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I would like to say after reading your weird fantasy post it resonated with me. A new fantasy of mine is that I would be taken in by an older couple. I would follow rules and be subject to discipline when necessary. It’s a fantasy that I’m still working on to let develop and flourish in my mind but I thought it was a selfish fantasy, wanting to be taken in by a couple rather then one person, but it’s a fantasy, my fantasy and I cannot wait to have lots of fun imagining all possibilities

Most fantasies sound weird when written or uttered.

But as long as no-one is hurt, and consenting adults are involved, you have every right to your fantasy, and whether you decide to realise it or not.

Not every fantasy needs to be acted out, some might just be too uncomfortably awkward, or painful, or even hazardous (particularly if strangers are involved).

So it’s fine for that fantasy to remain in your imagination, to be expressed in whatever why you feel comfortable. For many it’s the scenes they imagine as they masturbate, or the stories or flirtatious messages they write. 

There is an element of selfishness in every fantasy, because it’s so personal to the owner. But the wonderful thing about human sexuality is that it isn’t a zero-sum game, where somebody wins and somebody loses.

Wonderfully, the chances are that there are many others out there in this huge complex world who share the counterpoint of your own fantasy. Lovely people who don’t consider your desire selfish, but who’ve been yearning to finding kindred kinky minds like you all this time…

Your Weird Fantasies

Everyone thinks their own fantasies are the weirdest, because they’ve imagined them in such intense detail for so long.

Perhaps it’s because we never really get to look inside the heads of others, and see what really lurks inside their equally filthy imaginations.

Perhaps it’s because our fantasies are fuelled by such powerful emotions.

Perhaps it’s because our fantasies feel so transgressive, when we’re usually so well-behaved.

Perhaps it’s because our fantasies are echoes from deep inside ourselves, which we only ever glimpse as shadows.

Until there comes a moment, perhaps after you’ve read enough stories, that you realise that maybe your fantasises aren’t actually that weird after all.

That your fantasies bring you immense satisfaction.

That your fantasies are sources of inexpressible joy.

Hi. I have hypothetical question – what do you think about having D/s relationship (nothing sexual just spankings) with a partner of your best friend (who is not into this). Do you think this could work? Should the friend know? (if it started before dating, don’t like cheaters). On one hand it’s good to keep it private but honesty is something I value, even in fantasy. Or should they know and wonder when and for what you got a spanking? Or maybe even have her as a witness? What do you think?

How much do you want that smacked bottom?

Enough to risk a lifelong friendship?

How you evaluate that risk is your call. I do believe that everyone has a right to sexual privacy, and your desires are no-one else’s business. But it’s also true that your friend is likely to be hurt if they perceive you and their partner consorting behind their back.

You could start talking about kink, sexuality and spanking with your friend. Make it clear what you’d like to experience – and encourage your friend to be candid about their desires too. Perhaps if a putative spanking arrangement involving the partner is not seen as threatening the relationship, it might work.

I know you mentioned your interest in in spanking, and not sexual intercourse, but it’s worth reading this recent article about the emotional complexities of threesomes. How sexual activity with 2 others is actually the most common sexual fantasy. Yet it few are ready for the real-world consequences beyond the imagined ideal. Tread carefully, respect others, and have fun.

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Recently, I’ve been been talking with friends about how they got into kinky play, and how important a few supportive, non-judgemental friends were in their own journey of exploration. How valuable it was to have open-minded friends who didn’t kink-shame or recoil with horror when novices were brave enough to finally whisper the tamest details of their most secret fantasies.

How vital some form of acceptance was in establishing and developing their own sexual confidence.

Which got me thinking, I wonder how many of my own readers have experienced have had the subject of kinky play come up when talking with a friend?

Perhaps she’s casually mentioned how delightfully strict someone seemed, or lowered her voice to whisper to confess how a smack to her bottom once really made her feel.

Did you tell her it was OK?

Did you admit you felt the same way?

Or did you shyly murmur mock surprise?

Or did you say, there’s this blog I read, full of stories… you might like it too…

I wonder, how many have shared one of these stories with a friend? And what happened next.

I’d love to hear your experiences…

What Nice Men Don’t Say To Nice Women


  • I want to spank your bare bottom.
  • I want to tie you up.
  • I want to thoroughly inspect and penetrate your tight little bottom hole.
  • I want you to dress up in school uniform, and address me as Sir.
  • I want you to text me at random, and tell me you’ve been a naughty girl.
  • I want to promise you a spanking, and have you think about it all day long.
  • I want you to wear a butt plug when we go out to dinner.
  • I want you to go the ladies, take off your panties, and drop them in my lap.
  • I want to smack your bum pink, and you to thank me afterwards.

I recently wrote a post in response to a lady who wanted to be spanked by her man. It got me thinking – because it isn’t just ladies who can be reluctant to raise the introduction of spanking into a relationship, men have exactly the same problem too.  

Most men are fundamentally nice. That doesn’t mean meek milquetoasts desperate to agree and avoid awkwardness, it just means many blokes have encountered quite enough macho brutes in our lives, and we’ve no desire to come across as one ourselves. We consider ourselves our sweetheart’s protector, not her punisher – even if that thought secretly turns us on…

Keep reading

I’ve been working on a new story over the last few months, and it’s almost ready to publish! And as some of the themes of this post feature heavily in the new story, I think it’s worth reposting in advance.

Coming soon, a tale of gourmet dining, spanked bottoms and neutron stars…

Naughty Games for Two #3: Envelopes

This game is inspired by my post on sexual spontaneity.  

And the secret to sexual spontaneity is… careful planning.

There’s a pernicious myth about sex. That it “just happens”. That everyone’s up for sex, all the time. That new and exciting bedroom activities are improvised on the spot, forged from the white hot furnace of our mutual sexual excitement. None of these is really true.

So this game will encourage you both to try new activities, and introduce your desires in a non-judgemental way, to explore each other’s boundaries and build your sexual confidence. But like all good games, this also includes the delicious spice of unpredictability and randomness.

How to Play

Begin by giving yourself and your partner five envelopes and five pieces of paper each.

Go into separate rooms so you can’t see what each other are writing, and on each of your pieces of paper, write something you would like to do to your partner, or have them do to you.

Be specific, and don’t be greedy (i.e. you may wish for a wake-up blowjob, but not a whole week of wake-up blowjobs). If you ask for too much, your partner is perfectly entitled to edit it later.

When you’re finished, fold each piece of paper over, so what’s been written isn’t immediately visible, and swap your five with those of your partner. Don’t read what they’ve written until you’re alone in separate rooms again.

Once alone, you can open each page and see what your partner would like to do. Being apart means your partner doesn’t see your reaction, giving you the freedom to decide whether that’s something you’d like to do too.

Once you’ve read what they’ve written, you may edit it. If you’re not keen on your partner’s idea, cross it out and offer an alternative. For instance, if they suggest sex in public, you might modify that to something you’re currently comfortable doing, like wearing a butt plug in public.

If the wish irredeemably outrageous, just cross it out and write “kiss me” instead. This is important, their desires are subject to your consent, especially if it’s something you haven’t tried together before.

Or, if it doesn’t go as far as you’d like, you’re welcome to spice their suggestion up a bit. 

Once you’ve edited your partner’s desires, put each piece of paper into an envelope, and seal it. Write today’s date on it so you’ll recognise it later, you should be able to recognise your own handwriting, so you don’t accidentally open it if you stumble upon it in a few months time.

When you’ve sealed all five envelopes, keep them somewhere safe until you’ll alone, and then hide each one somewhere in your home.

The objective of the game is simple: to find the envelopes your partner has hidden.

If you find one of the envelopes, you can open it. It will contain one of the fantasies you wrote.

You don’t need to play it right away, of course, you can keep it, and decide when to reveal your prize and play out that fantasy. You might need to make some preparations, after all. If what you’d written was being caned over the kitchen table, you might need to get a cane, dress or undress appropriately, and be bending over the kitchen table when your partner gets home, the opened envelope between your cheeks.

The game has a strategic aspect too. If you make your envelopes too easy to find, your partner is likely to find them before you find yours, and so they’ll get to play their fantasies first. Perhaps you’d like that. Or perhaps you’ll make their envelopes difficult to find, so your partner is kept yearning for what they really want.

You might hide them where you think they’d rarely look, in a storage box of clutter, or that packet in the cupboard that’s been untouched for years. Or you might leave them tantalisingly near, underneath the bed where they sleep, or the chair that they sit on.

Every week, you can agree to issue more wishes. Give yourselves another 1, 3 or 5 pages and envelopes, swap and hide each other’s again. The more you hide, the greater the chances of stumbling across one. The date you’ve written on the front of the envelope will let you know how long it’s been hidden.

There’s no reason to stop hiding envelopes, it’s a game that can continue as long as your imagination glows and your desire sizzles. Continuing inspiration might come from a scene in a story you’ve read, or an erotic picture or video you’ve seen. All you need to do is write the web address of the inspiration on your piece of paper, and then improvise a re-enactment…

Variation: Hidden Secrets

Instead of wishes, write an erotic secret or fantasy, but then don’t swap the envelopes, so each partner hides what they’ve written themselves. How easy will you make it? Do you want your fantasies discovered, or does it arouse you to think that somewhere in your home your most intimate secrets lie hidden?

Have fun…

The Golden Rule

An anonymous reader asks:

A passage in “Coming of Age” really struck me:

“But I chatted like my
mentor had taught me, with honest curiosity rather than
self-aggrandising bravado, with the respect due to another human being.”

It got me wondering about a humanistic philosophy of sexual dominance.
I’m wondering if you’ve encountered anything I could read on or around
that subject?

Mutual respect is the cornerstone of
sexual dominance, it’s what separates consensual kinky activities from physical abuse. It is something that every good
BDSM player believes in: that those in our care should be developed and
lifted up, not suppressed and exploited. Consent is a precious gift, it should be handled with the reverance it deserves.

Respect for your fellow human beings is fundamental to a healthy sexual identity. Without it, sex becomes just a succession of transient conquests, complex individuals reduced to warm holes to fuck, driven by a immature, selfish desire for orgasmic satisfaction.

But how would you behave towards others if you could never, ever, achieve another orgasm?

There is a name for this philosophy: Asceticism. It involves eschewing sensual pleasures, of prioritising spiritual goals, and resisting desire. It is central to many great religions, including Christianity and Buddhism.

Now I’m not proposing readers swear an oath of celibacy, or adopt the lifestyle of a monk. But denial of sensual pleasures is an important aspect of BDSM play, and not just for submissives. The first stage of taking control over another is to master one’s own desires. Dominants should be mindful, both of their own bodies, as well as those of their partners.

Control of desire earns authority, control of the self leads to enlightenment.

And an enlighted mindful player attains superpowers.

So, dear reader, in answer to your question, I have no particular posts to suggest, because respectful dominance is a lifelong journey, guided by whatever philosophies you choose to follow, or faiths you believe.

Choose to live your life by The Golden Rule, the ethic of reciprocity.

It is an idea as old as civilisation itself.

It is simply…


Sexual Confidence


Sexual interactions require a special kind of
confidence, because what you’re revealing about yourself is so personal
and intimate. When you talk about sex face-to-face, or engage in sexual
activity, you’re putting entire package of who you are on the line.
That’s a lot of pressure to put on yourself.

Then you start worrying – what if this comes across as weird? What if I seem like a slut – or a pervert?

From an early age, the adjectives we’re taught to associate with sex are negative: slutty, naughty, seedy, filthy, dirty. So is
it any wonder that when we experience sexual self-doubt, the
associations that spring to mind are shameful and embarrassing ones?

despite the fact we know the terminology that we should associate with
sex is pleasurable, erotic, joyful and adventurous. But old habits die

The problem is that for most of us, sexuality is learned in private, furtively and embarrassingly, without a teacher. As
a result, you find yourself asking: am I doing this right? Is this
deviant? This feels good but is it too weird? 

With little guidance
from anyone else, most people make it up as they go along, learning what they can from giggling friends, the illicit world of porn and erotica,
or some unsatisfying and uncomfortable sexual encounters.

I’ve often
wondered how sexuality would be different if everyone had a private
sexual tutor during their teenage years, someone to explain, instruct
and correct. How our sex lives might have turned out if everyone was
instilled with a bit more confidence earlier on. It’s actually quite a
good idea for a story I think. But it’s never too late to learn those

Some people are lucky enough to have such tutors, of
course. They’re the ones who enter into healthy sexual relationships,
and get to learn about their sexuality by interacting with others,
without shame or judgement. They’re the ones with the sexual confidence others envy, the ones who make life seem so effortless and cool.

course, most of us aren’t that fortunate. But most people don’t have a
personal trainer either, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get themselves
fit. You just have to get into training, and take responsibility for
building up your own sexual confidence.

Sexual confidence is the
remedy to any embarrassment you feel. Learn to talk casually about love
and sex. Imagine a persona for yourself: a cool open-minded adult. Then,
in sexual situations, ask yourself: how would they act? What would they

Begin to consider every sexual situation as a training
opportunity. After all (and this might seem counter-intuitive) most of
the time we interact with others sexually, we do so fully clothed.

  • Explicit scene in a movie? Don’t giggle, nod approvingly.
  • Someone is flirting with you? Tease back.
  • See a couple fondling at a party? Rather than frowning at their brazenness, smile at their adventurousness.
  • See someone topless? Ignore them, because it’s literally no big deal.
  • Conversation with friends veers onto sex? Be forthright. Talk like an adult, not an adolescent.
  • Witness something sexually inappropriate? Never be too embarrassed to stand up for yourself or others.
  • People talk disapprovingly about others’ sexual encounters? Call them for being uptight, ask them why they’re slut-shaming.

remember: sex is natural, everyone has fantasies and almost everyone

As for the kinky stuff – remember, spanking is probably humanity’s most popular fetish; half
the world’s population loves spanking; the other half just haven’t
really tried it yet.

So if you’re in “polite company” and talking about
sex, consider yourself to have a licence to say whatever you want. Don’t
become part of the conspiracy of shame that perpetuates sexual
embarrassment by sneering, giggling and humiliating. Learn to recognise the sexual
insecurity of others, and if they ever attempt to shame you, be prepared
for it, point out their childishness and treat it dismissively.

When dealing with sexual situations, erotic stories can be your teacher. Borrow
from them if you need to, imagine you’re a character like Alice or Penny
– two strong personalities who, whilst submissive, are also supremely sexually
confident too. Or consider how the relationship between the characters in Coming of Age grows by being flirtatiously sexual.

Sexual confidence is like any other form of
confidence, academic or sporting. You just need to work on it,
progressively and continually. With time, you’ll feel your attitude to
sexual situations begin to change, from immature giggling and embarrassment to
the self-assured, opinionated outlook you’d expect from a sexually
mature adult.

But being here means you’ve already started; so welcome on your journey.

Naughty Game #10: Sensations

cantstayaway2015 wrote:

Wish me luck everyone! Part of our open marriage conversation was a decision to start scheduling sexual activity. We’re hopefully on for tomorrow and I’m going to present this game to the Mrs. I hope she finds intriguing. We’ll most likely skip the spanking rule for this time out. It would be glorious to spend time exploring each other bodies with vibrators. 

I’ve printed off the rules, I’ve cut up the cards. For the lack of a velvet drawstring bag, I found a pretty box. Send hitachi sized good vibes my way that this works out tomorrow!

The Mrs accepted this game immediately and a great time was had by all. And I should treat her to a vibrator on her clit more. The results were VERY gratifying to both of us! 

I also learn I really like vibration on my fingers and toes. I think this is a great game and I recommend it to everyone. I might try the solo version at some point if I’m at lose ends. The couple’s version is certifiably hot. 

Thanks spankingtheatre! You spread erotic joy across the world!

Thank you very much for sharing your experiences, I’m delighted to hear how much you both enjoyed it!

I only posted it a few months ago, but the Sensations game is already one of the most popular naughty games

I think this game is a particularly good introduction for experimenting couples. It’s a low tempo experience, without complicated rules or potentially intimidating roleplaying. An opportunity to just lie back and relax, a bit of unpredictability coupled with the intimacy of exploring parts of a lover’s body that are sadly too often neglected.

I hope in time you’ll both have fun discovering the other naughty games too!

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