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What new ways can I make myself feel humiliated when I punish myself in private?

There’s more than a dozen ideas in this post:

Experiment and discover what you find most humiliating.

It might be sitting on the toilet and wetting your panties.

It might be the shame of wearing punishment panties.

It might be forcing yourself to go out in public just after a spanking, whilst your bottom is still hot, stinging and sore, and your slit is sticky and soaking wet. Your cheeks will blush as you interact with strangers, as you wonder whether they suspect your shameful secret, the spanked pink bottom hidden just beneath your clothes.

Or it might just be the shame of accountability, sitting on your spanked bottom, having to send a message to your disciplinarian describing how and why you’ve just been punished…

What’s a good alternative to the panty pulling chair that gives the same/similar end results?

The desired outcome of panty-pulling is a sore pink stripe, which depends on two factors, the force applied to pull the panties between the legs, and the length of time the friction is experienced. 

To maximise the force applied, you can tie your panties to any strong fixture, and use your own weight to do the pulling. Good fixtures are bedframes, the handles of chests of drawers, or door or window grills. The following posts should give you some ideas:

Depending on your waist height, and the height of where you attach your panties, you can stand, sit or kneel as appropriate.

Standing is described in the story Punishment Panties, where Alice and Penny stand on tiptoes as their panties are tied to their beds.

Sitting is described in The Sit Down Dance, and the eponymous naughty game post.

Kneeling also works well for lower-height fixtures, such as drawer handles. Here you’ll be able to control the friction you feel between your legs by sinking lower towards the floor.

An alternative, which doesn’t require any attachment, and which can be done discreetly beneath your clothes, is to just pull your panties up tight until you feel The Pinch. And then keep them tight throughout the day, so they intrude between your lips and rub against your bottom hole.

Here as the rubbing is done over an extended period of time, you don’t need to apply as much force to get a satisfyingly sore stripe.

This approach can be particularly effective when you have a disciplinarian to report to. They can send you somewhere private every now and then to verify your panties are indeed pulled tight enough. And if they’re not physically present, pictures can be sent to provide proof. In the course of the day, it’s not uncommon for such messages to be accompanied by pleas for mercy, to be released from her exquisite torment…

I enjoy self-punishment… things that I can do by myself that inflict pain and/or embarrassment. I’ve re-created the ‘punishment panties,’ as well as parts of the story ‘coming of age’. Self-spanking isn’t great for me, I need something that I don’t have to be administering the whole time. The punishment panties were great for this. I’m looking for more methods of self-punishment similar to this. Any suggestions? I’m a male.

I wrote a post a while back with some ideas for discreet public embarrassments.

And another post about ideas for humiliating self-punishments in private.

I think any good governess who was too busy to spank a wayward boy would probably produce a nice big butt plug and stretch the naughty boy’s bottom.

The plug would be likely be lubricated by something designed for the recipient’s discomfort, such as Icy Hot, Deep Heat, chilli oil or ginger paste.

She might even decide a good figging was required, with his underpants and trousers pulled up afterwards. With a belt tied around the waist to ensure no interference. After a couple of hours the naughty boy would be begging to have his shorts pulled down, begging for a thorough bottom inspection.

Just imagine what your imaginary disciplinarian would do…

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