move.”

The Clinic. Detailed intimate examinations, performed by our medically qualified nursing team.”

The Spa. Experience our soothing baths and bubbling waters, and wash your charge clean again.”

A Visit to Uncle Montagu. Step back in time to this meticulously recreated 1950s household, where naughty boys and girls can expect the slipper.”

Ballet School. Visit the gymnasium to have your doll tutored by our renowned ballet teacher.”

The Royal Court. Taking place in the gilded splendour of the Great Hall. Attend this opulent scene as aristocrat or commoner.”

The Studio. Pose your charge in a diorama, and have them painted by our world-class artist.”

Rape in the Woods. Let us hide your doll in the woods. Owners will be supplied with a map. Dolls will wait in suspense, until their owner surprises them – or someone else does.”

The Sanatorium. Hot and flustered? Enemas and cold showers should bring your charge’s temperature down”

The Nursery. Nappy facilities available, along with lots of toys.”

The Shibari Cellar. Our rope bondage masters will assist you in binding and suspending your doll in beautiful contortions.”

The Libertine’s Bedchamber. Watch as your charge is expertly fucked by our quixotic and masterful lover.”

Statues in the Fountain. Visit the courtyard, and add another statue to our marvellous display. Let streams of tingling water run across your charge’s body.”

Chores for Cinderella. Dress your doll as a maid, and we’ll put them to work cleaning the chateau.”

The Medieval Dungeon. Slap your wench in chains, and commit them to the stocks. Watch or aid our skilled team as they administer a myriad erotic torments.”

Instructed by the Governess. Let our professional domme teach your charge how to behave with proper decorum, with lessons in manners, cleanliness and good posture.”

Picnic in the Park, au naturel. Shed your clothes and join us to bask in the fresh air. Parasols, cold drinks and delicious treats provided.”

The Geisha Lounge. Our make-up experts will transform your charge into a beautiful white-faced Japanese doll.”

The Headmaster’s Office. Appointments available for naughty dolls. Bottoms will be bared and thoroughly caned.”

The Pirate’s Cabin. Watch on as our crew of lovable ruffians abducts and violates your most treasured possession.”

The Salon of Whores. For those who believe in sharing. Leave your doll here to be fucked, whilst you enjoy the charms of others.”

The Bucolic Glade. Let us transform you and your charge into fauns and satyrs, then come frolic in our enchanted wood.”

The Classroom. Watch from the back of our authentically recreated school room as your doll is tutored by one of our team of experienced headmistresses. Misbehaviour will be punished…”

So, if you had a choice…

Which scene would you choose? Click to cast your vote.

Here’s the current top 5, chosen by you:

1. The Stables (12% of votes)

2. The Clinic (11.3%)

3. The Nursery (9.2%)

4= Rape in the Woods / Medieval Dungeon (both 7.8%)

Very interesting to what’s popular among readers.

The leading choice is for the Stables, with many clearly liking the prospect of straddling a
saddle dildo, whilst the sting of the whip nips their bare bottom.

Given the popularity of the Inspections for Girls
game, it’s perhaps not surprising to see such a queue of readers wanting to
attend The Clinic. It seems being undressed and intimately scrutinised
by an authority figure is a very popular fantasy. Detailed intimate
examinations that are simultaneously mortifyingly
embarrassing and intensely arousing.

But perhaps you’d choose something quite different altogether…

What would you choose?

Adventures in self-spanking



An anonymous reader writes:

For this
, she decides to adopt the so-called diaper position.  She
wants to realize the benefits of the deep shame her Imaginary
Disciplinarian intends for her. She is to be displayed so he sees everything, her legs above her
head, her cunt and bottom hole presented for his appreciation as she lays upon her trundle

To do her Disciplinarian’s bidding, she chooses as her tool of choice a schoolroom implement, a long
wooden ruler. The “premise” for her
punishment, like most, is the young lady’s devotion to mischief and her
blatant, almost teasing, disregard for authority. It doesn’t help her cause that she
scampers around the house in her shortest of short pajamas ideally exposing her
most intimate areas to her
Disciplinarian’s eyes…

The thwack, thwack, thwack of each strike of the ruler offers
quite different sensations than other implements used for her
punishments.  This tool allows her to direct a symphony of light, crisp,
altogether delicious strokes to her ample posterior.  The diaper
position gives her the opportunity to reach some of her bottom’s
fleshier areas and – interestingly – some more tender, intimate regions as

As she continues to apply indiscriminate whacks upon her bottom, she
becomes increasingly aware of fascinating sensations originating from
her nether regions. These sensations in turn cause her to increase the
frequency and effort behind her strokes. Quite randomly, some of the
strokes miss her intended target and instead graze her cunt & bottom

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Several readers have been asking for advice on how to intensify the spankings they gave themselves. This post might provide some ideas…

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