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Could you do more naughty games for couples by any chance?

Yes, I would like to post more games for couples. Though I have a backlog of new stories to finish first.

In the meantime though, couples might like to try playing the self-spanking games, which are intended to work equally well regardless of whether the spanker is in the same room, or a completely different city.



When I told you my story, I never explained how we played our wonderful Overboard game.

There happens to be a large old oak bench near the back of the Cold Castle Academy chapel. So when we girls decide Overboard is to
be our pastime of the evening, we sneak out of our dorm, and scurry off to the chapel. We close the door behind us. barring it, we do not intend to be disturbed.

Fate decides who will sit, and who will stand. We pass two dice amongst ourselves, each takes turns to roll, the two little ivory cubes tumbling and skittering across the flagstone floor, their black spots glinting in the candlelight.

Whispers. Sweaty palms. Thudding

The bench seats five, but only four will be seated – assigned to those who roll the four lowest scores. The suspense builds as we learn our roles. Those rolling the four highest scores will be their partners.

If its sitters were to take their seats in the regular way, the long wooden bench could comfortably accommodate six. But when playing Overboard, those chosen do not sit on the flat plank of the bench, but on four of the five elegantly carved curved dividers that separate it into seats. By convention, the central divider is left unoccupied.

As befits this ceremonial space, our game proceeds ritualistically, adding to the excitement
of it all. Those who have been chosen to sit must remove their undergarments, before being led by the hand by their assigned partner to the bench.

Each sitter then steps up and onto the bench, straddling the divider, and then bending at the knees to sit down, until her thighs lie either side of it.

The curve is perfectly carved for the female anatomy, a short flat section enough to take the sitter’s weight, which rests against her perineum. Whilst the curve ascends upwards behind her, running between her buttocks. And in front of her mound, is a gently curving rise, circular in section, perfectly shaped to part her lips and press against her mound. It won’t be long until she feels the thin wood intruding between her slit. 

Once seated, the sitter’s nightgown will be lifted, and a quick inspection performed by her partner to ensure she’s properly positioned on the divider’s edge. Then her nightgown is allowed to fall, concealing, for now, her wet swollen lips.

Now the next sitter takes her place, until all four are seated with the wood comfortably between their cheeks, pressing just where it should. It is
nothing orgasmic but the sensation is pleasant.

The sitters are then directed to reach behind their shoulders to grasp the backboard through adjacent triangular gaps. Once their hands pass through the gaps in the frame, they are tied up with their own discarded panties. This is achieved by passing their wrists through one leg-hole of their underwear, then passing the other half of the garment between the wrists twice, and then passing both hands through the other leg-hole. This will keep each girl in position and helpless, completely at the mercy of her partner’s devious mind.

Soon, each sitter is perching on their division, their bare toes dangling just above the cold stone floor, so their own weight presses their slits onto the protrusion they straddle. Yet they can not relieve the pressure by planting their feet on the floor, should even just a toe make contact, the sitter will forfeit the game immediately.

Only when all four girls are tied up, does our game begin in earnest.

Their four partners take it in turns to play, the one with the highest score commences, facing the girl who rolled the lowest. Each partner has 3 minutes, measured by the sands of a procured kitchen egg-timer, to tempt and titillate her seated companion. She might tell a short wicked
story, or stroke her sitter’s naked flesh (but not her slit), or perform an erotic act on herself. Whatever she can do to arouse the seated girl most.

Now, after all these nights of mischief, we’ve come to know our bed-sisters so intimately. We know what turns each other on, what their fantasies are, how to get our friends the most excited.

But when the sands of time have run out, the partner’s little performance must end. Her last act is to ceremoniously lift her sitter’s nighty, revealing just how excited she’s managed to make her.

Why? Well, this is why we call the game Overboard. Quite literally. If the sitter drips her juices down the dividing board that parts her cunny and onto the bench below, her partner wins. And the sitter must pay a
forfeit to the one who made her drip. If not, she stays in the game for another round.

Once the first partner’s time is up, it is the turn of the one beside her. We continue until all four partners have teased their sitters. Then we play a second 3-minute round for any yet to drip. If a sitter survives two rounds of teasing, she is untied and released.

But for those who do drip overboard, a forfeit must be paid.

Some forfeits are paid immediately, whilst the loser is still tied to the bench.

Recently, a losing girl was tickled mercilessly, with her wrists still bound above her head, she was powerless to resist her partner’s devilish roving fingers. Some of the other girls had to hold her ankles to restrain her frantic kicking. She was tickled so hard that she lost control of her bladder, warm pee spurting from between her legs, soaking her nighty and splattering against the divider in front of her, and splashing both her tickling assailant and those who were holding her legs.

How we all laughed! Such japes!

Public spankings are popular too, the sitter having her wrists untied so she can be bent over across the bench. Legs apart of course, we always like to see how wet the losing girls become, and to see the little pink stripe the divider leaves against her swollen slit.

A very devious choice to position a loser atop the thigh of a poor contestant who must try
even harder not to let herself drip, as she watches a girl having her bottom smacked pink just beneath her nose. Their combined weight only increasing the pressure of the divider against her own slit.

Sometimes forfeits are deferred until the next day, or later in the week. One received a very loud bottom smacking across the banister of the
grand staircase drawing the rapt attention of several other dormitories.

Another popular forfeit site is the elliptic knob at the corner where two banisters meet on the 2nd floor landing of the eastern staircase. Many have been sent there without their underwear, to hoist themselves onto the banister rail, and then up again atop the knob.

And there they must sit, sinking further onto the phallic knob, until they are completed penetrated, earnestly hoping that a member of staff won’t walk past, and demand they get off the stair rail this very minute. To dismount with a squelch, and have their lewd secret discovered would be beyond humiliating.

If the girl has a bush, it has been known for the forfeit to require her to shave her mound and slit bare, then spend the following day without panties. The winner would, of course, relish her right to lift the loser’s skirt at regular intervals throughout the day, to inspect the effect of cool air on freshly sensitised skin.

Another had to bend over and submerge her head in a bathroom basin filled with water, whilst her partner lifted her skirt, lowered her panties. She then had to hold her breath as the winner licked and suckled her slit, as her lungs screamed even
more desperately for air. Until she erupted from beneath the water, gasping. Before having her head dunked beneath again.

Another had her bottom hole used as a candle holder, and spent an evening bent over by the victor’s desk, illuminating her pages as she did her homework, as hot wax dripped and congealed between her cheeks.

A particularly memorable recent invention has come to be known as the Aladdin Forfeit. The winner granted herself 3 Wishes, the one who lost became her lamp. On the winner’s command, her lamp had to rub her clit until she came, no matter where she was when the wish was made. How we giggled when the wish was delivered to the lamp as a folded up note, and she had to secretly masturbate to a muffled climax whilst teacher’s back was turned to the class.

Our game is full of unknowns. On some
nights, no one breaks and there are disappointed sighs as the four are untied and dismount,
and we all return to our dormitory aching and unsatisfied.

Yet on other evenings, all four might fold, each dribbling a sticky slick onto the seat below. It grows harder to resist in each successive game, knowing the exciting possibilities of winning – and the shameful privations of losing.

Who knows what your bed-sisters devious minds will imagine.

And who knows if you’ll be sitting on the edge tonight…

I like Kiss the Cunny

“The very next night I wanked myself off to the memory of the previous evening after a very arousing game of Kiss My Cunny.
Here we close the shutters, and all sit on the edge of our beds whilst one girl fumbles about
in absolute darkness as we contort ourselves, trying to trick her into
suckling our pussies. When she mistakes the clit for a nipple or
dripping labia for the tongue she must pay a penalty
of the group’s choosing…”

– from The Summons of Cold Castle

It is a very arousing game isn’t it?

Just imagine yourself in a dorm at a girls’ boarding school, the rising excitement as you were all put to bed, and all the naughty games you’d play when the lamps are extinguished…


So, I’ve been playing a lot of strat games with my friends as of late. Settlers of Catan and the like. More recently, during a particularly difficult Games of Thrones game, my mind wandered. 

What if there was a BDSM themed strategy game?

The board is a willing participant. The players are… whoever the Board feels comfortable with. The rules are as such:

There is a deck of cards that contain Items and Boost cards. Items are your average plethora of sex toys – dildos of various sizes, vibrators, rope, etc… Anything that you have in your possession and that Board is ok with. Plus a few Wildcard Item cards that allow you to walk away, wander around the house and come back with a single item you want to use. (Say, a cucumber. Put a condom on that thing.)

There’s Seconds time coins. You can just use regular coins, like nickels. Each is worth 5 seconds of action. You can acquire these in various ways.

You have a die. 

To start, the Board lays down on the table. Or on the ground. Whatever. The players can decide the position. Then the players roll the die to decide going order. The first person can pick any single neutral spot on the Board. You cannot start on the genitals, the asshole, the nipples or the mouth. Once a place has been picked, another person cannot start within two hand’s widths of that spot. They must pick a starting point elsewhere. You can mark movement progress with markers. 

Now we begin. Every player starts with 60 seconds of playing time. You roll a die – any even number allows you to draw a card from the deck. Any odd number allows you to use your hands in lieu of item cards in that turn. 

Once you have rolled, you can progress one inch in any direction from the starting point. You can also use an item card, and donate the amount of seconds you’re going to use that item. For example, you roll a 4. You can pick a card out of the deck. It’s a Leather Crop card! You move towards the nipple and then play the Crop card and donate 10 seconds. Within those ten seconds, you can use the Crop anywhere within 1 inch of where your marker lines are. After you are done, you must discard the Crop Card. You can also choose to hold on to the card instead of using it and wait until you’re in a better spot to use it. 

Then the next person moves.

The goal of the game is, of course, to make the Board victim orgasm during your turn. 




Suggested deck:

Item Cards:

Bullet Vibrators (up to 4 cards max)

Long vibrator (2 cards max)

Small dildo, medium dildo, big dildo

Anal beads



Rope (Automatic sticky item)

Ball gag (Automatic Sticky Item)

Clothes pin/nipple clamps (Automatic Sticky Item)

~Basically anything, use your imagination!~

4 Wild Item cards (you may choose an extra item from whereever you want to put into play. It becomes a part of the came from then on. Even after the Wild Item Card is discarded, it remains attached to the item you chose.)

Event/Boost cards:

“You get an extra 30 seconds! Add this time to your pile.” (2 cards max)

“You get an extra 15 seconds! Add this time to your pile.” (4 cards max)

“You get an extra 5 seconds! Add this time to your pile.” (6 cards max)

“Switch spots! For a turn, you can choose to act from another player’s territory. You’re still limited to using your own items.” (3 cards)

“Sticky Item! For up to 5 turns, you may keep the toy on the board/in play instead of discarding it. For dildos, this means keeping it inside. For crops, this means keeping it in your hand and being able to use it on five more turns.” (About 5 of these cards should be in the deck.)

“Power outage! Turn off any vibrators that are currently on.”

“Denial! You may remove another player’s Sticky Item from the Board. The player must discard that item card. If no items are in play, this card does nothing.“ 

This wonderful idea might appeal to those who’ve enjoyed my naughty games series, and who might be looking for ways to play that involve light flogging on areas across the body, and orgasm denial.

Here’s my suggested tweak of the rules: if you’re not into group sex play, you could play with a partner, and take turns in being the board. The winner is the first to make their partner come, so when it’s your turn to be the board, you’ll be doing your very best to resist the temptation to succumb to your partner’s stimulations…

The prize is a good hard spanking. And the winner gets to decide who receives it.

An enjoyable game in prospect, don’t you think?

Birthday Surprise

A new spanking story

“You wanted to see me, Miss?”

“Yes, young man! Your recent behaviour in class has been disgraceful! And you know what happens to naughty boys in this school…”

“Yes, Miss. They’re spanked, Miss.”

“A good hard spanking, on their bare bottoms.”

“Oh Miss! Can’t I be excused? Just this once? It is my birthday!”

“Is it now? Then it seems appropriate you get your spanking in your birthday suit.”

“Oh no Miss!”

“Everything off, fold them neatly in a pile.”

“Of course, Miss.”

“Now kneel in front of the coffee table. Hands behind your back.”

“Yes, Miss.”

“Time to shed this cumbersome old gown, I think.”

“Goodness Miss! You’re not wearing anything underneath!”

“Indeed, boy. Quite naked, apart from my favourite heels. And I see I’m making you pleasingly stiff.”

“Why yes Miss!”

“Now your headmistress is going to stand astride you, and place one of her feet on the table before you. See how I’m lifting my heel slightly, so there’s a gap between the sole of my foot and the slope of the shoe. That should be just wide enough for your stiff little penis. Slide it in.”

“Oh Miss!”

“On the table you’ll notice a nice leather paddle. Pick it up, please. In this school, we don’t waste our energy punishing our delinquents, all naughty boys must smack their own bottoms.”

“Can’t you…”

“Quiet, boy. Now reach back, and rub the paddle against your bare cheeks. That’s it. Now start spanking your bottom! Yes! And again. Harder. Harder. Harder!”

“Ouch! Please, Miss!”

“This is what happens to a naughty boy here. Kneeling under his headmistress, her hot wet slit hovering just above his face. Yes boy, sniff it. Lick it. Satisfy your mistress. I have your little cock squashed beneath my foot. Trampling you. Roll your head back, I want the tip of your nose in my bum hole as your tongue laps at my folds. Taste my excitement. Savour the scent of feminine superiority…”


“Did I tell you to stop spanking? Harder, boy. Harder! I want that tight little bottom bright pink before you start to spurt.”

<muffled moans>

“Yes. That’s it! Spank yourself as you fuck the space beneath my foot. Mmmm. Yes. I do enjoy your hot breath panting against my slit.”

<stifled gasping>

“You know your mistress is in complete control. I’d better lift my foot, I think you’re getting too close. There, nothing to thrust against now. You know your mistress always comes first. I’m cupping my crotch now, matching the tempo of my rubbing to the delightful rhythm of your smacking. Don’t dare stop licking! Don’t dare stop spanking! Yes. Yes! Yes!”

<slobbery gasps>

“Oh what a good little boy! You’ve made your headmistress come all over your face. Can you feel the sticky streams of my wetness as they dribble down your chin?”

“Yes Miss!”

“Now it’s time to put my foot down, young man. Can you feel my heel pressing down against your cock? Keep spanking, boy. I want to feel your cries against my quivering cunt, getting hotter and quicker until the final whack that makes you come.”

“Please, Miss! Please!”

“That’s it! Bury your face in my cunt. Mmmm, that’s so good! Now come hard for me, you dirty little boy! Yes. Oh yes! I can feel your hot spurts tickling the underside of my foot! Keep spanking as you empty yourself, boy! I want to see a creamy cascade flowing down the arch of my shoe to my toes.”

<muffled cries>

“What a filthy rascal you are boy! Spilling your sticky mess into your headmistress’s favourite shoes!”

“Oh. My. God.”

“Happy birthday, hon!”

“Wow. Thanks, dear. That was some birthday present! I would’ve loved to have attended a school like that…”

“I bet you would. Here… some tissues. Clean yourself up, but don’t get dressed.”

“Oh? Something else planned?”

“No, I just like seeing you naked. Have a seat.”

“Sexy surprises seem to be becoming a bit of a birthday tradition for us.”

“A great tradition too. I still think about my 20th.”

“Your 20th? Whoa! I thought your Mum was going to kill me when she burst in on us!”

“Ha Ha Ha! It must have been quite a shock for her. To open my bedroom door expecting to see her little princess, but see your bare thrusting bottom instead.”

“Yeah, and her own daughter kneeling on her bed, being fucked hard from behind.”

“Meh. I was a big girl.”

“It was rather rude of her to interrupt, just as I was giving you my birthday present.”

“And a very thoughtful and satisfying present it was too.”

“My big stiff cock in your tight little slit?”


“Though your mother didn’t seem to appreciate the moment.”

“I hadn’t even realised she’d be home! I thought she’d still be at work. I wasn’t expecting to see her until the party that evening.”

“Talk about being caught in flagrante delicto!”

“Completely red-handed!”

“I was actually balls deep when she burst in! I remember being petrified. Half of me wanted to pull out, but I remember thinking that if I did, your Mum would see my erection. So I decided to stay inside you, and hope she wouldn’t realise what we were up to…”

“I think it was pretty obvious. We had been pretty noisy, your ankles were bound to the bed, and there was an open box of condoms on my bedside table.”

“True. I was even more surprised when she told us both to stay exactly where we were.”

“I wasn’t complaining. It felt so good having you pushed so deep inside me.”

“Yeah. Being caught fucking you made me so hard.”

“I know!”

“Though I didn’t dare look round at your mother. I just heard her picking up something from your dresser…”

“Ah yes, my dear old hairbrush.”

“Then I felt this cold hard circle pressing against my bottom cheek.”

“Oh yes, I know that sensation well.”

“Oh? Did you get spanked on your bare bottom when you were a naughty little girl?”

“Were? I still am…”

“Naughty minx!”

“That’s me.”

“But I couldn’t believe your Mum was about to spank me! At my age! I wasn’t a little boy any more!”

“Yeah honey, there’s nothing little about you any more.”

“Heh, thanks. But then she did actually spank me! Two really hard whacks, one on each cheek!”

“Yeah, I could actually feel them through your cock, resonating deep inside me. Actually, I remember smiling to myself at the time, relishing how you were getting the pain and I was getting the pleasure!”

“I think that was her way of seizing my attention. I got the impression she knows exactly how to handle young men. How to impose her authority.”

“You’re right. She doesn’t suffer fools gladly.”


“I still remember the first time I introduced you to her. Ha ha!”

“That was terrifying! It felt like a private audience with a medieval Queen.”

“She can be very protective of her little Princess.”

“Well, I certainly don’t have any secrets from her now.”

“Ah yes. She got you to pull out of me, and took a good long look…”

“I was long alright! That was so embarrassing… I’d even shaved myself bare for the occasion, like some kind of porn stud. And now here was your mother examining the sheath, checking the end to see if I’d come.”

“You weren’t the only one blushing. My face was burning hot when you pulled out, as I knew Mum could see my own gaping wet hole.”

“It is a beautiful view though. I never tire of it.”

“Ah, you old romantic.”

“But I was shocked when she told me to enter you again. I was fully expecting her to put a stop our filthy activities, and order us to get dressed immediately.”

“That’s what your mother would have said, dear! My Mum has never been uptight about sex.”

“Don’t I know it. I thought she was going to stand behind us and watch us fuck. Perhaps even start giving us directions.”

“Hey Mr Porn Star! I’m sure if she’d wanted to watch a performance she would’ve just used the internet like normal people.”

“But then I felt the cold hard hairbrush against my bottom again. She said that she was going to spank me like a naughty boy, and that if I came, you’d get spanked too, with exactly the same number of smacks.”

“I know! Wasn’t it a delicious predicament?”

“When the next few spanks landed, I remember recoiling forward, pushing deep into your cunt. It stung painfully, but also felt amazing. It didn’t take long to realise how difficult it was going to be to prevent myself from coming. But the longer I held out, the more you’d eventually get.”

“What a dilemma. But I have to say, feeling you thrust into me felt incredible. On those first few spanks, you fucked me like a wild animal.”

“I’m sorry I had to stop. But I knew I couldn’t keep that up. I remember bracing myself against your hips, trying not to pump into you as each whack hit. I thought your Mum was punishing us, I was trying to save you from a spanking.”

“How very noble of you, Sir Knight.”

“But then you started squirming, grinding backwards on my crotch in time with each smack.”

“Perhaps I didn’t want your chivalry, dearest. Maybe I wanted to end your ordeal, and get my own share – before you racked up the hundreds.”


“You’re so stubborn we might’ve been there all night!”

“Actually, it wasn’t long until I was struggling to hold myself back. I felt so naughty kneeling behind you, my bare bum at your mother’s mercy. I felt like a very bad boy indeed, one who’d been caught doing something disgraceful. I felt I was receiving a punishment I thoroughly deserved.”

“I must admit, I was impressed by your endurance.”

“I kept looking down at your cute little bum as it pressed against my hips. It was so smooth and pale and perfect. I wanted to protect you, I didn’t want your beautiful bottom to be marked and suffer the burning soreness I was experiencing.”

“Just like Tom Sawyer…”

“Yeah, caned in front of the class to protect the girl he adored. I’d always considered that an incredibly noble act.”

“Did you ever think about that scene when you were wanking?”

“Of course. I imagined filling in the missing details of the story, massaging my stiff cock as I pictured Tom in his own bedroom afterwards, pulling down his own underwear to examine his pink marks.”

“How interesting! Because I remember playing as I imagined myself as beautiful Becky Thatcher. Lying in her own elegant frilly bedroom, slipping her fingers into her bloomers as she replayed Tom’s whacking in her mind.”

“You think she was aroused watching poor Tom being caned?”

“Oh absolutely! I think she’d have found watching his punishment tremendously exciting. And not just the spanking, but also her emerging realisation of the extent of her feminine power. That now she somehow had the ability to make boys desperate to do things for her.”

“Just like what I was doing, as your mother spanked me.”

“Exactly. Nobly taking my punishment for me. So hot.”

“Ah, so that’s why you were pushing back on me, grinding yourself on my cock. You were getting yourself off, weren’t you?”

“Of course!”

“In my fantasies, Becky secretly wished she’d got the caning she deserved. She was stroking herself as she imagined bending over, the strict rod of authority tapping against her soft little bottom…”

“Ha! What nonsense! Becky would never have wanted to have her bottom whacked. She was way too proud. She was the Judge’s daughter, don’t forget. She grew up in a household defined by authority and punishment. Dispensing discipline, that was what turned her on.”

“Get you, clever clogs.”

“Becky’s fantasy would’ve been seeing every boy in the class being marched out into schoolyard. Then watching through the classroom window as every one was made to lower their trousers and bend over the wooden boundary fence for a whacking.”

“Yes, you would like that.”

“And then pitiless Becky would tingle with satisfaction as their schoolmaster went down the line, administering a dozen stripes to each young man’s poor bottom.”

“That would have been cringingly embarrassing for the guys, knowing their classroom crushes were peering out the window, staring at the stripes on their bare bottoms, and giggling at their discomfort.”

“Perhaps more than giggling…”

“So whilst I was having my poor bum spanked, you were finding the whole experience very exciting indeed.”

“Of course! Even just the sound of each smack was intoxicating. How each whack echoed, and turned your gasping breaths into stifled cries.”

“You can be so cruel!”

“Glad you like it.”

“You certainly enjoyed the accompanying fucking.”

“It was amazing. I felt the tremors of each spank tremble through your body, until they were barely a shiver against my own bare skin. And all the while your cock was transmitting that delicious flutter right to place where I throbbed the most.”  

“You can thank your mother, I’d never realised she was such an expert spanker. A perfect rhythm, unerringly accurate. Somehow she knew exactly where to smack me. I tried holding myself back, but with your tight little hole squeezing me, and the stinging heat in my backside, she had me teetering on the edge.”

“You weren’t the only one. Toward the end I put my hand between my legs and started rubbing. What a naughty girl I was… getting off to the sound of my dear boyfriend’s spanking.”

“You came first. I could feel it. Your moans escalating until they were almost a howl. Suddenly I felt your insides grip me, and you juddered back and forth, urgently impaling yourself upon my cock…”

“Yeah. Wow. It was intense.”

“Your convulsions finished me. You made me come so hard! The dam suddenly burst and I was spurting, again and again, with your mother seemingly determined to spank every last drop out of me.”

“I must admit my memories of the moment are rather hazier. I just remember a woozy few minutes of spanking and moaning.”

“After I’d come, I was half-expecting your mother to drag me by the ear into the corner. To make me stand in disgrace, burning bottom on display and condom still dangling between my legs, heavy with my cum. And I’d have to stand there with my hands upon my head, listening to you being put across her knee, and getting the spanking you’d been promised.”

“There was never any danger of that.”

“Oh really? But then your mother just wished you ‘Happy Birthday!’, and left.”

“Mmmhmm. Now, speaking of which… I have a little present for you. Here… let me put it on for you…”

“Happy Birthday, dear! Aww, that looks lovely, it really suits you. Such wide eyes. Wasn’t that a nice surprise?”

“Yes, it’s a ball gag. Nice and squishy, you should find it very comfortable. No need to mumble. I’ll do the talking from now on.”

“In fact, I do have a bit of a confession too. There was never any danger of me being spanked by my Mum… because I arranged the whole shebang.”

“She’d asked me what I’d wanted for my birthday. And you were what I wanted above everything else. Or to be more precise, I wanted to be fucked as she spanked you hard.”

“It had been my fantasy for years. Ever since I’d once sneaked into my parents’ room, and found their extensive collection of toys and rods and magazines. She’s an accomplished spanker because she’s accumulated plenty of practice. But never on me. A few years ago she told me how she loves to domme, how she likes to go to parties to discipline mischievous men.”

“Remember that time I made you lie face down on the bed, and stuck that big dildo between your shoulders?”

“Mmmhmm. Of course you do. I stripped off and straddled you, sitting on your shoulders so I could pin you to the bed, my shins holding down your flailing arms. Feeling myself sink onto the protrusion and taking it deep. Then I spanked your cute little bum a lovely shade of pink with my favourite leather paddle.”

“You couldn’t move your upper body, but you could squirm at the waist. It wasn’t long until you were humping the bed in time with my smacks. The recoil of your hips grinding your stiff cock into the bedcovers. Such a naughty boy! So I spanked you until you lost control, and you splattered your mess everywhere! And then just for good measure, I spanked you some more, until you were squirming helplessly in puddle of your own sticky cum.”

“Oh we must do that more often! I did enjoy spanking you with that fat dildo so deep inside. I could feel your breath lifting me up and down, like I was floating in a boat on the gentlest of waves. Then, when I was ready, I rose up on my knees slightly, so I could properly ride it.”

“I established a rhythm, my left hand rubbing, whilst my right hand smacked. Rubbing, fucking, spanking. Faster and harder, up and down, faster and harder. All together in a glorious medley, until I came in one final glorious crescendo. That’s when you would have felt my wetness dribbling onto your back.”

“Remember all that? Well, Mummy taught me that particular trick.”

“So yes, I confess: the events on my 20th birthday – I planned it all. Even down to what you got spanked with. Me and that lovely hairbrush go back a long way – we had my first orgasm together.”

“What a naughty little girl I am. What a devious little minx! I deserve a good hard spanking on my bare bottom, don’t I Sir?”

“I’d better bend over, and spread my legs apart. Is this how naughty girls get spanked, Sir? I’m afraid I don’t have much experience.”

“Is this how you imagined Becky bending over in the front of the class? Hitching up her dress, and pulling down her skimpy little panties to reveal her soft pale bum and her glistening slit? I bet that would’ve made every boy in the classroom rock hard.”

“Oh my. Tom Sawyer! You filthy boy! Just look at how stiff you’ve got!”

“I’m just going to roll this condom on. There! Now I can sit down upon my favourite naughty seat. A nice hard cock is a terrible thing to waste.”

“Oh… yes! Sitting on your lap feels so good! Now, let’s just sit here together, and wait…”

“I do hope you don’t mind the gag, but believe me, it’s better this way. Less talking, more listening. Because I’ve an extra special birthday surprise for you, my dear…”

“I’ve invited Mummy round.”

“And she’s going to bring a few of her favourite toys.”

“She’s ever so keen to see you again…”




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Naughty boys might like to send this to their mistress, with a mischievous accompanying note. “Some ideas for you, Miss?”

As for strict mistresses – well, I hope you’re already planning your next Birthday Surprise

Naughty Games for Two #2: Grand Tour

This game is inspired not only by my poem Ten, but also the story Treasure Hunt. Both involving moving around the home, and spanking and playing in different locations. This game is a unique erotic Grand Tour of your own home.

This is also a game of variety; interspersing spankings with pleasurings – along with the changes of location, introduces breaks that help give the bottom time to recover. As a result, they’ll be able to tolerate a much longer spanking than if it was delivered in one continuous whacking.

Another great feature of this game is that the top will plan what happens in advance, allowing play to flow more naturally, escalating towards the climax without halting to think – what shall we do next? Though what unfolds will be an enjoyable surprise to the bottom.

How to Play

First, collect together all your toys and your spanking implements.

The bottom is sent to stand in the corner, whilst the top sits down with a blank piece of paper. On the page, create 3 columns: one for Place, one for Spanking Implement, and one for Pleasuring.

The top then starts filling in each row. First, by picking a place (usually a room in the home, or for those with private gardens, maybe somewhere outside).

Next, the top chooses a spanking implement, (remember, one of those can be their own hand). The same implement can be chosen more than once if you don’t have enough items to select a different one each time.

Finally, the top chooses a pleasuring. It can be experienced by either partner or both together. Make it something short and sweet, some ideas are:

  • A minute licking her slit or sucking his cock.
  • A minute of masturbation.
  • A minute on a dildo or a vibe.
  • A minute caressing or inspecting.
  • A minute fucking, vaginally or anally.

When the top chooses the activities, they should do so in a way that escalates their intensity. So the game begins with modest spankings and light pleasurings, and as the game reaches its finale, the bottom is sore, and both partners are on the edge of coming.

A sample row of the list might look something like this:

Kitchen — Wooden spatula — Ribbed pink dildo

Yes, kind of like Cluedo, but with spankings and sex toys.

The top should aim for a list with about 10 entries, depending on the number of suitable locations in your home.

When the top finishes the list, they should take the spanking implement and any toys required to each corresponding location. If a toy or implement is being used more than one, just put it in the first location, and then when you both reach the second location, the bottom can be sent back to the original room to obediently collect the items required.

Optional idea – when the top places items in a room, why not hide them as in Treasure Hunt? Then, when you both arrive in that location later on, tell the bottom what to look for, and start a 3 minute timer. If they find the implement, perhaps they’ll get a minute of spanking with it – but if they fail to find it, perhaps they’ll get double. Likewise, finding a hidden sex toy might win them double time with it. Perhaps failing to find it means it doesn’t get used at all…

When the items have been placed, you’re ready to begin playing. Summon the bottom from the corner, and go to the first location on the list, escorting them by the hand, ear, hair or an erogenous area of your choice.

Once at the location, the top announces the spanking implement (and starts the timer if it’s been hidden). When it’s time for the spanking itself, the bottom is put into the top’s favoured position and has their panties pulled down (if they’re not already naked). And a minute or two of spanking of administered.

Once spanked, the top announces the chosen act of pleasuring. If the original choice was an item that was hidden and not found, the top can be pleasured for a while instead. Neither partner should come until the final location, if they do, they should suffer a forfeit.

When the pleasuring ends, it’s time to move onto the next location. Repeat the same process, but this time using different items.

Continue until the last location, and then, after the final spanking, perhaps one or both partners will be allowed to come.

And then once you’ve finished playing, do keep the list. Next time you play, you might want to use it. You could even build up a quickstart collection of lists, and pick one at random each time you play…

Variation – The Solo Tour

Although this game does work best for couples. This game can also be played alone – by writing out the list yourself, and then imagining yourself being led around the house by your fantasy disciplinarian.

Even better, if you have a remote partner, tell them the rooms, spanking implements and toys you have, and ask them to create a list for you.

If you like a very sore bottom, spank yourself for one minute in each location. If you’re new to self-spanking or prefer lighter spankings, make it 30 seconds. Afterwards, you may masturbate for up to a minute. When playing, always stop if you get close to the edge, so you’re ready to climax in the final location.



So, who will you play with? Perhaps you should tag them with this post…

Masturbation Ideas for Kinky Minds

If you follow many sex blogs, you might have noticed May has been designated as Masturbation Month – an annual online celebration promoting a sex-positive attitude towards self-stimulation.

Play can be so much more than just rubbing yourself to climax. So in this post, I’m going to give you some ideas on how to utilise your imagination when playing, and how you might incorporate some of the kinky activities described in these stories, in order to achieve some amazing playtimes…

One to bookmark and keep!

1 Tease

Rather than starting your play by immediately pleasuring yourself, why not try teasing yourself for a while first?

Try the Sensations game, which encourages you to explore every part of your body without lingering too long on the naughty bits.

You might also try the Words game, try reading down the lists of hundreds of spanking related phrases and not touching yourself, or allowing yourself just a fleeting touch after every 20 lines.

2 Inspection

If you enjoyed teasing, try going one step further and visually inspecting yourself – the idea being to explore your own body whilst experiencing minimal physical stimulation.

The Inspections for Girls game lists 12 areas, in order of escalating intimacy. How might challenge yourself to see how far you can get before your willpower falters and you begin to start masturbating.

Inspection games are ideal opportunities for some in-your-head roleplaying, imagining you’re being inspected by a school nurse, or as part of a sex slave auction, or a strip-search. And if you don’t have female anatomy, there’s nothing to stop you imagining you do.

You can also incorporate your own favourite fantasy situation when playing the Bottom Inspection game, which anyone of any gender can play.

3 Denial

If teasing and inspection turn you on, why not see how far you can stretch your self-control?

The Squirm game challenges you to watch something erotic and resist touching yourself for as long as possible, with the possible jeopardy of punishment if you falter too soon. Another means of denial is the Ups and Downs game, where you can imagine you’re standing in front of your strict disciplinarian, obeying their stern instructions…

4 Self-Spanking

Just as vibrators stimulate nerves in the genitals, spankings stimulate nerves in the bottom. Both cause a pleasurable tingling – though the impact of the latter can be more intense, a sensation, that can be felt across several layers of your skin, its tingles accompanied by a fiery heat and pleasurable sting.

So I consider self-spanking a form of masturbation, a form of self-love rather than self-mortification, a complementary physical sensation to the joys of genital rubbing. And as those who’ve experienced a spanking already know, a smacked bottom serves to intensify pleasures elsewhere.

An easy introduction to self-spanking is to smack your bottom at appropriate moments when reading a spanking story, just as described in the Naked Reading game.

Those craving a more intense whacking might try creating their own Spanking Machine. I’d also recommend reading through the reader submissions to this blog, many of which beautifully describe their own self-spanking experiences, which you may find inspiring.

5 Dildo Play

If you own sex toys, why not mix in a little imagination when you play with them?

For instance, if you have a suction base for your toy, try the Dildo Ritual game, and imagination yourself participating in some profane erotic rite.

A suction dildo or a butt plug can also be used to play the Throne game, as you sit regally on your intrusion, watching activities staged for Your Majesty’s pleasure. Suction dildos also work well on walls, so why not try recreating the scene described in the Fucking on a Train game?

Remember, properly lubed, wide-base dildos can also be used to stretch and penetrate your bottom. So if you haven’t yet tried anal masturbation, you might be surprised how much you enjoy it.

6 Panty Pulling

Another means of playing that doesn’t require any toys is tugging your panties up tight, creating pleasurable friction against your crotch, perineum and bottom crevice.

If you’re new to this way of playing, you might want to try it whilst reading a story, as described in the Secret Reading game.

A more intense experience can be achieved by creating your very own Panty Pulling Chair, which as you can see, can lead to some very enjoyable experiences.

7 Porn Remixing

Many like to play whilst looking at sexy images, but why stop there? Rather than just consuming images passively, why not unleash your creativity, and remix them?

One idea is explained in the Drawing Lines game – trace a background picture first (say, of a girl standing in the corner of the headmaster’s study), and then switch to a new image (say, of yourself) and use the same paper, you’ll be able to create a composite and add yourself to the original image. Choose any imagery you like, the only limit is your imagination.

Or, if you prefer erotic stories to pictures, why not wank as you write a coda to your favourite story, perhaps continuing the tale and imagining what happened, or writing a confession. Then, why not send what you’ve written to the story’s author, I guarantee they’ll be delighted to hear how their words inspired you.

8 Improvisation

Once you’ve developed a taste for creative masturbation, you might want to start incorporating items from around your home into your play.

One idea that just needs string and clothes-pegs is the Clothesline game. Another is to fetch some icecubes and tease your sensitive places.

Or, if you have a sturdy pole like a mop or broom handle you can try the Straddle game. This also offers an opportunity for a more meditative experience, rather than chasing a climax, just let yourself balance on the pole, close your eyes and become aware of your breathing. Feel the sensations across your body, your weight pressing into the pole, balance and savour the developing erotic tension.

9 Being Adventurous

Finally, some ideas for those wanting an edgier, more intense masturbation experience.

One idea is described in the Naughty Panties  game, where you’ll write a symbol on your underwear each time you do something sexy outside your bedroom, to create a wearable record of your erotic escapades.

Masochists seeking more intense physical sensations might be interested in the Figging with Ginger game, whilst those turned on by shame and humiliation might enjoy the erotic embarrassment of the Wet Panties games.

Variety is indeed the spice of life. So be bold, try new toys and sensations, experiment, remix and incorporate ideas from your own fantasies, your favourite porn and your most cherished stories.

And however you play, whether alone or with another, in front of a mirror or under the covers… enjoy!

Your favourite Naughty Game?

Two new naughty games are now posted, this time mixing some very kinky activities with good old-fashioned spankings! And Inspections for Girls has become the first to amass 400 likes! Here’s the updated popularity chart…

  1. Inspections for Girls (429 likes)
  2. Squirm (277)
  3. Panty Pulling Chair (190)
  4. Sensations (184)
  5. Dildo Ritual (134)
  6. Secret Reading (120)
  7. Clothesline (119)
  8. Ups and Downs (107)
  9. Bottom Inspection (101)
  10. Throne (78)
  11. Naughty Panties (71)
  12. Naked Reading (67)
  13. Words (67)
  14. Straddle (52)
  15. Spanking Machine (37)
  16. Figging with Ginger (30)
  17. Wet Panties (20) [new!]
  18. Drawing Lines [new!]

Your favourite Naughty Game?

Two new naughty games are now posted, this time mixing some very kinky activities with good old-fashioned spankings! And Inspections for Girls has become the first to amass 400 likes! Here’s the updated popularity chart…

  1. Inspections for Girls (429 likes)
  2. Squirm (277)
  3. Panty Pulling Chair (190)
  4. Sensations (184)
  5. Dildo Ritual (134)
  6. Secret Reading (120)
  7. Clothesline (119)
  8. Ups and Downs (107)
  9. Bottom Inspection (101)
  10. Throne (78)
  11. Naughty Panties (71)
  12. Naked Reading (67)
  13. Words (67)
  14. Straddle (52)
  15. Spanking Machine (37)
  16. Figging with Ginger (30)
  17. Wet Panties (20) [new!]
  18. Drawing Lines [new!]

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