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school fantasies

Now I’m imagining a handful of naughty girls one by one having their skirts lifted and panties unceremoniously yanked into their slits, their palms quickly smacked by the ruler of their teacher, then all made to write lines, while one slightly less naughty girl is led into the other room. The door is open just enough to see him take her over his knee, bare her bottom, and begin spanking her with his hand, before the prefect shuts it, leaving the rest to hear the muffled whacks and moans…

Until, eventually, their classmate is led back into the detention room, and positioned facing the blackboard at the front of the class. The hem of her skirt tucked into her waistband, her panties already tucked safely inside her teachers’ pocket.

Her arms are folded behind her back, so she isn’t tempted to rub the two bright pink circles on each of her cheeks, now stinging and sore. Her sore bottom an inescapable fascination for her classmates who dare to look up from scribbling their lines.

Each one squirming in their seats as they imagine themselves in their friend’s position, their own tight panties pulled down at last. Their own bare bottom burning. Their own face flushed with embarrassment and shame. Their own excitement beginning to dribble down the inside of their thighs.

Each one imagining that at any moment, their teacher might suddenly loom above them, take the pen from their weary fingers… and lead them by the wrist to the spanking room…

We all know truants are caned. How about truant prefects, who are supposed to be good examples to their peers?

Prefects who betray their responsibilities and break the school rules they should be upholding would be caned in public in front of their peers.

First, her prefect badge would be ritually unpinned from her uniform.

Then, she would address her classmates, apologising for her indiscretion and acknowledging that righteousness of her punishment. She would unbutton her skirt, handing it over to the Head Teacher as a symbol of her contrition.

Then she would turn away from the dozens of staring eyes, each widened in anticipation, and bend over to touch her toes.

The Head Teacher would then pull her panties right down to her ankles, to the sound of stifled gasps.

The cane would be placed against her bare bottom, rubbing and then stroking, increasing her awareness of where the first stroke will land. Tapping between her legs to widen her stance and reveal a bit more of her tingling lips.

And then the cane would rise, and swish, and fall.

Those assembled barely breathing, until justice is served…

I enjoy reading everything you’ve written, but sometimes I kept thinking how in reality the strict teachers and professors could just give misbehaving students extra homework or lines to write, but decides that spankings are a better way for the students to…. “improve”.

I don’t think anyone has ever masturbated to the thought of being assigned more homework.

That would be a very niche kind of erotica, I’m not sure how much demand there’d be for it.

But you make an interesting observation.

In reality, I hope all here agree that spanking is an activity to be enjoyed between consenting adults. Yet whilst we’d be horrified if teachers actually did use physical force against their pupils – many of us quite like the idea of being held to account by some strict academic authority figure, and rather fancy being in the imagined pupils’ quaking shoes.

That’s because I believe a large number of those who read this blog are what I call The Naughty Well-behaved. Genteel individuals who’ve spent their lives studiously obeying the rules, which just makes their secret fantasises of transgression and punishment even more erotic.

In their fantasies, they crave someone strict to tell them to bend over.

To pull down their panties.

To scold them for their naughtiness.

To spank their bare bottom until it’s hot and pink.

And if there’s lines to be written, what better way to write them than sitting on  sore spanked cheeks…

The main fantasy I keep revisiting is being in a traditional boarding school (where everyone is of age. A strict college?), and having a crush on a professor. The professor is handsome and nice, and I’m one of his favorite students. One day I get caught for something that is against school rules, and the professor has to punish me otk. It’s all very formal, and not even sexual in nature (but I might get off to the memory later that evening in my dorm). I would give anything for that to be real.

A delightful fantasy. 

I like the idea of using that setting for the new group chat forum. A college of brilliant young ladies, perhaps like the high-achievers who attend Playscape holidays.

All overseen by a strict headmaster, with a strong sense of duty and discipline.

And as you say, spankings don’t need to be sexual to be remembered as highly erotic experiences later.

I think you’ll enjoy enrolling in my school.

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