Here’s a thought-provoking post from the consistently wonderful sex blogger GirlOnTheNet.

In it, she muses on what would it be like to have part of you live on, far away from your
human body, having sexual adventures your real-life self could only
dream of.

As a creator of erotic fantasies, I find that idea intriguing. Currently my dissemination medium of choice is the written word, perhaps one day I’ll create some audio stories. But what if it went further? What if technology advanced to the point where stories could be physically realised? What if the stories we writers create could become part of the software of

Look beyond today’s primitive masturbatory toys, the sexbots of the future will not just be holes to fuck, or dildos to ride. They will be life-like puppets with behaviours as realistic as our ingenuity allows. It does not matter that they are simulations, kinky scenes rarely involve subtle explorations of humanity. Spanking machines already exist, the next generation might just have four limbs and a face.

Which brings us onto software, the creative spark that will breathe life into the machines. Perhaps some would like to download Headmistress Hastings into their robot, a strict disciplinarian with an extensive repetoire of punishments.

Or, for those who prefer to play the spanker, perhaps they’d download Serena to their robot’s mind, and dress her in Regency Era costume. Or go on erotic adventures with the irrepressable Nancy Jones.

Like the Tin Man, machines will never have a heart, or an
imagination of their own, but it’s not too far-fetched to envisage stories becoming software, being made into executable erotic screenplays for
artificial actors to perform.

The march of technology has progressively made stories more real. From scrawls on a cave wall to printed engravings. From grainy photographs to HD video. It seems inevitable we’ll go beyond sight and sound to add touch as well. With artificial intelligence to animate it.

And then, who knows, one day, you might even get to play with mine…