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Naughty Game #24: Fan Fiction

The full list of naughty games can be found here.

This is a game for long hot summers, for the languid days when the sticky heat saps your strength, and the humid sweaty nights when all you can do is lie naked on top of your bedsheets.

And all you need for relief is an electric fan, a cloth or flannel, and a bowl of cold water.

And your choice of erotic fiction, of course.



How to Play

Begin by undressing completely. This is a game that is even better if you’re shaved bare and smooth too.

Position your fan so you can kneel comfortably on your bed, with your legs open, and your head down. Turn your fan on, and you should feel a cool breeze against your buttocks as you bend over. 

Don’t place your fan too close to the vagina. The aim is to allow the air to blow over the skin, not to be forced internally, which can be uncomfortable and hazardous.

Now you can dip your cloth or towel into your bowl of cold water, and use it to wet yourself between your legs. Try just wetting small regions first, like your mound or parts of your bottom cheeks. Your breasts and nipples are also an excellent site to moisten. 

The cool water might initially feel alarmingly cold, but this will soon give way to a pleasant tingling.

Now you can bend over and feel the draught of the fan blowing between your legs. As the water you’ve applied to your skin evaporates, it will rapidly cool, making it exquisitely sensitive.  

Now, begin reading your chosen story. 

Try controlling the sensations you experience as you read, in passages that you find exciting, wiggle your hips, so you change where the breeze is focused. 

Perhaps you’re imagining a lover standing behind you, tugging your bottom open, so you feel their breath tickling your sensitive folds. Or perhaps the draught is caused by a teacher lifting your skirt and exposing you for the class to see.

Or if you feel you’re getting too close to coming and need to reduce the sensations, try closing your legs or lying prone on your bed for a few minutes.

As you read, you’ll notice the dampness you applied using the cloth is replaced by your own kind of wetness. And that the wetter you get, the better it feels. 

Perhaps the story features a licking, and by wiggling your hips you can choose where your lover’s tongue strokes you. Or perhaps it features a spanking, and you spank yourself so the heat of the smacking blends with the cool stimulation of the fan’s breeze.

Wetting your bottom hole can provide an even more intense sensation, especially if you hold your cheeks apart and imagine being subject to a thorough bottom inspection

Don’t forget to read as you enjoy the breeze. You will create a much more powerful experience if you engage your imagination. A breeze blowing across your naked skin is pleasant, but it is imagining that it is so much more that will really make this an exceptional experience. 



Ideas and Variations

Rather than bending over, an alternative position to adopt is lying on your back. Try adjusting your hips (with a pillow beneath you if necessary) so the breeze of your fan blows across your bare mound and over your breasts, rather than against your vulva. 

If lying back, you can either spread your legs with your feet on your bed, or raise your legs so your feet are by your shoulders. The latter allows the breeze to tingle both the slit and the bottom hole, and makes an excellent position for passages of stories describing thorough inspections.

An alternative to undressing and wetting your skin, is to instead wear wet clothes. A bikini or swimsuit is perfect, and can be quickly soaked by standing in the shower before you play. When wearing a bikini, the cooling effect of the fan will be greatest where you are most sensitive – around your bust and your waist.

Clothing introduces all kinds of erotic possibilities. If wearing a bikini, imagine you’ve just returned from an illicit dip – only to be caught by your strict disciplinarian, who had specifically told you not to go swimming in that creek or lake. You’re pulled out of the water and bent over,  and you can pretend the fan is the cool breeze coming from the water as you’re spanked on your wet bottom.

Panties can also be wetted by other means, for those who enjoy being extra naughty. Just put a towel beneath you when you lie down on the bed to make cleanup easier.

Wearing wet clothes means you’ll feel more of a cooling sensation than the skin tingling breeze felt by bare damp skin alone. 

The fan can also intensify play with butt plugs and dildos. Toys not only block or divert some of the airflow, but add the teasing sensation of the breeze to the familiar feelings of being stretched and filled.  

For more extreme sensations, try rubbing your sensitive places with ice cubes before exposing them to the fan. Or putting the ice in the bowl of water you use to wet your skin.

If you’d like a more diverse experience, try wetting the areas listed in the Sensations list rather than just those between the legs. 

This activity could also be combined with bottom wiping, where a wet-wipe is used to clean between the legs before the breeze begins its tickling.  

Or perhaps you’ve just come indoors from sunbathing. Your skin oiled with your favourite fragrant sunblock. What better way to cool off after lounging in the hot summer sun?

Have fun…

Naughty Games for Two #3: Envelopes

This game is inspired by my post on sexual spontaneity.  

And the secret to sexual spontaneity is… careful planning.

There’s a pernicious myth about sex. That it “just happens”. That everyone’s up for sex, all the time. That new and exciting bedroom activities are improvised on the spot, forged from the white hot furnace of our mutual sexual excitement. None of these is really true.

So this game will encourage you both to try new activities, and introduce your desires in a non-judgemental way, to explore each other’s boundaries and build your sexual confidence. But like all good games, this also includes the delicious spice of unpredictability and randomness.

How to Play

Begin by giving yourself and your partner five envelopes and five pieces of paper each.

Go into separate rooms so you can’t see what each other are writing, and on each of your pieces of paper, write something you would like to do to your partner, or have them do to you.

Be specific, and don’t be greedy (i.e. you may wish for a wake-up blowjob, but not a whole week of wake-up blowjobs). If you ask for too much, your partner is perfectly entitled to edit it later.

When you’re finished, fold each piece of paper over, so what’s been written isn’t immediately visible, and swap your five with those of your partner. Don’t read what they’ve written until you’re alone in separate rooms again.

Once alone, you can open each page and see what your partner would like to do. Being apart means your partner doesn’t see your reaction, giving you the freedom to decide whether that’s something you’d like to do too.

Once you’ve read what they’ve written, you may edit it. If you’re not keen on your partner’s idea, cross it out and offer an alternative. For instance, if they suggest sex in public, you might modify that to something you’re currently comfortable doing, like wearing a butt plug in public.

If the wish irredeemably outrageous, just cross it out and write “kiss me” instead. This is important, their desires are subject to your consent, especially if it’s something you haven’t tried together before.

Or, if it doesn’t go as far as you’d like, you’re welcome to spice their suggestion up a bit. 

Once you’ve edited your partner’s desires, put each piece of paper into an envelope, and seal it. Write today’s date on it so you’ll recognise it later, you should be able to recognise your own handwriting, so you don’t accidentally open it if you stumble upon it in a few months time.

When you’ve sealed all five envelopes, keep them somewhere safe until you’ll alone, and then hide each one somewhere in your home.

The objective of the game is simple: to find the envelopes your partner has hidden.

If you find one of the envelopes, you can open it. It will contain one of the fantasies you wrote.

You don’t need to play it right away, of course, you can keep it, and decide when to reveal your prize and play out that fantasy. You might need to make some preparations, after all. If what you’d written was being caned over the kitchen table, you might need to get a cane, dress or undress appropriately, and be bending over the kitchen table when your partner gets home, the opened envelope between your cheeks.

The game has a strategic aspect too. If you make your envelopes too easy to find, your partner is likely to find them before you find yours, and so they’ll get to play their fantasies first. Perhaps you’d like that. Or perhaps you’ll make their envelopes difficult to find, so your partner is kept yearning for what they really want.

You might hide them where you think they’d rarely look, in a storage box of clutter, or that packet in the cupboard that’s been untouched for years. Or you might leave them tantalisingly near, underneath the bed where they sleep, or the chair that they sit on.

Every week, you can agree to issue more wishes. Give yourselves another 1, 3 or 5 pages and envelopes, swap and hide each other’s again. The more you hide, the greater the chances of stumbling across one. The date you’ve written on the front of the envelope will let you know how long it’s been hidden.

There’s no reason to stop hiding envelopes, it’s a game that can continue as long as your imagination glows and your desire sizzles. Continuing inspiration might come from a scene in a story you’ve read, or an erotic picture or video you’ve seen. All you need to do is write the web address of the inspiration on your piece of paper, and then improvise a re-enactment…

Variation: Hidden Secrets

Instead of wishes, write an erotic secret or fantasy, but then don’t swap the envelopes, so each partner hides what they’ve written themselves. How easy will you make it? Do you want your fantasies discovered, or does it arouse you to think that somewhere in your home your most intimate secrets lie hidden?

Have fun…

Hi, I was wondering if you could give me some advice…I recently told my partner that I was interested in spanking and he seemed open to trying it! However, I have a medical condition that makes it uncomfortable (and sometimes painful) to lay on or put weight on my tummy and I’m not sure how being on all fours will affect it. Would you mind sharing with me any ideas for positions/ways in which to receive a spanking? I don’t much care for lying on my back with my legs up…

I’d highly recommend the following well-organised illustrated page to all those interested in exploring the wonderful diversity of spanking positions.

If you want to avoid pressure on the tummy, there’s still lots of potential positions to try. Here’s a few that should be comfortable and won’t require much contortion:

Have fun!

I want my boyfriend to commit to spanking me but it always seems like it’s a burden to him or he rushes it. How do I get him to be more “serious” about it?

I’m going to let you into a closely guarded secret.

The secret of sexual spontaneity…

… is careful planning.

You need to tell your boyfriend how much spanking means to you. If he doesn’t consider spanking to be an erotic act, of course he’s going to rush through it, because that means he gets to what he considers the sexy bits sooner.

So even if you do ask to be spanked harder, or for longer, he’s not really going to understand why. That’s why he seems so half-hearted. What’s more, some men can actually be very uncomfortable spanking their partners, and need reassurance that they’re not doing it wrong.

So, don’t leave things to chance. Plan your own spanking. Lure him into it. Seduce him. Ask him to write down five things that turn him on, and then work out a way to combine a spanking with each.

Perhaps you’ll be spanked after being “caught” masturbating.

Or spanked between thrusts as he slides into your bottom.

Or spanked as you straddle his chest and take his cock in your mouth.

Engage your imaginations, and he’ll soon realise what we already know.

Spanking is the sexy bit too…

I have always had this fascination with spanking the vagina and inserting things into it (stretching it out) as punishment. Is that safe? And if it is do you have any recommendations?

Given the vagina is an orifice, I assume you’re referring to spanking the vulva, and in particular the fleshy folds of the labia. Being highly sensitive, a well-placed smack can be both sore and stimulating, but I’d only spank there sparingly, never more than one smack at a time.

Unlike the buttocks, which are sufficiently padded to take a whacking and heal quickly afterwards, the labia are delicate and can bruise quickly. So when I spank between the legs, I prefer to strike from behind, so the smack lands on the inner parts of her cheeks, over her bottom hole and perineum, perhaps even tingling the lowest part of her slit. It can be very effective to tell the miscreant to hold her bottom open for this kind of spanking.

Best to avoid using hard thuddy objects like rulers and hairbrushes when spanking delicate areas like the genitals. Instead, use a few fingers of your hand, or a light flogger or leather-tipped crop. Your intention should always be to create a sting rather than an impact that will bruise.

As for inserting objects into the vagina as punishment, I personally would advise against it. Unless it’s thoroughly (sterilised) clean, foreign objects risk instigating infections. Personally, I believe the best way to punish a vagina is to keep it empty.

Have you considered making a chastity belt?

Awhile ago I said I had been playing the “The Hour” game with my girlfriend. I won. I have won every time we played it. It’s a wonderful game. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for her if she ever does win. (She’s a little new to all this)

The Hour game is indeed excellent fun, I’d highly recommend it to couples, especially those with a bit of extra free time during the coming holidays.

As for a treat if she wins, why don’t you give her a thorough inspection, and examine her thoroughly until she’s soaking wet?

And then read her a bedtime story, a spanking story, of course. Let her play with herself as she looses herself in your words. You might want to put her over your knee though, when the story requires some sound effects.

And then, when you’ve finished, I’m sure she’ll be craving a happy ending of your own invention…

Have fun!

How to enjoy an erotic ghost story


Stolen Essence, a brand new Halloween ghost story, has just been posted.

So here’s a few ideas for enjoying erotic ghost stories, and creating a playtime with a macabre twist…

The Captive

Imagine you’re held captive in a dungeon. Tie a wrist, a collar or your panties to the frame of your bed. Alternatively, tie your ankles to the front legs of a chair to hold your legs open. If your chosen scenario demands you are kept quiet, put your panties in your mouth to muffle your screams. Turn off the light and read the story illuminated by just your screen.

Why are you imprisoned? Perhaps you’ve been kidnapped or captured for ransom, perhaps you’re a rebel or pirate awaiting execution. Spank, pleasure and torment yourself as your imagination demands.

The Candle

Sit cross-legged and naked, with just a single long thick candle for company. Put a condom on the blunt end, light the wick at the other, and turn out the lights. Put something underneath you (like scrap paper) to catch any dripping wax, then read the story as you masturbate with the candle – without letting it go out.

If it does go out, give yourself a 2-minute spanking in the dark as a forfeit before you re-light the candle. If you like the burning sensation of molten wax, play with the candle above you, otherwise angle the candle away from you, with something underneath to catch the dripping wax. Perhaps you’ll be creative and use your candle to roleplay a witches’ coven, or an exorcism, or a seance…

The Magic Wand

Put on your wizard/witch’s robe (a sheet will suffice), with nothing underneath. As you read the story, cast spells with your magic wand – they might be protection spells, seeing spells, or punishment or pleasure spells that allow you the magician to vicariously experience aspects of the story.

If you own one of those old-fashioned wands – a stick, ruler or rod, cast your spells with smacks to your hands, thighs and bottom. If you have one of those new high-tech vibrating wands, you may cast your spells all over your body (and not just between your legs).

You might even want to go for a ride on your broom. Have you ever noticed how witches ride with their broomsticks right between their slits, tilted upwards to press their clits?

Keep reading

With Halloween just around the corner, some tips on how to get the most out of erotic ghost stories…

The Secret of Sexual Spontaneity


The secret to sexual spontaneity is… careful planning.

There’s a pernicious myth about sex. That it “just happens”. That everyone’s up for sex, all the time. That new and exciting bedroom activities are improvised on the spot, forged from the white hot furnace of our mutual sexual excitement.

None of these is really true.

Real life isn’t like a porn video, where you go from answering the door to orgasm in under 15 minutes. (If your life is like a porno, congratulations, you can stop reading now and get ready for your next fucking).

For the rest of us, we’d all like to be more spontaneous, to introduce new activities into our sexual relationships, to keep things hot and spicy. But what if you can’t think of anything?

It’s the lovers’ equivalent of writers block. You wrack your mind, trying to think up something kinkier, crazier or more intense. But that’s a tough challenge, and more often that not, you’ll find your mind going blank.

Don’t believe me? Then try this little experiment.

How many sex acts can you name?

Go on, just name them, say them aloud.

Soon, the images you summon to mind will run dry. You know there’s more, but you just can’t recall them. Dozens of ways to give oral sex. Hundreds of positions for fucking. That’s because our
minds aren’t build for that kind of remembering. That’s why we have
books and libraries and search engines. If we need to know something, we know we just need to look it up.

Hence spicing things up doesn’t necessary mean an escalation of being ever kinkier and filthier. But taking inspiration from elsewhere, incorporating ideas you’ve found, rather than just made up there and then. It might not sound sexy, but advance planning is actually pretty hot.

So, what do I mean by planning? Where do you get ideas? And how do you incorporate them into your sex life?

I’m going to let you in on a little sex secret…

Take turns planning a Sex Night

Yes, put it in your diaries. Good sex is important. Commit to it.

The idea of Sex Night is you and your partner will take turns being the instigator. If it’s your turn, you’ll gather ideas from pictures, videos and stories, source the necessary props, and then as the night unfolds, you’ll direct it, giving the appropriate instructions.

Taking turns being the instigator doesn’t mean you have to switch, (unless you both want to), so if one of you prefers to dom or sub, the instigator can plan activities accordingly. This is how I want you to dominate me, or this is how I want to submit to you. The point of taking turns is that both of you get to choose, and so introduce the other to activities that arouse you.

Here’s an example taken completely at random. It just happens to be at the top of my Tumblr feed right now.

He ties up his lover, blindfolds and puts headphones on her, playing music so she can neither see or hear. Then he strokes her, gently. He kisses her lips and then her breasts. He gags her moans with his hand as he caresses her, then runs an ice cube down her body. Only when her vulva is hot and swollen does he sooth it with the ice. Only then does he pleasure her with his tongue.

All that, from a single post!

Note how none of these activities is particularly original, surprising or excessively kinky. It’s seeing the combination of several simple erotic activities that’s so inspiring, because they’re so simple we know we’d be able to intimate them, and do them ourselves.

You could share the post with your partner, and whisper: this is what
I’m going to do with you tonight. Or, make it a surprise – and have them
think you’re some kind of super-creative sexual mastermind. After all, the dirty little
secret of Creativity is just being skilled at hiding your sources.

As you get more confident, you can use what you find as the basis for your own improvisations. If you like spanking, play the sound of a spanking scene through the headphones, let your partner imagine the scene they’re listening to, as if they’re in the same room facing the wall, waiting their turn. Every now and then, lift their headphones and whisper into their ear that they’ll be getting their bottom smacked soon.

Erotica and porn can be more than masturbation material, each scene is a potential sexual inspiration. Find what arouses you both, and enjoy the journey of mutual discovery.

Be inspired and have fun…

Dear Spanking Guru , 1) Is it ok to spank on vulval region and breasts ? 2) Is it more pleasurable for a girl to be spanked during orgasm ? Thanks for your insightful guidance,

Yes, the vulva and the breasts can be spanked. Be aware some women like it, but some don’t. Some brief guidance:

  • Start by slapping slowly and gently.
  • Use palm or fingers, avoid harder implements until you’re both confident.
  • Ask your partner how it feels after every couple of smacks.
  • Get her to tell you if she wants it harder or softer, or there or not there.
  • Don’t spank hard until you’ve established what she likes and where, it’s different for everybody.

As for your second question, in my experience spanking does tend to intensify a climax. Try this:

  • Have her bend over and tell her to put a hand between her legs.
  • Tell her to start rubbing, and begin to slowly spank her.
  • Tell her she’s a naughty girl for masturbating.
  • Give her occasional encouraging spanks, wait for her to get close.
  • Tell her she’s not to climax without your permission.
  • Begin spanking her harder, until she begs for release.
  • Tell her to come hard as you spank her bottom quickly and firmly.
  • Continue spanking as the pleasure surges through her body.

You should find her orgasm is very intense indeed…

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